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Triple H Says He Came Up With The Elimination Chamber

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Feb 19, 2014

Triple H Says He Came Up With The Elimination Chamber

WWE.com has posted a new article featuring an interview with WWE COO Triple H in anticipation for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Triple H says that the Chamber was his concept:

"I'm the one who invented it. I drew a square cage and put four other squares in the corners, and I said, ‘It’s six guys. Two start and every few minutes, another cage opens and one more guys enters the fight, and everyone fights until there’s one guy left.' I thought it could be interesting because, if the Superstars involved have issues, then there’s intrigue."

"In typical WWE form, it was twice as big as I envisioned it and twice as elaborate. We don’t do anything small, so I should have known better. When I stood in it for the first time, I thought, ‘Jeez. Please don’t tell anybody this was my idea!’"

Please click here at WWE.com to see the full article.

Source: WWE.com Tags: #wwe #elimination chamber #triple h

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