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Monday Night Draw! - Cesaro Strut!

Posted By: Jon Guerra on Jun 12, 2014

Monday Night Draw! - Cesaro Strut!

Cesaro Strut by Jon David Guerra

A few notable things happened on Raw this week like, Daniel Bryan being stripped from the World Championship, Seth Rollins explaining why he betrayed The Shield, and the announcement that the Money in The Bank event will be for the now vacant WWE World Championship. This week’s Monday Night Draw is inspired by one of the Money In The Bank qualifying matches that took place to see who would be in that match and one of the matches was between Cesaro and Rob Van Dam. Cesaro has been doing this puffed up chest strut to the ring that is so over the top it’s awesome! I’ve been wanting to draw it for a while so what better time than now?!


I originally was going to create this with multiple images and panels much like the last one I did of Rollins betraying The Shield, but then I wanted to take on the challenge of creating the appearance of his strut in a single image.

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