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WNS Column: WWE Battleground 2014 Predictions

Posted By: Garvin from FTWPodcast.com on Jul 19, 2014

WNS Column: WWE Battleground 2014 Predictions

WWE’s Battleground is this weekend, so the writers at WNS have gathered to put our predictions together. Here's what you can expect:

Cameron (0) vs. Naomi (9)

Math Gibson: Naomi

Because Cameron sucks.

Richard James Hughes: Naomi

Naomi wins! Does anyone really care though? I mean... urgh. Although 2 diva matches on one PPV!

Tyler Trill: Naomi

Don't think Cameron has much going for her. Naomi is a potential future Divas Champion. Good gal victory.

Andrew Fletcher: Naomi

Naomi is the more talented of the two & is coming off a loss at the last PPV. I see her securing the victory & moving on to bigger & better things.

John Huxall: Naomi

Naomi is on a good run at the moment so I think she will continue this at Battleground.

Kevin Pantoja: Naomi

Naomi is a Diva that I believe has a lot of potential, while Cameron is one that I'm not too high on. They push her dream of being a future Divas Champion on Total Divas a lot, so a win here makes sense.

Stephen Wilds: Naomi

Naomi is the better wrestler, she should win.

Vinni Fucci: Naomi

Naomi is going to be the star but for this feud to move along, Cameron should get the fluke win and something to hold onto for a bit longer before she’s left in the dust.

Garvin from FTW Podcast: Naomi

This feud was set up because Cameron was jealous that a) Naomi was a better wrestler, b) Naomi was a better person - if we look at Total Divas - and c) Naomi actually got over in the ring and almost won the Divas Championship. All of those things say - Naomi wins. If she doesn’t, someone is going to complain on the internet. Hard. And rightfully so.

Majority Decision: Naomi

Jack Swagger (1) vs. Rusev (8)

Math Gibson: Rusev

Winning streak continues. He isn't ready to lose yet, especially not to Swagger.

Richard James Hughes: Rusev

Rusev udria, Rusev Matchka

Tyler Trill: Jack Swagger

Pretty big fan of both of these guys. My patriotism shines bright here. We the people!

Andrew Fletcher: Rusev

I've really enjoyed the exchanges between Colter/Swagger & Lana/Rusev over the past couple of weeks - one of the most enjoyable segments on RAW. But, Rusev gets the win after a good showing from Swagger. A Rusev win continues to build towards what they have planned in the coming months.

John Huxall: Rusev

Rusev still on the monster push - I don't think he will lose just yet, Swagger should gain some fans through this though - Rusev crush.

Kevin Pantoja: Rusev

I would love for a Jack Swagger win here. He could use it to propel a big babyface run. Alas, Rusev is going to keep his undefeated streak until Roman Reigns, John Cena or Sheamus stop it.

Stephen Wilds: Jack Swagger

As much as I would like to see Swagger win anything... probably ain't going to happen.

Vinni Fucci: Rusev

I always thought Jack Swagger could be a better face than heel, and while he doesn’t have to talk much, cool to see him and Uncle Zeb over. That doesn’t mean Rusev stops here.

Garvin: Rusev

While I think that Jack Swagger will get over on Rusev at some point, I don’t think this is the time. Rusev has had some good battles in the ring and he has DESTROYED everyone convincingly. I just can’t see Jack Swagger looking better than Big E. Not in this match at least. Summerslam? Yes.

Majority Decision: Rusev crushes.

Ambrose (5) vs. Rollins (4)

Math Gibson: Seth Rollins

I expect this feud to last the next three PPV's. Rollins wins at Battleground, Ambrose wins at SummerSlam, Rollins wins at NOC with the briefcase on the line.

Richard James Hughes: Ambrose

Rollins has the case, so he can afford to lose the match... better to get Dean over right now then Rollins win straight away and kill the feud. Might be a DQ finish or something too.

Tyler Trill: Ambrose

Dean Ambrose needs to score a victory to even the score.

Andrew Fletcher: Rollins

Assuming that the feud will continue into SummerSlam, Rollins will win at Battleground. I don't see Ambrose beating Rollins on a 'B rated PPV' and the pay off for such decisions will amount to more at SS. Ambrose is in need of momentum, but a Rollins win will provide more spruce to a future PPV rematch.

John Huxall: Ambrose

I'm going with my gut feeling on this one, yes Seth is on a strong push at the moment but given Ambrose being attacked on Raw this past Monday I think he may go over to keep the feud alive. He's really becoming a strong character and I'm rooting for him.

Kevin Pantoja: Ambrose

The match that I'm most looking forward to. Normally I would pick Seth Rollins but I'm going with Dean Ambrose for two reasons. One, he is getting the biggest pops it seems. Bigger than Reigns and Cena. Two, I expect a rematch at SummerSlam for the briefcase and Rollins won't lose that one.

Stephen Wilds: Ambrose

This match won't have a conventional ending, and Rollins is on a major push, but this should be good.

Vinni Fucci: Ambrose

The life in this feud is still strong and I see Ambrose pulling out a win seeing as how Seth is positioned thus far.

Garvin: Rollins

This feud continues forever (hopefully). It’s been great so far and I’m expecting Ambrose vs. Rollins at Battleground to be the match of the night. But, for Ambrose to win and get revenge so quickly doesn’t seem to be the way to go here. Drag this out. Let him get inches away from beating Rollins, only for Rollins to get away. That will help make their bout at Summerslam all the more sweeter.

Majority Decision: Ambrose

Jericho (1) vs. Bray Wyatt (9)

Math Gibson: Bray Wyatt

I said Money In The Bank would be a winning night for all members of the Wyatt Family. I was wrong. Well guess what Battleground will be a winning night for all members of the Wyatt Family.

Richard James Hughes: Bray Wyatt

Jericho is here to put Bray over. Plain and simple. Should be a very good match, and Chris will do his damndest to help Bray out.

Tyler Trill: Bray Wyatt

Wyatt needs to get back to his winning ways. Also, Jericho loves to put the younger folk over as well (i.e. Fahhhnn-dannnn-goooooo)

Andrew Fletcher: Bray Wyatt

Jericho is back to help assist with the progression of the next generation of talent. With his contract supposedly only lasting until mid-September, there is no real reason as to why he'd need to win. Wyatt to win & secure his position once more.

John Huxall: Bray Wyatt

Jericho has only just returned, and his professional nature of the business means he is here for one thing - to help push Bray Wyatt further up the card. A solid match for these two but Wyatt will clinch the victory.

Kevin Pantoja: Bray Wyatt

This is tough. It's another match that I see going until SummerSlam, but it could go either way. Jericho could win his first big match since the return, but I don't know if Bray can suffer through another big loss. In the end, I choose Bray because Jericho will put him over whenever he needs to.

Stephen Wilds: Bray Wyatt

I love Jericho, and he will look good getting beat to enhance Wyatt.

Vinni Fucci: Bray Wyatt

Wyatt sweep at Battleground? It’s possible. Bray needs to win this one and logic booking says one more at SummerSlam that he should win too because if he doesn’t, Bray will become the guy who never closes out a feud on top.

Garvin: Chris Jericho

Everyone expects Jericho to come in and put a guy over, but he’s only been here for 2 weeks. Seems like the opposite of what they normally do: bring him in, build him up again, and then have him lose in the big payoff match. THIS is not that big match. Summerslam could be. Plus, as Joe mentioned on FTW’s WWE Battleground 2014 Preshow, if this is going to continue at Summerslam, what would be Bray’s motivation for a rematch if he’s already conquered the icon? So, I’m going to go against the grain here and say we’ll see a DQ win for Jericho.

Majority Decision: Bray Wyatt

DC: AJ Lee (7) vs. Paige (1)

Math Gibson: AJ Lee

Paige is teetering on a heel turn. A loss to AJ is the perfect way to tip Paige over the edge and turn her into the psycho/aggressive Paige we all love from NXT.

Richard James Hughes: AJ Lee

This was a solid choice. I can see Lee winning by some shenanigans, but I can also see Paige winning and lettting the feud continue. Its a 50/50. Lee to win.

Tyler Trill: AJ Lee

I. Love. AJ.

Andrew Fletcher: AJ Lee

AJ isn't going to drop the title only a couple of weeks after re-winning it. Also, I see Paige turning heel if the storyline thus far is anything to go by. An AJ win sets up a potential rematch at SummerSlam.

John Huxall: AJ Lee

I can't see AJ dropping the title so soon - Paige needs a bit of work on the mic with a possible heel turn ahead.

Kevin Pantoja: AJ Lee

As a big supporter of women's wrestling, I'm excited about this. My two favorite Divas in their first actual match. Hopefully it's as good as I expect and I don't see AJ dropping the belt this soon.

Stephen Wilds: AJ Lee

I want to have both of their babies, but again, I can't see them taking the title off of AJ. I want a long feud here though.

Vinni Fucci: AJ Lee

Part of me wanted to pick Paige. I think they may play hotcakes with the Divas title to keep things shaking. She’s beat AJ in her debut so the threat is credible. However, AJ keeps it.

Garvin: Paige

Again, I feel like I need to go against the grain here. There’s nothing wrong with hot-potatoing a title when it’s between two competitors that we really like. Having AJ lose the title to Paige here would continue their rivalry. Having Paige lose here would prove that AJ is the better of the two and really, what’s the point? What’s the point of having another match? We need that next match. In that same breath, AJ vs. Paige could go to a no contest, as was talked about on FTW223.

Majority Decision: AJ Lee

TTC: Usos (2) vs. Wyatt Family (7)

Math Gibson: Wyatt Family As I said, Battleground Is the Wyatts night. Usos have successfully defended the titles against the Wyatts many times. This time the titles change hands.

Richard James Hughes: Wyatt Family

Wyatts again like last time, since its 2/3 falls then I see Wyatts winning it. Should be a fantastic match with lots of heat. If done correctly, could be MOTN. But please no more after this? Thanks.

Tyler Trill: Wyatt Family

It's time for a change here! Luke Harper alone deserves the titles.

Andrew Fletcher: Usos

I'm going to put my neck on the line & predict an Uso's victory. Sure, the Wyatt's are due a title reign, but something tells me that it won't happen at Battleground. Over three falls, anything can happen. I could be wrong, but I'm going with The Uso's to retain once again.

John Huxall: Wyatt Family

Another gut feeling on this one - I went for Wyatt's at MITB but I do believe their time is now. It's been bubbling for weeks - they've got the whole world in their hands.

Kevin Pantoja: Usos

Maybe I'm picking this with my heart more than my brain. I want to see the Usos retain, but it's nothing against the Wyatts. Regardless, this should be all kinds of awesome if it's anything like their Money in the Bank match.

Stephen Wilds: Wyatt Family

It is time! And this style of match works. And in a perfect world, there will be a long lasting feud after for the Usos to get the belts back, but that would be GOOD booking.

Vinni Fucci: Wyatt Family

THIS IS IT! I might have tripped up last time around but Battleground is where the Wyatts look strong. Harper & Rowan take the belts, Bray takes down Jericho.

Garvin: Wyatt Family

Yep. This is it. It’s time to see what the Wyatt Family can do as the leaders of the division. Usos have done a fantastic job, and I really think will continue to be the nemesis to Harper and Rowan. But, with Brodust continue to get pushed up, I think their matches against the Wyatt Family proves more interesting than against the Usos. As well as the Ascension if they ever get the call up.

Majority Decision: Wyatt Family

IC: Battle Royal - Cesaro (7) vs. Sheamus (1) vs. Bo Dallas (1)

Math Gibson: Sheamus

My first choice was Cesaro, but he doesn't need the IC title right now. Have Sheamus win the title to finally merge the IC and US titles. Then look forward to some great matches between Sheamus and Barrett when Barrett returns.

Richard James Hughes: Cesaro

Cesaro needs it the most. But he's jobbing anyway so... I don't know. Its such a geek battle royal. Sheamus could easily unify the belts, but... I hate Sheamus. Cesaro to win and be the Battle Royal champion forever.

Tyler Trill: Cesaro

The Winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner will continue his winning ways in battle royals.

Andrew Fletcher: Cesaro

Cesaro has lost every ounce of momentum that you could possibly imagine. Ever since WrestleMania, he's been on a down slope. If creative are still big on the guy, they need to come up with something quickly. I'm predicting he'll win the Battle Royal & become the new IC Champion. Also, if WWE booking is anything to go by, he's lost cleanly on a number of occasions over the past couple of weeks - this sort of booking normally indicates a future push.

John Huxall: Bo Dallas

I feel at the moment that Bo seems to be getting more airtime than Cesaro. It was a coin toss between them but I've decided to take the inspiration from Bo and BOLIEVE. I'm still on the fence with his character, but if he doesn't win he'll be the one pinned I bolieve.

Kevin Pantoja: Cesaro

I love Cesaro but his run since WrestleMania has been underwhelming to say the least. It seems like they aren't sure what to do with his character, but maybe they'll put the belt on him and have him face Sheamus at SummerSlam to unify?

Stephen Wilds: Cesaro

Not to go with everyone else here, but Cesaro is ready.... and my body is ready...

Vinni Fucci: Cesaro

This was a tough one because I think Bo would win only to gage the reaction. Cesaro needs this though as he has been kind of floundering since post-WM. What better way to win a title then to win it in the same match he won at Mania.

Garvin: Cesaro

While I LOVE the idea of Sheamus unifying the IC and US Championships, I just don’t see it happening. Not here. Cesaro is primed and ready to go and this would be a stellar way to propel him into the next phase of his career.

Majority Decision: Cesaro

WHC: John Cena (8) vs. Orton (0) vs. Kane (0) vs. Roman Reigns (0)

Math Gibson: Cena

Cena vs Lesnar at SummerSlam. Expect Reigns to take out Kane in the match.

Richard James Hughes: Cena

Cena wins Lol. Seriously, it makes no sense for him to lose the belt. Reigns/Orton for Slammy, Kane is just there, and Cena is going for Brock at Slam. Yeah. Cena Wins!~

Tyler Trill: Cena

Cena. Lesnar. SummerSlam.

Andrew Fletcher: Cena

Cena is scheduled to feud with Lesnar heading into SummerSlam. He isn't going to lose the title a mere three weeks after winning it neither. A victory for Cena at Battleground.

John Huxall: Cena

Cena/Lesnar at Summerslam is the thought behind this prediction.

Kevin Pantoja: Cena

The easiest pick for me. I don't see them putting the belt on Reigns just quite yet. They want the biggest money match possible for SummerSlam and that should be Cena/Lesnar so I see Cena retaining.

Stephen Wilds: Cena

We all know what is coming. We all know what plan C is... Just make the match look good, okay?

Vinni Fucci: Cena

This is why the WWE Network is such a good deal. It’s shows like this that are sort of middle of the ground and are only a stopgap between now and SummerSlam. No more wasting money on these shows. The Fatal Four Way is an obstacle for Cena but one he will surely overcome.

Garvin: Cena

WWE already spoiled it, and even if they didn’t, this seemed like the right road to take anyways. Lesnar vs. Cena will be epic. Roman Reigns will get his turn when the time is right.

Majority Decision: Cena

So, that's the PPV as we see it. Anything you think we've got wrong? Post your predictions in the comments.

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