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WWE Raw Results (2/24) *End Results*

Posted By: Quinn Smith on Feb 24, 2014

WWE Raw Results (2/24) *End Results*


This is arguably one of the bigger Raws as we are one our way to Wrestlemania and what better way to start than to have THE IMMORTAL HULK HOGAN BACK ON RAW as he is the host for Wrestlemania 30! His entrance music is a thing of beauty and pumps me too easily. Standing ovation for Hogan as even the announcers stand up and clap for him. Crowd is easily pleased with his presence and it's nice to see him light up the crowd with the legendary "listening-taunt" along with Hulk up! Great way to set the atmosphere for tonight. Most, if not all the Raw's from here till Mania should surely be grand. Huge Hogan chants before he even gets on the mic. "WELL LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING BROTHER" crowd erupts, as they should. Hogan claims to "officially be home" 

Hogan begins to discuss 30 years ago and talks about the first Mania as he was apart of it. He mentions the WWE Network and crowd goes mild, actually. Mentions how he can watch several past stars (Austin's name gets the biggest pop) and surprisingly is continuing with the network talk. Funny how he came from TNA and mentions "Turning point" "WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN HULKAMANIA and WWE NETWORK and WRESTLEMANIA RUN WILD ON YOUUUU" The child in me is giddy watching this. 

Cutting over to the announcers, CONTINUING to discuss the network. Really pushing this and it makes sense. This is a groundbreaking stuff and easily will be the most successful material that WWE has ever published.

Bryan/Kane segment announced, Lesnar potentially here(?) and a rematch from last night between Batista/Del Rio 


Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio enters and gets a surprisingly warm(ish) reception from the crowd as Cole/Lawler recap what happened last night. Batista enters and crowds of boo's rain down on him as he walks to the ring. He points to a "Bootista" sign that one of the fans held up, and there was actually a "Bootista" chant yesterday night at EC. Batista waits little time getting the attack early on Del Rio. "Bootista" chants begin already, early in the match. Batista takes the fight to the outside for a short while, and as he brings Del Rio in, Alberto kicks Batista in the side of the head but it doesn't phase Batista as he gets up quickly to suplex and clothesline Del Rio to the outside. As he tries to step out to take the fight to the outside, Del Rio sweeps Batista's legs out from under him and throws him into the steel steeps to regain control of the match.


We come back to Del Rio on the attack and mocking the animal by flexing and having a smug smile on his face. Del rio takes a spill to the outside, only to regain the control as he drops off the apron with Batistas arm getting hung up over the rope. As Del Rio gets to the top rope, Batista gets up and suplexs him, and it takes both men out. Batista and Del Rio start to slug it out and as it looks like the Animal is taking control, Del Rio side kicks Batista only to have the Animal clothesline Del Rio. As the animal gets taken out with a codebreak-to-the-arm, Del Rio goes for the sidekick, he biffs on hitting Batista, but the two get over the f-up. As Batista spinebusters Del Rio, RANDY ORTON comes out, costing Dave the match by Del Rio rolling him up.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio (via pinfall)

CM PUNK chants delay the verbal joust between Orton and Batista. Batista clearly states he doesn't care if the fans are behind him or against him, he will take Orton out and become the new WWE World Heavyweight champion. 

Cesaro and Big E are up next in singles action.


Big E vs. Cesaro

Coming back to BIG E coming down to the ring, still champion from last nights defend against Swagger. Cesaro now enters and the whole crowd in unison scream "WE, THE PEOPLE" Match begins with a lock and immediately a "WE THE PEOPLE" chant. Cesaro gets taken to the outside, regroups with Swagger and Coulter to gather himself. Cesaro returns to wrestling lift Big E to the ground. The two trade blows in the corner and Cesaro goes into the ropes and gets hit with a belly-to-belly suplex not once, but twice by Big E. Big E whips Cesaro into the corner and blasts him with a corner spear. Cesaro gathers himself and takes the fight back to Big E. Cesaro goes into the ropes and both superstars hit the clothesline one each other but neither budge. Cesaro hits the big boot on Big E and gets a 2 count. Cesaro continues to take the assault to Big E and as he goes to the second rope and dives off, Big E counters with catching him and delivering 2 brutal sidebreakers to Cesaro. 2 count is all he gets and Cesaro takes the fight back by locking Big E into a headlock. Big E powers out and throws Cesaro into the ropes and as Big E goes to jump over Cesaro, Cesaro AMAZINGLY catches Big E and plants him with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Unreal power displayed by Cesaro


Back from break and Big E/Cesaro trading blows. Cesaro runs into the ropes only to be pressed slammed by Big E. Big E goes for the corner spear and slams into the steel post. Cesaro gains a 2-count on the champ. Cesaro blasts Big E with corner uppercuts and even a diving, spinning uppercut that gets him the 2-count. Cesaro holds Big E down with a sleeper/head lock, and only keeps Big E down for a little bit as he gets back and takes the fight back but only to get powerslammed by Cesaro for (you guessed it) a 2-count. Cesaro picks up Big E and plants him with a gutwrench and goes back to the headlock. Big E using support of the WWE Universe to get back up and take the fight back to Cesaro. Both superstars trading blows and as Big E throws Cesaro to the ropes, Cesaro locks Big E in the sleeper but Big E powers out early and starts to gain momentum by throwing Cesaro around. Big E hits Cesaro with a belly to back suplex and the running big splash for the 2-count. He sets Cesaro up for the Big Ending and Cesaro counters with that beautiful throwing throw uppercut. Cesaro goes for the big swing and Big E counters with a kick. Cesaro goes for a running corner attack but Big E DEMOLISHES Cesaro with a corner slam that would make Samoa Joe happy. Big E chases Cesaro outside and he takes out Swagger as Swagger was going to attack Big E. Big E heads back into the ring only to get swung like a doll by Cesaro an astonishing 10 times to the big man, and just as Cesaro is feeling it, Swagger comes back in and locks in the patriot lock COSTING Cesaro the match. Cesaro and Swagger have some words and as Big E takes the attack back to Swagger, Cesaro lands The Neutrilzer on Big E.

Winner: Big E (via disqualification)

Cole, Jerry and JBL recap what happened in the chamber match last night between Cena and The Wyatts and it's announced that Cena will address The Wyatts as to what transpired last night.


And we're back and treated with Cena coming down to the ring to address the Wyatts on why they costed him the Chamber match. The crowd (as always) very polarizing to his presence. Cena starts with mentioning how it's great to see Hogan back in the WWE (his home). He goes on to also address the network and hype it up. He addresses that if any superstar thinks they can carry the WWE's future, they can go through the man himself, Cena. He talks about respect and how the future of the business will run through himself and leads up to how that makes him a target and mentions Bray Wyatt. Goes on to say how Bray Wyatt cost him the match and issues a fight to Bray Wyatt and asks if he's wanting a fight, then to come get one. CUE THE WYATTS THEME. "Green Bay......We're here" blows out the oil lamp and ominously walks to the ring to their theme. Bray sits down in his chair and the lights come back on to Bray on the mic. "What would the world do without it's hero" (Bray referencing Cena to the universe) It's hard to write on Bray is saying because it's unreal material, it's something to watch for sure. He mentions on how Cena has lied to the universe and that he must come to terms with that. Bray mentions how they are the reapers and Cena retorts with "You're starting something, you may not be able to finish." The Wyatts surround Cena and begin the assault. They shockingly back off and Cena is allowed up but only to be attacked again as Cena goes in for the attack. They pull off again and allow Cena to regoup but that proved to be a trap and Bray runs and smashes Cena with the running cross body off the ropes. Segment ends with Bray kneeling infront of Cena screaming "FOLLOW, THE BUZZARDS"


Back from commercials to recap what transpired and it was made apparent that Cena was stretchered out of the arena. Talks of Cena hyperextending his knee. CHRISTIAN is now out for action, still showing some injuries sustained from the Chamber match. It cuts to the pre-show (which you can access through the WWE Network) to a confrontation between Christian and Sheamus that leads into the next match.

Sheamus vs. Christian

Both superstars showing their injuries from last night in the chamber and as the match starts both lock up and Sheamus ends up tossing Christian to the outside. Sheamus is covered in bruises. Christian SLAPS Sheamus with authority but it only fires up the irishman and Sheamus throws a flurry of knees and punches to Christian. Sheamus clothesline Christian to the outside and as Christian takes the fight to Sheamus, Sheamus pulls Christian into the steel post to a sickening smack. Christian is brought back into the ring and counters Sheamus with a rope-hung as he goes to the outside. Little to no effect it has on Sheamus as he's taking it back to Christian only to get countered once again and sends Christian reeling. Christian is dumped to the outside and smashes Christian with a diving shoulder from the apron to the outside.


Back to Sheamus caught on the top rope and dumped to the outside. Christian takes the fight to the outside and smashes Sheamus off the steel steps. As the fight is brought back to the ring, Christian gets a 2-count on the irishman. Fury of punches to the midsection of Sheamus from Christian and screams "I SHOULD BE THE CHAMPION" Christian targets the midsection with various of attacks and locks in a surprising bear hug on Sheamus. Crowd begins to get restless with the "Boring" chants and Christian locks in the Abdominal Stretch. Sheamus begins to feed off of the WWE universes support and powers out and just as he's taking the attack to Christian, he's dumped onto the second rope for Christian to jump to the outside and slap Sheamus. Captain Charisma goes upstairs to hit the splash but misses and Sheamus begins to mount the comeback on Christian, most notably taking a knee to the head. Sheamus begins the chest-clubbing session to Christian which sends Christian stumbling around and has Sheamus plant Christian with a shoulder check. Christian goes up top and Sheamus sweeps Christians legs and locks in the 4-leaf clover on him only for him to get to the ropes. Christian takes the attack back to Sheamus and as Christian goes for the Killswitch, Sheamus goes for White Noise but gets rolled up for a 2-count. Sheamus gets up and powerslams Christian for a 2-count.

Sheamus goes to the corner, looking for the Brogue kick. Christian counters and corner kicks Sheamus and as Christian goes up top (one more time) he jumps off only to get his head kicked off by Sheamus with the Brogue Kick! 3-count later, Sheamus wins!

Winner: Sheamus (via Pinfall)

Announcers recap on what occurred during the pre show (which you can access via WWE Network)  The segment includes Triple H and Daniel Bryan and Bryan screaming what's Hunter's problem is with Bryan and foreshadows the rumored Bryan/HHH match at Mania. "Every time you put me in the ring with one of your A+ players, I kick the crap out of them." - Daniel Bryan Quote of the night by far. It's declared that Bryan and Kane will face later on, on Raw


Back from commercials and more discussion on the WWE Network. It's noted that since it's Black History month, we take a look back at Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson. 

We come back to a segment with The Shield arguing with Ambrose as to what happened last night. As Ambrose storms off, Rollins and Reigns begin discussion only to have the Wyatts come intrude and Reign immediately issues a challenge between Bray and himself, and the stipulation is that both factions are left out of the match. Bray accepts and Reign goes off.

We cut to the panel that can be seen on the Network and it includes Josh Matthews, the 6-TIME CHAMPION Booker T, and none other than the 16 TIME CHAMPION HIMSELF WOOOO Nature BOI RIC FLAIR. Both legends give their take on what they want to see later on Raw, having Nature Boy favor Bryan.

Daniel Bryan enters and immediately captivates the audience with the YES chants. Kane and Bryan up next.


Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

Kane enters, dressed as corporate Kane (White tank, black dress pants, dress shoes but most notably, classic black elbow pads) It begins with Bryan IMMEDIATELY on the attack on Kane. Kane is brought back to the corner and has his shoulder targeted by Kane. Bryan, with helps from kicks and YES chants, takes the attack to Kane and is throwing a fury of kicks and running dropkicks to Kane. Bryan is relentless on the attack on Kane, focusing on Kane's knee. Bryan locks in a single-leg half crab on Kane but Kane makes it to the rope. As the match is going on, all 3 announcers are arguing with one another about the treatment that's gone on over Daniel Bryan. Kane has countered at that point and targeting the left shoulder of Daniel Bryan. Kane tosses Bryan to the outside and Bryan slides back in and goes for the dive but Kane prevails with landing a punch on Bryan and tossing him into the steel steps.


Back into the action and Bryan is on the assault only for a short while till 'Corporate Kane' big boots Bryan. Kane continues the targeting of the left shoulder and corner splashes Bryan for a 2-count. Kane locks in a shoulder hold only to have Bryan quickly counter it and have him begin the comeback style of Bryan. The YES chants are getting behind Bryan and Bryan begins repeated kicks to the chest and as he goes for the final head kick, Kane counters into a sidewalk slam. Kane trudges to the top, but Bryan proves to be too quick for Kane and Bryan sets Kane up on the top turnbuckle and lands a hurricarana on Kane for a 2-count. Bryan begins to hit his patent running corner dropkicks but on the 3rd attempt Kane thwarts him off. Kane regroups but is tossed to the outside and Bryan launches himself to the outside. While there, Bryan lands a 3rd running dropkick. 

The action returns to the ring having DBry hit Kane with a front dropkick. Bryan kipups and lands a final head kick to Kane, but only for a 2-count. Bryan goes back to the top and as he points to the roof, he goes for a flying headbutt but is caught by Kane and chokeslammed! 1...2....-KICKS OUT. Kane can't believe it. As Kane storms around and goes to pick Bryan up, Bryan goes for the Yes lock but Kane powers out which sends Bryan reeling into the corner to set up Kane for the flying knee, thus ending the match!

Winner: Daniel Bryan (via Pinfall)

Bryan grabs the mic and addresses the audience on how he confronted the authority early today. Bryan screams that Triple H is a coward and that he 'hid behind his wife's skirt'. Claims HHH doesn't care what the people want, notes the support of the WWE Universe wants what Bryan wants and that's Bryan/HHH at 'Mania.

Later on, Roman Reigns takes on Bray Wyatt, one on one. Brock Lesnar is also returning tonight, but for now Summer Rae (Mrs. Fandango as JBL would say) is in action next.


Back to a promo of Alexander Rusev and cuts to Summer Rae and Fandango dancing in the ring as it's Emma from NXT set to take on Summer Rae. 

Emma vs. Summer Rae

Match starts with Emma doing the "Emmalution" dance and sending Summer Rae into an irate state and hits the lou thez prez on Emma. Emma goes for a roll up pin but gets a 1-count. Summer Rae starts to aggressively attack Emma, being relentless with Kicks and punches. Summer Rae locks in Emma with a modified looking cobra clutch, but WWE Universe chanting EMMA and just as she mounts a comeback, Summer Rae is back on the attack. The universe gets behind Emma and Emma counters a spinning kick from Summer Rae, and locks in the "Emma Lock" on Summer Rae, causing Summer Rae to tap!

Winner: Emma (via Submission)

Cole, Lawler, JBL recap on various news sources announcing Hulk Hogans returning to WWE. 

Uso's vs. New Age Outlaws up next. 


New Age Outlaws vs. The Uso's

Coming back from commercials recap what occurred in the tag team title match last night during the Elimination Chamber. New Age Outlaws cut their signature trademark and just as Road Dogg goes finish, Uso's superkick Road Dogg and take out Billy Gunn. A super splash later (and in record time) Uso's come out on top!

Winner: Uso's (via Pinfall)

Cutting back to the announcing table, going over once again the WWE Network and various ways you can watch it. 

Cue the Shields music and out walks Roman Reigns, as he represents the Shield as he takes on Bray Wyatt next.

Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns


Roman looks absolutely focused and set on Bray Wyatt as he makes his way to the ring. Roman Reigns hasn't moved from the corner he's stood in since he entered the ring. Stare-off starts the match off, setting the mood for the match and as Bray smacks Reigns with a punch, Reigns retaliates and hits Bray to the outside. Both lock up and begin to push one another to opposite corners, yet Bray prevails of the two with the big boot that grounds Reigns. As Bray hits the ropes, Reigns shoulder smashes Bray which knocks him to the outside. Both trade blows in the early going, not much wrestling partaking just yet. Bray eye rakes Reigns over the top rope on the ring and then hit's him with the pulling clothesline. Bray begins to slow the pace with a sleeper on Reigns, but to no avail as Reign fights out of it. Bray hits Reigns with a body smash-thing that he does when he comes off the rope (looked more forearm smash like) Reigns ends up throwing Bray out to the floor and lands a smashing clothesline that makes a certain announcer smile.


Back to see Bray drop Reigns and hit him with the running senton. Bray drops a headbutt and repeated punches to the head of Reign. Reign begins to fight back only to get that attempted thwarted off by Bray with a suplex and then into a sleephold. Reign fights out and and just when it looks like a comeback is mounted, Bray literally throws himself into Reigns, taking him out. Bray hits a corner splash and whilst going for a 2nd one, Reign side steps and Bray smashes into the turnbuckle. Reigns begins to pick up the pace and darts to the outside to hit that unorthodox running dropkick into the apron. Reign sets up for the superman punch, WYATTS music hits and Harper/Rowan appear as the lights come back on. Rollins comes out of now where and plants the behemoths with a rolling senton. The two giants begin to attack Rollins, until Ambrose comes and even's up the play. As Bray is focused on what's occurring outside,  Reigns smashes Bray with a superman punch and just when it appears that Reigns is ending it, Ambrose comes and attacks Bray, costing Reigns the match. 

Winner: Bray Wyatt (via DQ)

Camera zooms in on BRRRRRRRRRRAAAACK LLLLLLLLLLLESNARRRRRRRR (Paul Heymans way of saying Brock Lesnar) and addresses Brock where the ring is and both begin to walk to the ring.


Brocks music hits as we return to Raw. Off note, this crowd has been rather dry all night/not appreciative of the product in front of him, it's unfortunate that it started out great. ANYWAYS back to Raw, the ring is set up with a table and black tarp over the entire ring and table. Paul Heyman introduces himself and Brock Lesnar. He begins to declare how Brock deserves to be the number 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight and how it's unfair that he isn't in the title picture. It's told that Brock is given an "option contract" at Wrestlemania, meaning he gets to face any wrestler he desires to at 'Mania. Paul lists off Brock's past accomplishments and he states that Brock isn't given the chance to conquer history once again with not allowing him to compete for the title. It's repeated that Brock wants to make history. Just as Paul finishes his shoot and drops the mic like its a rap battle.......DONG.............DONG.........UNDERTAKERS music cues and he appears at the top of the stage, staring down Brock Lesnar from afar. Undertaker begins to slowly walk down the ramp, not breaking eye contact with Lesnar the entire time. 'Taker steps in the ring and Brock is back pedalling slightly, almost in awe at who's in front of him. Staredown face to face between Undertaker and Lesnar and a HUGE "Undertaker" chants erupt in Green Bay. Undertaker looks up to the Wrestlemania sign, signalling what he wants. Brock orders Heyman to open the 'open contract' and Brock signs! He puts the pen into Taker's chest, causing "Ohhhhhh" to come from the crowd. As Heyman begins to explain to Taker about signing the contract, Taker slams the pen into Brocks hand and chokeslams Brock through the table! Undertaker re-looking at the sign of Wrestlemania, and walks out as he leaves Brock mangled in the table.

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker
Batista vs Randy Orton
Daniel Bryan vs Triple H.

The Road To Wrestlemania is on

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