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Monday Night Draw - Lana vs Zeb Colter!

Posted By: Jon Guerra on Jul 18, 2014

Monday Night Draw - Lana vs Zeb Colter!

Lana vs Zeb Colter
Lana vs Zeb Colter! I’m slow­ing becom­ing more of a fan of Rusev but it might be because he reminds me of my younger brother. I’m not par­tic­u­larly excited about his match against Swag­ger but it still looks like it could be a good match. I still can’t get behind Zeb and Swag­ger in this feud like the crowd seems to be. Like the WNS Pod­cast guys pointed out, Zeb and Swag­ger is pretty much the Amer­i­can ver­sion of Rusev and Lana….minus eye candy Lana. Don’t get me wrong I still like Zeb despite all the anti mexican/hispanic stuff he says (me being His­panic) I think he’s enter­tain­ing and hilarious.

My approach to this week’s Mon­day Night Draw was to draw the thing I thought would be the most unlikely thing for me to draw. Just to keep things fresh and give myself a chal­lenge. I ended up going with the Lana, Rusev, Swag­ger, and Zeb con­fronta­tion. Hope you enjoy!

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