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WWE Raw Results (2/3)

Posted By: Vinny Fucci on Feb 03, 2014

WWE Raw Results (2/3)


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We...are...LIVE! OMAHA!

Randy Orton opens tonight’s show to rundown his match at the Elimination Chamber.  The crowd launches into a thunderous CM Punk chant. It’s going to be a long night for these guys. Randy talks over the crowd and finally is able to have them focus on his promo. He talks about the other five men in the Chamber and asks how many times does he have to beat them because he has beaten them all. After the Chamber he will go onto Wrestlemania and defeat Batista. Randy Orton is the greatest attraction on RAW.

Enter The McMahon-Helmsley Faction and the crowd let’s them know who they want to see. Stephanie wants Randy Orton to calm down and says to relax. Stephanie thinks he is paranoid about his position. The champ should look around and be happy about what he has. Trips takes the mic, says Orton is saying a lot of things he never thought he’d hear Randy say but maybe Randy Orton isn’t in fact the guy to be “the face” of the WWE. Stephanie takes the mic, she can’t believe it either, but tonight, should his opponeant tonight comes out victorious, maybe this man needs some backing from the Authority. Tonight, Randy Orton goes one-on-one against Daniel Bryan. YES chants all around.

The Shield Vs. Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, & Intercontinental Champion Big E. Langston

Big E and Ambrose start. Big E takes early control and makes a quick tag to Kofi. Kofi in the ring, works on Ambrose and Dean is able to tag in Rollins. Both Kofi and Seth deliver a nice Monkey Flip spot, Kofi splashes Rollins in the corner and follows up with a cover and 2 count. Rollins is able to get on the offensive and tags in Reigns. They corner off Kofi, Reigns beats him down a bit, quick tag back into Rollins. Seth Rollins stops Kofi from coming back, drops him to the mat with an elbow, and Ambrose tagged in. Ambrose with a Muta Elbow Drop and Seth Rollins back in. Seth takes it to Kofi, drops him with a Body Slam but misses with a Knee Drop! Kofi is able to use some energy and tag in Rey Mysterio! Rey comes in hot. He goes on the attack on Rollins. Fired up! Seth Rollins manages a blind tag to Roman Reigns, Mysterio gets caught by Rollins who hoists him in the air and Roman Reigns leaps in the air for a modified Hart Attack! Cover is broken up by Kofi. 


We come back from commercial break with Reigns dragging Mysterio by a boot and into a headlock. The WWE APP is pushed to see exclusive footage while we were away. Reigns drops Mysterio with a Clothesline and tags in Ambrose. Ambrose works on Mysterio now, slows him down with a modified Regal Stretch but Rey starts to counter! Rey gets up, bounces off the ropes but is caught by Ambrose! Dean hangs Rey in the Tree Of Woe! Rey untangles himself, crawls to his corner and hot tag to Big E! Big E lays waste to Ambrose and Rollins. Reigns and Big E have a standoff. Reigns drops E with a Superman Punch! He starts to size up Big for the SPEAR but Dean Ambrose tags himself in. Headlock Driver and Dean Ambrose gets the win!

Winners: The Shield

The Wyatt Family cut a promo from the Tron post-match.


Barrett comes out and talks about junk food. Jerry Lawler pipes in, he hopes that Barrett isn't around next week... Ok?

WWE Network plug

Christian Vs. Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger starts the match with grounding Christian in a Gator Roll. Both guys slug it out, Swagger retreats to the outside. Christian teases a Flying Cross Body Block and Swagger tries to sweep him off the apron but Christian keeps jumping his grabs. Cool spot. Swagger eventually gets him though, throws him into the ring steps, back in the ring, and covers him for 2. Jack Swagger keeps on the offensive and grounds Christian in a Butterfly Lock until Captain Charisma gets out of it. Short comeback, Swagger scoops Christian up in an Oklahoma Slam and drives him into the turnbuckle. Cover, 2 count. The crowd gets behind Christian. Jack Swagger taunts, goes to the second turnbuckle, and tries for a move which is countered by Christian. He fires up, strikes Swagger down, and climbs the second turnbuckle to deliver a Missle Dropkick. Swagger catches Christian with a strike, picks him up, but Christian counters with a Reverse DDT for a 2 count! Christian comes back with offense now! Rope Down Slap! Christian back in the ring and back on the second rope. High Cross Body but is caught! Swagger reverses into a Patriot Lock but Christian fights out! Swagger shoves CC into the corner, he drops and Swagger tries a Swagger Bomb but Christian gets his feet up! Swagger tries to charge but Christian with a gut kick! Swagger drops to a knee, Christian does a springboard into Sunset Flip and gets the win!

Winner: Christian

 Steel Cage Match: WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP- New Age Outlaws (c) Vs. Rhodes Bros.

- Betty White announced for RAW Next Week, remember that gimmick?. Nice old school opening for the WWE Tag Titles. The cage door looks massive. Looks like its gonna be Tag Team Cage, with 2 guys in and 2 guys out. Pinfall only ofc, I suppose thats because Billy & Road Dogg & Goldust can't climb well.

Goldust picks it up with Road Dogg, with some slight comedy spots wondering why he's in here before Billy tags in, who takes off his top and reveals his 50+ year old body. Cody makes the tag, with a quick double team, arm wringer. Billy gets the reversal, but Cody reverses the irish whip into a 2 count.

Billy headlocks Cody, Cody gets the quick roll up, for another 2 count. Slow match, Cody tries to get the crowd pumped up. Billy targets the arm more, as does Road Dogg on the tag... and then the CM Punk chants start up, Cole quickly goes into the format about whats happening tonight.

NAO continue to work the arm of Cody, Cody gets the reversal eventually with the clothesline, who then goes for RD's arm. Decent psychology going on. Goldust gets the tag, with more of the same, working the arm of RD. Interestingly no one has really used the cage yet.


Back from break, Road Dogg throws Goldust into the cage. Chin lock to wear down Dust. Dogg tags in Gunn. Why is a tag team match in a cage match have tag team rules? Goldust hits a Springboard Back Elbow to take Gunn down. Billy goes back on the offensive but Goldust is able to make the hot tag to Cody! Cody in the ring and on fire! Bob Holly Rope Hang Kick takes down Gunn but Road Dogg tosses Dust between the ropes and cage! Billy is back up but back down by a Disaster Kick! Cody scales the cage now! What is he doing?! Road Dogg tries to chase after him and Cody kicks him down. Cody all the way up. He levels himself ontop of the cage, Road Dogg stands up and MOONSAULT OFF THE CAGE!! Looks like Cody might've landed on his hand, as he struggles to get to his feet, Billy Gunn is in with the Fame-Asser, pin, and retaining the titles for the NAO!

Winners: Still Tag Team Champions, the New Age Outlaws

Zack Ryder Vs. Titus O'Neil

Titus is here with a pretty kick ass theme but no gear/character change in light of his heel turn. Ryder starts with fists to open the bout but Titus picks him up and throws Ryder over the top. The Miz saunters down to the ring on the opposite side, grabs a head set, complains about not being on Raw, and storms off. In the ring, Titus is wearing down Ryder with a Bear Hug. Zack fights out but is dropped with a Shoulder Block. Ryder stumbles into the corner, Titus charges and gets dropped with Double Knees from Ryder which get him a 2 count. Titus catches Ryder from a Cross Body Block and turns that into 2 Back Breakers and tosses the former Internet Champion. Dog Bark and then Splash from Titus! He tosses Ryder into the ropes and goes for a big ride as Titus finishes the match with Clash Of Titus (I think is the Finisher name?)

Winner: Titus O'Neil

Summer Rae is here! With Fandango of course.

-Black History Month Spot featuring Ernie "Big Catt" Ladd

Dance-Off: Fandango Vs. SANTINO MARELLA! (Sorry lol)

Fandingo! Summer DAY! Santino is a good comedic act. He asks if the WWE Universe would like to see a dance off with DAY and... EMMA from NXT. Rae does a short shake and Emma does a few foot stomps and some left arm-right arm pump. The EMMAlaution is here! Santino declares her the winner. Fandango and Rae walk off.

-WWE Network/House Of Legends plug

Sheamus Vs. Curtis Axel w/Ryback

Ryback continues to type when he comes to the ring. Ha!The Goldberg chants are just as loud as the Punk chants. Axel dodges Sheamus and taunts him. They lock up, Axel back peddles into the corner, ref breaks it up. Axel comes out from the corner but gets thrown down with a Headlock Takeover. Both guys go back to grappling, Shoulder Attack by Axel. Sheamus reverses and Should Attack to Axel. Axel effected more, he stumbles out of the corner and Sheamus comes firing off the ropes with a High Knee Lift. Curtis to the ropes, slips between them and gives Sheamus the opening for his 10-Count Chest Clubs! Curtis falls out of the ring, Sheamus follows, smashes his head on the announce table and back in the ring. Sheamus whips CA off the ropes but Axel knees the Celtic Warrior in the shoulder and starts to work on the repaired shoulder. Axel focuses on the shoulder but Sheamus tries to tough it out. Axel with a big Dropkick! He says, "That's why I'm Better Than Perfect!" Aye. 1 count from the dropkick. Axel continues to work on the shoulder and the crowd continues the CM Punk chants. Curtis has Sheamus grounded with an armbar but Sheamus is getting angry and starts to fight out. Axel tries to comeback but Sheamus lands Axel to the mat with a Rolling Firemans Carry! Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick, connects, and gets the win!

Winner: Sheamus

-Dave is on his way to the ring. 

Batista is coming to the ring in denim blue. Head to toe. I have to admit that he does have good fashion. Before the crowd can get into it and Batista can talk, here comes Alberto Del Rio. The crowd finds a way to chant CM Punk anyway. ADR wants to talk about the unfinished business. Batista tells him that he has nothing against ADR and his return has nothing to do with it. ADR cuts down Batista about sitting at home for the last four years, collecting titles, and being the best. Batista tries to tell him again but Alberto strikes Dave! He beats him down, kicks him, and goes off the rope but Batista kicks him, setting up for the Batista Bomb but Del Rio scurries off as Dave is irate. 

Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, & Xavier Woods Vs. The Wyatt Family

 Rowan going after Xavier Woods. Rowan picks up Woods but Woods fights out and quickly tags in Truth. Xavier and Truth double team Rowan, tries a cover but quick kick out. Truth gets roughed into the Wyatt corner, Harper comes in. He slams down Truth, tags in Bray. Bray goes to work on Truth with Grounded Punches. Truth is in the corner. Bray taunts Dolph and then charges the corner. Are my ears decieiving me, the crowd chants, "We Want Cena!"

Harper tagged in and he applies the Gator Roll to Truth. Harper does some sort of animal call but pays for it as Truth knocks him down with a Flying Forearm Smash. Truth gets to his corner and tags in Ziggler! Dolph on fire! Dropkick to Harper! 10 Punch Corner spot! Harper stumbles to the middle of the ring, Dolph charges but is picked up though he reverses into a DDT! Rowan comes into to break a Zig-Zag attempt! Woods in the ring. Dolph dropkicks Bray! Mayhem in the ring! However, Dolph runs into a recovering Bray and meets Sister Abigail for the loss.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

-Post match Shield promo on the Tron. Short, but effective. Believe in The Shield.

-Alexander Rusev Promo. His theme music reminds me of a Boss Battle in an RPG!

The Funkadactyls Vs. Aksana & Alicia Fox

AJ & Tamina come down to the ring before the match. Naomi and Aksana start. Naomi takes control and gives Aksana a cool looking Leg Scissored Ab Roll! Aksana takes control after knocking Naomi down with a club to the back and a Snap Suplex! Aksana continues to try and wear down Naomi with holds while the guys at the table taunt AJ about losing to Naomi the last couple of weeks. Naomi baseball slides underneath Aksana and drops her with 2 Dropkicks! Both girls fall into a weird pinning spot. Aksana is upset, loses focus, and Naomi drops Aksana to the mat and beats Aksana with a Split-Legged Moonsault!

Winner: Naomi

AJ stares down Naomi from ringside. Naomi points, nodding her head.

Daniel Bryan Vs. Randy Orton

Crowd is hot for Bryan. Orton slides outside of the ring, tells the crowd to hush. Both competitors grapple in the ring, Orton gets the early start but Bryan counters an Orton headlock into an armbreaker. Randy grabs Daniel's beard to break the hold. Orton drops DB to the mat, taunts, and runs off the ropes but Bryan is quickly up giving him the Kitchen Sink! The crowd goes into another CM Punk chant and bleed into a Daniel Bryan chant. Bryan starts to go on the offensive. He begins to work on Orton's left leg, drags him to the ring post, splits him! Bryan drapes Orton's leg over another and Running Dropkick to the Knee Wrapped Around the Ring Post! Bryan stays on top of Orton who is crawling to the middle of the ring, locks in a Knee Lock. Bryan chants are loud then back to CM Punk Chants. Oh man. Bryan drops Orton with a Forearm Smash, cover, and only a 2 count. Bryan locks on another submission and Orton BITES Bryan's leg to get out. Orton back on his feet, European uppercut takes Daniel down. Randy tries to capitalize but DB revereres into a Backslide for a 2! Bryan goes back on the offense and right back on the legs of Orton. Randy Orton tries to retreat but Bryan is right behind him. He continues to work on the leg and just stays all over him! Randy Orton has walked into a buzzsaw named Daniel Bryan. Daniel sets Orton on the top rope and Hurricana by Bryan! He gets a 2 count so Bryan sets up Randy Orton for the Surfboard! He can't apply it so he jumps on his knees! Bryan is relentless right now. Kicks to the back of a downed Orton, he gets the Viper in the middle of the ring and now applies a Half-Leg Boston Crab! Orton digs down deep and crawls to the ropes. Orton crawls outside of the ring, Bryan follows.

The tide turns when Orton is able to kick Bryan and drops him across the barricade with a back drop! Orton rolls Bryan back in the ring and tries a cover but DB kicks out. Orton limps around but is now handing out the punishment. Corner Headbutts and punches by Orton to Daniel in the corner but Daniel turns it around with kicks in the corner! Daniel Bryan begins his WWE2K14 Comeback but Orton breaks the flying forearm with a Powerslam! Both men are down!


Bryan is kicking Orton as we come back! Orton reverses the wind-up kick, catches the leg, and delivers a huge Exploding Suplex to Bryan who is now favoring his shoulder! Outside the ring Bryan goes and Orton follows. He stays on the shoulder, throwing DB into the ring post. Orton rolls Daniel back in the ring, goes for a cover but only gets two. Armbar on Daniel Bryan in the middle of the ring. Orton pulls down on the finger's of DB to make him scream out in pain and then stomps on the hand. Orton just goes right to work on the arm but Daniel Bryan stays in it. As the crowd cheers on Daniel Bryan, Orton breaks up the cheers into boos by taunting. Randy hoists Bryan onto the top turnbuckle, slugs him in the head, and looks for the Superplex but Bryan fights out and knocks Orton down! Daniel stands up, waits for Orton, and Front Missle Dropkick from DB! Both guys are down! Orton first back to his feet and they trade a punch and kick. Bryan kicks the bad leg of Orton gaining the advantage but Orton strikes Bryan's bad shoulder and DB drops. Orton shakes off the cobwebs, Orton goes back to Orton but gets bought down in the YES LOCK! Not for long though as Randy reaches the ropes! Daniel kicks away at Orton who stumbles into the corner and Daniel Bryan does two charging Dropkicks to Orton in the corner! Daniel Bryan gets ready for a third but Orton with a HUGE dropkick to stop it! Orton back to his feet, throws Daniel between the ropes, and DDT! Randy takes his time getting a breather, taunts the crowd, and signals for the RKO, Daniel Bryan counters with a kick, climbs to the top and Diving Headbutt for a 2 count!! Orton gets repeated kicks to the chest and he is ready for the YES LOCK! 

By GAWD, it's gotta be Kane! Here comes Kane to interupt the match. Randy tries to charge but gets dumped over the top rope. Bryan suicide dives outside the ring onto both men! Randy gets in the ring as Kane tries to charge Bryan but misses and goes diving headfirst into the ring steps! Bryan back in the ring, Randy sizes him up for an RKO, but DB pushes him off, rushes out of the corner and hits Orton with the Running Knee! Bryan with the cover and win!!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Randy Orton and Kane beatdown Daniel Bryan to end Raw.

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