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Monday Night Draw! - Roman Reigns Dropkick

Posted By: Jon Guerra on May 16, 2014

Monday Night Draw! - Roman Reigns Dropkick

Roman Reigns dropkicking Batista in the face
Roman Reigns Dropkick! I really like what’s be going on with The Shield these past couple of Monday Nights. It seems like the only thing I’ve been able to really get into so for this week's Monday Night Draw I went with something I’ve been really wanting to draw for a while, Roman Reigns dropkick from the outside. What better time to draw than when Reigns was up against Batista! 

I tried to really push the angle of the dropkick and the perspective. I just eyeballed the perspective which I think came out pretty well. The hardest part was the tattoos. They not entirely accurate but it was still enough detail that they took a while too draw and ink.

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