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WWE Raw Results (2/17) *END RESULTS*

Posted By: Quinn Smith on Feb 17, 2014

WWE Raw Results (2/17) *END RESULTS*


To kick things off in Denver, Colorado, Cena comes to the ring. Cole and King introduce the beginning of Raw with a recap of what happened a week ago on Raw (him pinning Randy Orton with the AA for those you missed last weeks) Crowd is overly electric for Raw and for Cena. Cena's promo starts off with mentioning the crowd, and then announcing the significance of the elimination chamber. Talks about how winning it cost almost a life and to win will cement your legacy as a superstar. "Thumb sucking baby" words used to describe Orton and his lack of momentum. Cena mentions Bryan beating Orton which (you guessed it) YES chants erupt. As Cena talks about himself beating Randy, CESARO interrupts and goes off on not only winning the Elimination Chamber, and not only Wrestlemania, but becoming the face of not only the company, but the face of AMERICA. Cena and Cesaro gets in Cena's face and as they banter, SHEAMUS interrupts and proceeds to let BOTH Cesaro and Cena know that they will look slightly goofy for the fact that BOTH of their faces will be kicked. 

THE INTERRUPTION'S just keep coming. Christian now comes out, claiming to put the killswitch on all competitors and THEN (wait for it) ANOTHER interruption and "The face of the company" comes out and starts calling out every superstar. Here comes (arguably) The PEOPLE'S face of the company, DANIEL BRYAN comes down and the crowd ERUPTS with YES chants. Daniel Bryan acknowledges the crowds reaction and Bryan begins to talk about how it's his time and how an arena will be chanting ONE word (Can you guess it, sucka?) NOW KANE (It's interruption-ception) MAJOR "YOU SOLD OUT" chants occurring while Kane talks about "The authority". It's been made aware that Kane is in charge tonight. Since the champ is competing against Sheamus, he places everyone else in a match. Cesaro faces John Cena, Daniel Bryan vs. Christian. Cole announces a heavyweight match occurring between Mark Henry and Roman Reigns, and also mentioned is 6-man tag match featuring the Wyatts facing Sin Cara 2.0 and Los Matadores. 

After those matches are announced, It looks like Kane and Bryan will tangle but Christian attacks Bryan from behind.


Christian vs. Daniel Bryan

Back from commercials and Daniel Bryan is holding his left arm (Christian threw Dbry shoulder first into the steel steeps). Cole and JBL banter about Kanes recent actions towards Daniel Bryan and how he was justified (mentioned by JBL) and how he hasn't really been held to his action (mentioned by Cole) Christian is much more aggressive tonight, wrestling with a heel-feel to him. Looked like he was hitting a tornado DDT on Bryan but he in fact hit a spinning arm slam? If that's what you'd call it. Huge "Daniel Bryan" chants and as Christian showboats infront of Bryan, Bryan tosses him over the top and has Bryan using a "Vintage Bryan" suicide dive to the outside. 


BACK FROM COMMERCIALS and Daniel Bryan has a comeback engaged that would make 2k14 proud. Crowd is erupting as Bryan kicks Christian repeatedly in the chest. 2 count and the 2's roll out of the fans mouth. Bryan goes up top but Christian counters and gets a 2 count. Daniel is in the corner and as Christian goes to attack, Bryan counters but is only able to hit 1 corner dropkick as the 2nd one is thwarted off by Christian. Bryan fends off a killswitch attempt and almost locks in the YES! lock. Christian counters that, and sends Bryan into the corner and when Christian goes for the Killswitch again, Bryan rolls Christian up and takes it!

Winner: Daniel Bryan (via Pinfall)

Kane gets on the mic and mentions how Bryan still has 1 more match.....AGAINST KANE. Kane storms the ring and starts pummelling Bryan and sends him to the outside. 


Kane vs. Daniel Bryan (Yes, Bryan is in a second match)

Back from commercial break and Cole mentions how you can watch the match during the commercial break (if you didn't already know). Kane is dominating the match at the beginning stages. Noted that Kane is wrestling as corporate Kane so his attire tonight consist of white tank top and black dress pants, complemented by black dress shoes. Kane is working Bryan's shoulder in the corner and the crowd begins the "BORING" chants. Bryan counters Kane and lands the front dropkick on Bryan. As Bryan begins to kick Kane in the chest and goes for the finale head kick, Kane throws Bryan over with ease. Kane continually throws Bryan in the barricade, and hangs Bryan up on the steel post and begins to choke Bryan in a very awkward position. Ref's count reaches 5 and Kane is disqualified. Kane continues to attack Bryan post match and ends with kicking Bryan's arm while it's stuck between the ring post and steel steps.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (via Disqualified)

Cole has a recap of what happened last week as it's mentioned how Reigns will face Henry later on. Interview with Renee Young features The Shield and has a little turmoil occur between Ambrose and Reigns. Rollins ensures there are no cracks in the shield and that they will remain as a team going into Elimination Chamber. Shield vs. Wyatts promoted and has King getting giddy as if he'd recently just witnessed a couple puppies.


Fandango vs. Santino Marella 

Back from commercial features a little promoting of WWE Network. As the action comes back in the ring, FANDANGO is in the ring, set to face Santino. A little promoting of Emma (NXT diva) and talks about how there's a new found friendship between Santino and Emma. Santino and Fandango mix it up for a short while, trading jabs and what not and as Santino goes for the Cobra, Summer Rae distracts Santino. Emma comes and gives Summer Rae the airplane (VINTAGE EUGENE) and causes absolute dizziness. Santino goes to calm Emma down and a slight romance starts occurring between the two. Fandango interrupts that and hits a suplex-front slam (Similar to Falcon Arrow) and secures the win.

Winner: Fandango (via Pinfall)

Backstage brings us a pissed-off lookin' Mark Henry. Renee Young asks how he feels and Henry (Angrily) answers how he isn't feeling too hot but that doesn't matter. Roman Reigns is in his sight and he's going to induct him into the hall of pain. Why? BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I DO (well, that's what Henry does.)

Mark Henry vs. Roman Reigns

As we come back from commercials, Henry is stalking the ring and Reigns hasn't taken his eye's off Henry. The match starts with a small smattering of "Roman Reign" chants. Henry plants Reigns with a big boot (haven't seen Mark use that in what seems like forever) and then hits Reigns with a corner body splash. Body shots from Henry gets countered into a HUGE samoa drop. Reigns is in FULL control of this match and plants Henry with the superman punch. Next up is the spear and just like that, match is over.

Ambrose goes for a post-match attack and as Reigns asks Ambrose what he's doing, WYATT'S music hit. Bray starts with a song and cuts a classic-Wyatt promo towards the Shield. Eric Rowan even is involved with the promo and just as it seems to end, Reigns mentions why wait till Sunday. Wyatt's music hits and Shield are standing in the ring, armed and ready for a fight. Bray is leading the Wyatt's down to the ring and the lights cut on to them standing before the ring. Wyatt's perch themselves up on the ring apron and Bray is the first to get in the ring. Rowan and Harper step up, as well as Rollins and Ambrose. Just when it looks like they're about to battle, Wyatt's back out of the ring, pro-longing the much anticipated fight between the two factions.

Mentions of John Cena vs. Cesaro still happening tonight, as well as Sheamus and Randy Orton.


After commercials, it's mentioned how the EC kickoff match features Rhodes Dynasty vs. Rybaxel. A segment from Cody featuring Goldust that has quite the humor to it. Goldust mentions how when he was little, he used to catch butterflies, rip their wings off and put them on his pet hamster Gertie and he threw Gertie out the window to see if he can fly.

Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston

As we get back to the ring, it's Jack Swagger facing Kofi Kingston. Fans don't seem into this at all and this match is all Swagger. Swagger hits the Swagger bomb (turnbuckle splash) and gets the 2 count. Fans chant from JBL to a small smatter of CM Punk chants. Kofi counter attacks Swaggers fury and hits a huge double ax handle off the top rope. Kofi hits an awkward-looking splash to the back of Swagger and gets a 2 count. Kofi hit's SOS and (seemingly) gets a 3 count but Swaggers foot was on the bottom rope. Kofi hits Swagger with with a cross body and gets a 2 count, and Swagger rolls out and locks in the Patriot Lock, and as Kofi is millimetres away from the rope, Swagger pulls him back and Kofi has no choice but to tap.

Winner: Jack Swagger (via Submission)

As Swagger celebrates, Big E's music hits and he comes to the ring for his match up next.  

Big E vs. Jinder Mahal & Drew Macintyre

Zeb grabs the mic and starts commenting on the match. Macintyre and Mahal are taking it to Big E but Big E can't be contained for too long as he's overpowering both members of 3MB. Big E hits a huge running splash. Couple of corner spears for Mahal and Macintyre. 2 Big Endings later and Big E comes out on top.

Winner: Big E (via Pinfall)

Big E cuts a tiny, yet clever pipe bomb for Zeb. "Hey Zeb, I hope you have diapers, because come Sunday, your mouth won't be the only thing filled with crap."

A segment introducing Alexander Rusev cuts as we dive away from in ring action.


We're back and paying homage to Black History Month, it's featuring Ron Simmons. Heart warming to see where he's come from and important to how he's paved the way for other African American wrestlers. DAMN, that was a good tribute video. 

More recap on matches occurring this Sunday and an in depth look at this Sunday's elimination chamber. We delve into the rules of the chamber during the video. 

Back from the video brings us Cena being interviewed. Cena recaps on what happened last week and also how there are plenty of great young up and coming superstars. Mentions how the real test before Sunday for Cesaro is tonight against Cena.

Up next, Cena/Cesaro.


Cesaro vs. John Cena

The match begins and the infamous "Lets go Cena, Cena sucks" Lock up and headlock start the match, having both superstars countering one another. Cesaro ducks to the outside and asks advise from Zeb and Swagger. Cesaro storms back to the ring and starts taking it to Cena. Cesaro displays a super human-like strength by planting Cena (who was in mid air at the time) with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cesaro hits one of his patented uppercuts and double footstomp into Cena's midsection. Cena looks like he's mounting a small comeback and just like that, Cesaro has Cena outside, on his back. Cesaro hits a single-leg drop kick for 2 consecutive 2 counts. Cesaro is now toying with Cena; walking around and showboating. Cena hits an impressive reverse throw-like neckbreaker. Cena is tossed into the corner hard and Cesaro hit's the ever-classic baseball slide, knocking Cena to the outside.


We're back with Cesaro/Cena trading blows. Cena hits Cesaro with a hurricanrana and Cesaro answers back with a fallaway slam that would make JBL smile from his seat. Cesaro locks in the sleeper but Cena will have none of that and power out, only to have the sleeper locked back in and for good this time. Cena slowly showing life again and powers out. Cenas comeback is engaged until Cesaro counters into what looks to be the giant swing, but Cena counters into the STF BUT then Cesaro counters into a gut wrench throw. Cesaro gets 5-knuckle shuffled after getting countered. Cena is then countered AGAIN into the visually pleasing uppercut throw that Cesaro has patented. Fans acknowledging how awesome this match is, chanting "This is awesome" Cesaro goes for the giant swing again and Cena with a BEAUTIFUL DDT counter, 2 count ensues. Cena goes up to only to get uppercutted by Cesaro and sent to the outside. Cesaro waits for Cena to get to the top. Cesaro hits an INCREDIBLE corner suplex where he lifts Cena from the APRON while hes on the 2nd turnbuckle. Cena locks in the STF shortly after only to get countered out and put into the giant swing. 15 rotations later only gets Cesaro 2 and a half. Another "This is awesome" chant ensues. Cena goes for the AA, Cesaro flips out and big boots Cena. Cena gets up and clothesline Cesaro with authority. Cena rolls over Cesaro but picking up Cesaro while rolling over him, planting him with the AA and securing the W for himself.

Winner: John Cena (via Pinfall)

As we come back, Orton and Trip's are having a little talk about where Orton head has been. Orton goes off about how can anyone see Batista being the face of the WWE and Batista peers over his shoulder and says Orton is the ASS of the company. Del Rio comes into scene just as Batista goes to talk to Hunter and as Del Rio is mouthing off to Batista, Batista shoves Del Rio into some stage equipment. 

We're then treated the lovely Renee Young recapping over what's happened between Titus O'Neil and Darren Young. A match is announced between Titus/Young and  Titus comes in scene and snags the mic from Ms.Young, cutting a loud, explosive promo. "Witness the rise of Titus, O'Neil.

Out comes Los Matadores for the 6-man tag match when they team up with Sin Cara and face against The Wyatt's or it should be worded "Los Matadores and Sin Cara out to be fed to The Wyatts"


Los Matadores & Sin Cara vs. The Wyatt's

We come back to my personal favorite entrance; The Wyatts. Harper starts against one of the Matadores and as you guessed it, it's total dominance by one team. Rowan comes in and tosses around the one matadores. Bray comes in and displays his power and the frequent tags continue with Harper back in. Even the commentators have remained silent about the Matadores. Matadores starting to fight back (have to give them where credit is due) Sin Cara is tagged in and he speeds things up with some quick high impact arsenal. Rowan goes for a powerbomb on Cara but gets countered into a hurricarana. Rowan PLANTS Cara with the spinning clothesline. Bray is tagged in and hits a picture-perfect Sister Abigail on Sin Cara. 

Winner: The Wyatt's (Bray with the Pinfall)

Back live on RAW with The New Age Outlaws cutting their infamous intro. "WE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA..." The Uso's! Well that's not the two words but they are coming to the ring now, Jey set to take on Billy Gunn.

Billy Gunn vs. Jey Uso

Jey and Billy square off in ring now. It's incredible how great Billy Gunn looks in the ring, regardless of how long he's been away. "New Age Outlaws" chants start to break out, as their is entertaining conversations are conversed at the announcers table. Remarkable to think New Age Outlaws faced Uso's father Rhikishi and now his sons get to face them for the titles. Jey rolls up Billy after a famouser was attempted. Post match featured an attack on the New/Old age Outlaws and end with Jimmy and Jey celebrating in the ring.

Winner: Jey Uso (via Pinfall)

After in ring action, segment with Sheamus begins and he's asked what his thoughts are going into the EC this Sunday. He comments on how his angry side is his best side and how Orton will see that tonight. Sheamus and Randy Orton up next.


Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

We're back and start with Orton's entrance walk to the ring. His walk almost symbolizes who he's become over the years, or that's how I personally see it as. Sheamus marches to the ring, with a smile locked on his face that I'm sure will soon turn into a battle glare, similarly shown from a spartan solider from 300. Match begins with a lockup and Sheamus pushing Orton to the corner. Large CM Punk chant begins which begins to tell the sign of the fans interest in this particular match. More headlocks ensue and Sheamus is tossed into the ropes, only to bounce back and shoulder charge Orton right out of the ring. Sheamus points to the Wrestlemania sign, signalling he will be going to 'Mania (unlikely because of "whats best for business") Orton takes a break outside of the ring and as Sheamus chases Orton, Orton quickly turns and kicks Sheamus in the gut but that proves to be rather useless. Sheamus bashes Ortons face off the announcers table and rolls him in the ring. Orton darts out of the way of a potential Brogue Kick and dumps Sheamus to the ring apron. Orton slithers out of the ring and throws Sheamus into the ring post which takes us to commercial break.


Short commercial break brings us back to the action. Orton has Sheamus in a headlock but to no avail as Sheamus backdrops Orton. Orton is tossed to the outside and Sheamus is tossing Orton around the ring more than the touchdowns that were tossed by Denver Bronco's (Sorry Bronco fans, had to.) Orton is back in control after tossing Sheamus into the steel steps (I never knew why that was never a disqualification.) Sheamus counters a top-rope suplex and throws a diving shoulder to Orton. Orton rolls to the outside and as Sheamus comes out, Orton back drops Sheamus through the announcers table (SERIOUSLY, NO DISQUALIFICATION?!?) Sheamus BARELY makes it back into the ring by the 10 count and leaves Orton no choice but to do his signature limb stomp to Sheamus. Orton went for a jumping knee to a downed Sheamus but Sheamus engaged in comeback mode via WWE 2k14 but was stopped immediately by a quick powerslam by Orton. After the pin attempt, Orton goes for the apron DDT but ends up taking the clubbing to the chest by Sheamus. Sheamus props Orton on his shoulders but Orton counters into the reverse backbreaker DDT. Orton perched for the RKO and just as he's about to hit it, Sheamus counters into 3 backbreakers. Just as Sheamus is readying the Brogue Kick, the shield storm the ring, causing a DQ. That causes the snowball effect to bring Cena, Bryan, Cesaro, Christian to the ring and just when it seems to be over...WYATTS MUSIC HITS and Wyatts are in a 2 second standoff with the Shield and then engage in the battle as Raw goes off the air. 

Winner: Sheamus (via DQ)

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