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WWE Raw Results (4/21) *Live Coverage*

Posted By: Quinn Smith on Apr 21, 2014

WWE Raw Results (4/21) *Live Coverage*

We're coming at you live from Baltimore, Maryland tonight as we're 2 weeks away from EXTREME RULES! 

We're presented with DANIEL BRYAN making his way to the ring, getting an exceptionally warm reception from the WWE Universe. Daniel Bryan's father recently passed away (our condolences to the Danielson family for their loss) but Bryan has insisted in coming and performing for the WWE Universe.

A very cool shot of Brie and Bryan, both "yes-ing" together, with the crowd. Stephanie comes out and begins to praise, while throwing little belittle shots towards Bryan/Brie. It's announced that Bryan will defend the title at EXTREME RULES against, THE DEVILS FAVOURITE DEMON KANE and just has Steph seems finished, KANE'S music hits but he's yet to appear. Bryan and Brie back out of the ring and seemingly to safety when Kane attacks Bryan from the audience, engaging in an onslaught, filled with deranged grunting on Kane's part. Bryan begins to fight back but with little success as Kane TOMBSTONES Bryan on the ARENA FLOOR. Kane (still not through with Bryan, and despite Stephanie screaming enough) drags Bryan's lifeless body over to the steel steps and TOMBSTONES Bryan on the steel steps! Bryan lies motionless, as Kane stands over Bryan, glaring at his work. 

Kane walks away, and as Bryan begins to be tended to, Kane becomes deranged and throws Bryan off of the stretcher, and Kane begins to destroy the announcers area. Kane targets Bryan once more and places him on the table where he picks up Bryan, and delivers a THIRD TOMBSTONE, onto the table. 

Kane ominously walks away from his destruction as EMT's tend to Bryan.


Back from commercials and we're still with Bryan and the EMT's. A recap of what all transpired occurs and Stephanie is now seen in the ring with both the belts. Announcers are shown completely shaken up and distraught. 

Bad News Barrett and Sheamus are competing in the semi-finals for the final slot for the IC title. 

Both men start out clubbing one another, and it's seemingly setting the tone for the match. "BAD NEW BARETT" chant breaks out as the two men compete. Barrett sets Sheamus for the superplex but is countered and Sheamus hits a surprisingly impressive cross body onto Barrett. Sheamus takes the assault to the outside until Barrett counters and sending Sheamus reeling into the boards.


Barrett has Sheamus in a headlock but it's easily countered into a front powerslam by Sheamus. Sheamus kicks it into whole new irish gear as comeback mode is engaged. Sheamus recently has included a running corner sidekick, that transition nicely into the clubbing chest blows of his. Sheamus hits the the flying shoulder for a 2-count. Barrett attempts to fight but is washed away by the irish curse back breaker. Another 2-count for the celtic warrior, and as Sheamus seems to be in control, Barrett SLAMS Sheamus with the Winds of change and gets the near 3-count! Barrett sets up Sheamus for the Bull hammer elbow but is counted into White Noise for a near 3-count for Sheamus now! Both men throwing blows to one another and both men fall to the outside on an awkward fall. 

Sheamus begins to mount the final onslaught and as Sheamus goes for an outside dive, Barrett SMASHES Sheamus' skull with the Bull Hammer for the 3 count!

Winner: Barrett (via Pinfall)

Evolution is mentioned to make it's 2nd appearance (came back last week) in over 10 years.


A beautifully, thoughtful Bo-Dallas segment is shown (sarcastically said, that is) It's also announced that HUGH JACKMAN returns next week as a special guest host.

John Cena has three options for his match tonight; Luke Harper. Luke Harper/Eric Rowan. All 3 Wyatts. As they go on about the choices, Wyatts static hits and another exceptional creative promo is cut by Bray. "What a wonderful night for change indeed!" Wyatt puts the attention on the WWE Universe and how they have the power to assign Cena's fate. I apologize for the non-descriptive coverage on Bray Wyatt's promo. I myself am caught in awe for his promos.

Bray refers to the Universe as his Brothers and Sisters, actually able to captivate the audience to sing along with him. "He's got the whooooole world in his haaaands." The brothers and sisters are all waving their hands as one unity, brought together for a common purpose. Bray falls to his knees, with an eerie smile on his face.


Los Matadores are set for 6-man tag between them and 3MB. A hilarious recap of El Torito and Horneswoggle is shown. 

To start the match off, it's El Torito and Horneswoggle and the crowd is electric for it! Both come nose to nose and a slap fest begins to unfold. El Torito slams Horneswoggle with a hurricanrana and diving headbutt. Macintyre is tagged in and as Heath Slater gets on the apron, El Torito slams into Heath and a familiar "GORE GORE GORE" call. A triple team later by Los Matadores, they secure the victory.

Winner: Los Matadores (via Pinfall)

Batista, HHH and Orton all appear out of a limo, and Evolution set to hit the ring next.


Evolution comes out to an updated video of the group (which is cool as hell) and all men are dressed for success. Between the 3 men, 31...THIRTY FREAKIN ONE world championships between those 3. Power group in the ring as a smile rains on HHH face. HHH begins with laughter and recaps on how it feels to talk about how it feels great to be back. Orton begins to talk about how due to the screw up from the Shield, Evolution has now reformed to stand against the Shield. A class montage from past Evolution destruction is shown.

Batista states how the Shield have no idea what they've gotten themselves into and as Batista says "Deal with that" "Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta....Shield" hits and Shield begin to storm the ring. 

Just as it looks to be a fight, Evolution evades the ring, causing anger to brew over the Shield. Ambrose beings to absolutely lose it on the mic, but still cuts a great promo, as does Rollins. Both members screaming, and exciting the audience. Rollins throws a shot towards Batista regarding "Hollywood obligations". Reigns states they will give Evolution an ultimatum, just like they did to the Shield last week. "We will come up that ramp and kick all your assess" crowd erupts from that and as the Shield storm up the ramp, the same 11 men that beatdown the Shield come out and stand along with Evolution. 

As the focus shifts to the announcers, a recap of what happened earlier in the show between Kane and Bryan. 


Praising the WWE Network as we return, Rybaxel is hanging out with the trio along ringside as Usos are set to take on the Rhodes Brothers. 

Usos vs. Rhodes Brothers

Goldust and Jey begin the match off to a fast pace with arm drags from both men. Goldust comes off hot with a clothesline and then tags Cody in. Cody begins to mount an attack as it's cut short by Jey and a quick tag in by Jey for Jimmy to calm Cody down. Jimmy begins the attack as Cody had tagged in Goldust, and Cody gets tagged back in, Goldust is superkicked, and as Cody goes for crossrhodes, he's superkicked for the pin.

Winner: Usos (via Pinfall)

Post match assault takes place from Rybaxel on the Usos. 

A mention on Slam City is shown, as well as Cesaro/VanDamn is announced for later tonight.


Fandango and Layla are shown in the ring and Emma's music hits as we get Emma and Layla.

Emma vs. Layla

Match starts with Layla cheapshotting Emma due to Emma's focus being on her hubby Santino and Layla takes most control of the match. Santino takes revenge to Fandango with the Cobra and Emma brings out her own cobra and gets the victory with her own Cobra strike! (Yes, it was a short match, hence the short coverage)

Winner: Emma (via Pinfall)


Renee Young greets us with her wonderful self as she interviews John Cena. As soon as John Cena's name is mentioned, crowd instantly boos loudly and noticeable. John seems concerned as he answers how he feels the crowd being in control. John pauses as we hear the familiar "Let's go Cena, CENA SUCKS" chant break out. Cena mentions how the main focus is to survive and for Bray not to count him out. 

Cesaro's music hits and we're treated to a new theme song! Similar air raid sirens from a certain Big Poppa Pump, but still different enough for the king of swing, Cesaro. Interesting how Cesaro is managed by Paul Heyman, as Cesaro faces Paul Heymans former main attractor for E SEE DUB in Van Dam. As Heyman begins to remind the crowd, we're cut to an abrupt commercial break!


Heyman CONTINUES to mock and remind the universe about how Brock Lesnar conquered Undertakers streak at Wrestlemania 30. As Heyman goes to announce it one more time, he's interrupted by a familiar friend ROB VAN DAM.

Cesaro vs. RVD

Fast pace starts the match (as expected) filled with counter after counter (couple seemed awkward) as Cesaro plants RVD with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Cesaro tosses VanDam into the corner as which he counters and hits a corner sidekick, then the monkey flip. RVD went for the shoulder block in the corner, but VanDam was able to stop himself from slamming in the post, only to have Cesaro dropkick him from behind and send VanDam reeling to the outside.


Cesaro is in control as we're brought back into action. Cesaro displaying his raw strength has he tosses RVD around the ring. Cesaro hits a corner elbow drop and locking in a headlock after. RVD breaks out and begins to comeback against Cesaro, with a fury of kicks and clotheslines, as well as hitting his patented Rolling Thunder! As VanDam sets up Cesaro for the 5 star frog splash, Cesaro hits an impressive corner european uppercut. VanDam is able to shake it off as he kicks Cesaro down and hits the split-legged moonsault. Cesaro eventually fights back, by landing another corner uppercut, as well as an ugly double-arm underhooked powerbomb that almost has RVD landing on top of his head. As Cesaro sets up VanDam for the swing, Swaggers music hits and distracts Cesaro as he's focused on Swagger. VanDam goes to crossbody Cesaro, Cesaro SMASHES VanDam with an uppercut and he tosses VanDam in the ring and just as Cesaro turns his back on Swagger, Swagger tosses Cesaro into the ring post and in doing so, Cesaro fails to reach the 10 count.

Winner: RVD (via Count Out)

Post match scrum ensues between Swagger and Cesaro, and at one point, it looked like we would be treated to Cesaro swingin' Zeb but we're still treated to Swagger being swung, instead.


We're treated with Renee Young interviewing RVD but that's cut short by Cesaro and Heyman, commenting on how RVD can't beat Cesaro by himself. RVD and Heyman have some heated words for one another, and as we are brought back to the ring, we get a divas match between Aksana and Paige!

Paige vs. Aksana

Paige burst right out of the gate on the attack on Aksana and hasn't allowed Aksana to practically breathe. Aksana finally finds a hole to counter and takes Paige to the corner, to corner throw her, and the plant her with the suplex. Aksana continues on the assault with variety of headlocks and attacks, as well as a sideslam. Paige comes out with a short burst of a comeback, only to be spinebustered by Aksana. Paige soon after sets Aksana up with the modified scorpion cross lock (such a pretty finisher my goodness) and gets the submission!

Winner: Paige (via Submission)

Cesaro vs Swagger is announced for Smackdown.


Recap of Alexander Rusev destruction last week and the Ravishing Russian Lana comes out and brings out Rusev for him to squash..erm take on Sin Cara.

Sin Cara vs. Alexander Rusev

This match begins how you would expect; Rusev dominating over Sin Cara. Rusev is throwing Sin Cara around and Sin Cara begins to actually mount an offence until Rusev smashes Sin Cara with the running shoulder. After he locks in the Accolade, it's over for the high flyer.

Winner: Alexander Rusev (via Submission)


Final match of the night is here and the vote for Cena's opponents are.....THE ENTIRE WYATT FAMILY. Cena is completely distraught aaaaaaaaaaand there's another commercial.


Baltimore.....we're here *blows candle* Wyatts make their way to the ring as the universe claps in unison to the Wyatts theme song.

All Wyatts storm the ring as they pounce on Cena and begin to attack. Luke Harper starts on the attack and waste no time in tossing Cena to the corner where the Wyatts lay waiting. Rowan is tagged in and he begins to throw Cena into the corner and as Cena starts fighting back, Rowan hits Cena with the fallaway slam and tags in the leader of the Wyatts, Bray. Bray dances along with Cena and then uppercuts him, following a tag to Harper again. Cena has been given no chance to recuperate and just when it looks like its coming to the end, Cena hits a huge german suplex, but even in doing so, Harper tags in Rowan quickly so Cena can't build off of it. Rowan begins to attack and then tags Bray back in. Bray goes for a running boot but pauses, smiles, and tags Harper back in who gets locked in the STF but it's quickly broken up by Rowan. Harper tosses Cena to the outside and as Rowan goes to check on Cena, Cena slams Rowan into the barricade and once again, Harper whips Cena into the steel steps, preventing any comeback from mounting.


Back to see Cena on his back on the outside. Right where we had left off. Harper brings Cena to the top of the turnbuckle, but Cena begins to fight back and plants harper with a beautiful jumping tornado DDT. Bray is tagged in and he immediately slams Cena down with a sambo-like slam. Bray goes to the outside and begins to punch Cena's head as it's placed between the corner post. Bray sings softly to the crowd as he tags Rowan in and Rowan using his fist and pushing them into Cena's temple. Cena sidesteps Rowan as Rowan slams into the corner but once again (and again) Bray is tagged in and corner splashes Cena. Bray begins to corner crab walk towards Cena and as it appears to be the end for Cena, Cena lands a HUGE clothesline on Bray. Cena takes out the two members standing at the apron and begins the WWE 2k14 comeback, landing everything including the 5-knuckle-shuffle. Cena lands the AA and just as the 3 count comes down, Rowan and Harper interfere and cause a DQ. Rowan hits Cena with the corner splash and throws him into Harpers big ol boot. Bray picks up the scraps and lands sister abigail on Cena.

We're left with Bray sitting with his legs sprawled out, with Cena's head on his lap and Bray singing "We got the world, in his hands. He's got the whoooooole worrld, in his hands"

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