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Sean Waltman Weighs In On WCW Incident Between Roddy Piper & Kevin Nash

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Apr 20, 2014

Sean Waltman Weighs In On WCW Incident Between Roddy Piper & Kevin Nash

Sean Waltman has now weighed in on the online-feud between Kevin Nash and Rowdy Roddy Piper which has escalated over the last 24 hours. The drama started when Piper mentioned on his Podcast a backstage incident that took place between himself and Nash in WCW.  Piper said Nash didn't know how to wrestle and he thought he knew more than those in charge of the organization at the time. Piper claims that during the backstage incident Nash charged at him and he took out his leg and threw him out of the locker room. Nash disputes Piper's version of events and Sean Waltman has now taken to Twitter to reveal what went down...

"I just heard it. On the life of my children Roddy is bold face lying & I hate to say that,because I love Roddy"

"you (Nash) kicked the door in and everyone shit. Flair was more concerned about it not having to do with him. the Bodyguad tried to get between you. You said something to him and he stepped aside. Then you proceeded to open hand slap Roddy, because he was out of place and went into business for himself, causing you to re injure your knee in all that cluster Fu$k. I'll give him credit for a nice leg sweep that came up a it short. He called you a liar over your description of the incident. No one wanted a piece."

"I just heard the podcast and it was an out and out lie. Can't believe from Roddy. Hopefully it's a memory issue and not pride."

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