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Michael "P.S." Hayes Working On New Music Album

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Jun 21, 2014

Michael "P.S." Hayes Working On New Music Album

Wrestling legend and WWE backstage official Michael "Purely Sexy (P.S.)" Hayes recently spoke to SLAM! Wrestling and revealed that he is working on a new music album. As longtime fans may remember, Hayes does have a background in music, as he helped record the song "BadStreet U.S.A." back in the 1980's and even released a music video with it. "BadStreet U.S.A." would become the official entrance theme for Hayes and his Fabulous Freebirds stable. Back in 2012, Hayes also recorded a song called "Freebird Road" as a tribute to Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy.

Here is what Hayes told SLAM! Wrestling:

“I’ve got a new CD coming out probably in the next month or so with some really new tunes that I’m really proud of. I’m not releasing this thinking, well, I’ll be at the Grammys in February (laughs). I don’t give a damn about going to the Grammys. I give a damn about releasing these great tunes, and writing a song and expressing it, and letting people hear it.

Two of the songs are probably as polar opposite as possible, and I think they both have a lot of potential. One is called “Why Can’t the Children Pray in School” and the other is called “I’m Gonna Drink ‘Til You Start Looking Good.” So I mean, that’s what makes me tick, it’s not just one element, it’s all the elements of life, and I’m really happy to be above ground and still swinging the bat.”


Source: SLAM! Wrestling Tags: #wwe #michael hayes

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