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WWE Raw Results (1/13)

Posted By: Vinny Fucci on Jan 13, 2014

WWE Raw Results (1/13)

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      Have you heard the good news?

Raw opens right into a Wyatt video package, Bray talking about Daniel Bryan having a home.

The Usos are in the ring already as were going to kick tonight off with the tag team match of…

The Usos Vs. Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan

Bryan starts in the ring with Jey who takes control early. Bryan turns the tide with a reversal, kicks him into the corner, and in comes Bray. Beat down in the corner on Jey and Bray now tags in Bryan. Daniel with an aggressive attack on Jey that includes hanging him from the ropes and gouging him in the eyes. Daniel drops Jey onto the ring apron, climbs outside, and a diving knee strike on Jey! Bryan tags in Bray and the beating continues. Working like a strong team, Bray tags Bryan back in. Jey looks to have no chance as he is downed with Bryan’s chest/head kick combo. Chin lock by Daniel and the crowd continues to chant “Daniel Bryan”. Jey gets momentum back with an enziguri reversal, hot tag to Jimmy Uso and he comes out like a bat out of hell. Bray tries to come in but sends Bray outside the ring! Daniel Bryan now out the ring! The Usos fly onto both Wyatt and Bryan! Tossing them back in, the Usos look to get the upper hand but Luke Harper and Erik Rowan interfere for the DQ!

Winners: The Usos via DQ

The Usos fight off the Wyatt Family and escape.

Daniel Bryan is on the mat and now Bray circles him, tells him to get to his feet. Bray embraces Bryan and DB drops to his knees. Bray gives Daniel his “Sister Abigail” finisher and tells him it’s for teaching, he’ll learn. Harper & Rowan carry Bryan up the ramp.

Damien Sandow in the ring. We are warned that the WWE Network will be talked about later tonight.

Recap of Sandow’s fall from grace that began with him losing to John Cena when he cashed in his Money In The Bank.

And, he is here. Stronger than ever. John Cena.

Damien Sandow Vs. John Cena

Both competitors lock up. Headlock followed by headlock. Sandow throws Cena off the ropes but comes back into a Cena hip-toss. Sandow gets momentum back, charging Cena into the corner, stomps him. They stumble to the middle of the ring and…


Damien Sandow is in control, working on Cena’s arm. John reverses and begins the 5 Moves of Doom! John Cena readies for the FU..err AA…but reversal by Sandow! Damien tries for the Cross-Arm Neckbreaker, Cena rolls out and drops him with a toe-hold! Damien back in control. Cena to the floor and Damien debuts an inverted Sharpshooter called the “Royal Arch”! John fights out and debuts a full-nelson into neckbreaker for a two! John climbs the turnbuckle but Sandow meets him. They fight, Cena locks Damiens head and Tornado DDT! 2 count! These two begin to trade reversals which result in Damien Sandow showing some resilience! John drops Sandow to the mat and STFU! Damien reaches the ropes! Back in the middle of the ring, Sandow gets John Cena down in a Crossface!! However, it is Super Cena that finds his might and lifts up Sandow while still locked in the hold! AA ends this one!

Winner: John Cena

The guys at ringside discuss the WWE Network. Show some tweets, King is excited, and now a video package surrounding the Network.

-Kane is backstage. Mask in a box. Brad Maddox comes in and starts chiming in about the show so far. Maddox and Kane trade verbal insults and  Maddoxsuggests a re-match between the Wyatts and Usos but Kane says he raises that match with the door locked and Kane holds the key.

Big Show is introduced and up next!

Big Show Vs. Jack Swagger

The Real Americans are in the ring. Video package recapping Brock/Show from last week. Show over-powers Swagger to begin the match. Both guys slug it out. Swagger tries to fight but Show is looking strong. Spear by Show, signals for Chokeslam. He slams him and that is that.

Winner: Big Show

Ceasro tries to come in after Show but second thinks it. Show turns his attention to Zeb. Cesaro tries to come in again but Show thrusts him over the top by his throat. Big Show grabs hold of Zeb again! JBL is pleading for Show not to do it anything to him! He’s a grandfather! JBL from commentary, of course. Big Show winds up, has some fun with Zeb pleading and knocks him out. Antonio Cesaro sits outside the ring with eyes wide.

-CM Punk & The New Age Outlaws take on The Shield next!

Oh, you didn’t know? You…r ASS BETTER CALL SOMEBODYYY!!!

Outlaws are out. Road Dogg with his pre-match stick. Billy says if you’re not down with that…

FLASH FUNK…was name dropped.

Out comes CM Punk.

The Shield are next.

CM Punk & New Age Outlaws Vs. The Shield 

Gunn and Ambrose start. Ambrose on the offensive with strikes. Billy tried to fight back but is pushed to the corner of the Shield. Rollins in now. He beats on Gunn, Billy stirkes back, but Rollins gets a shot in and bounces off the ropes though Billy Gunn takes down Rollins with a gutwrench. Road Dogg tagged in as Rollins makes his way back to his corner and Dean Ambrose comes back in. Now, Road Dogg takes control of Dean, drops him with a shot, and Shake-Rattle-Roll Knee Drop from the Road Dogg! The D-O-Double G slows the match with a rest hold. Crowd chants Punk and they get him! Dean Ambrose wants Punk. Rollins and Reigns tries to tell him otherwise but Ambrose charges and is met with strikes and takedowns. Dean back in his corner and in comes Reigns! Roman and Punk go face-to-face, Punk starts that up with a forearm to the face! Punk is hot but Reigns stops him with a palm thrust to the chest. Punk comes back, Reigns rolls out of the ring, CM Punk seizes the opportunity and suicide dive!


Rollins/Punk in the ring. Rollins drops Punk on the second rope. With Punks head hanging off the rope, Roman Reigns delivers a devastating double-drop kick from the floor! You can hear the THUD of Boots 2 Face ;-) Ambrose is now the legal man, takes control of Punk who looks legitimately hurt but is going on anywho. Rollins tagged in and gets on the offense. He tries to pin Punk but only gets 2. Dean Ambrose tagged back in. Dean tries to cover him again but nothing. He starts to stomp the abdomen of Punk while taunting him about his eye. Punk tries to crawl to his corner but Ambrose stops him with a headbutt. Dean throws Punk to the outside and Rollins tells Ambrose not to do anything stupid. Irish whip into the stairs is reversed by Punk and Ambrose is down! Punk rolls in but Reigns picks up Dean, throws him in the ring and gets tagged in. Punk gets Roman down, crawls to his corner, and reaches for a tag.


Punk tries his best to fight on but is not able to fend off The Shield and is beat by Roman Reign’s Spear.

Winners: The Shield

The Shield triple power-bomb Punk and exit.

-Cut into a Bray promo about tonight’s cage match. Tonight, him and Bryan will find absolution and redemption inside the steel.

AJ & Tamina Vs. The Funkadactyls

And we return with the Funkadactyls dancing in the ring. And now out comes the Divas champion AJ Lee and her partner Tamina for the womans tag team match.

The match starts with Tamina and Cameron. Tamina throws Cameron to the ground immediately and misses a leg drop. Cameron with a hurricanrana. Tamina take over the match with a few power moves and a bear hug from behind followed by a body slam. And AJ Lee is tagged in. She gives Cameron a neck breaker and prances around the ring. Cameron never got to tag out as AJ finishes her with the Shining Wizard.

 Winners: AJ & Tamina

AJ and Tamina beat on Cameron but Naomi saves her partner.

-Randy Orton searches for Stephanie.

-The first inductee for the 2014 Hall Of Fame will be announced next!

-Randy Orton demands that he needs better protection with Lesnar wanting a shot at him and Batista returning. Kane says he understands but focus on Kofi tonight. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Anyone get that?

-The first inductee in the 2014 WWE Hall Of Fame....the ULTIMATE WARRIOR!!!! YESx3!!

-Paul Heyman backstage with Renee. Recap of Show/Lesnar from Old School Raw. Paul’s clinet, BROCK LESNAR, lives by eat, sleep, conquer, repeat but Paul goes on to talk about the removal of a gland in the brain that makes him stupid and Show has no chance against Brock Lesnar as his client works his way to the WWE Championship.

Randy Orton is introduced to the ring. Him and Kofi are up!

Randy Orton Vs. Kofi Kingston

Orton waits for Kingston and we are subject to 2010, was it? Kofi puts up his dukes but Orton kicks him in the belly and goes to work on Kofi. They end up outside the ring, Orton works on him out there, and throws him into the barricade. Lack of a cover gets Orton 2, he continues to put the boots to Kofi and it’s almost looking hopeless like this feud was in 2010. Sorry. Kofi makes a very small comeback but Orton back on the offense, drops Kofi with a clothesline, cover for 2. Randy Orton in complete control, he picks up Kofi and drapes him across the top rope that has Kofi roll onto the outside again. The Viper goes to the outside to do more damage but Kofi rattles the head of the champion on the announce table before rolling him back in the ring. Randy shakes it off and gets the better of Kofi, he perches him on the top rope and delivers a Superplex! Frustrated, Orton covers but kick out by Kofi! Randy stays on his opponent, Orton Stomp, Knee Drop! Cover and 2 count again. Randy taunts. Calling spots, Kofi blocks an Orton strike and clotheslines Orton outside of the ring! Kofi with a fake-out suicide dive! Kofi tries a baseball slide but misses. Orton tries to take advantage but Kofi Bonanza has Orton dazed. Kingston returns to the ring and Raw…


Randy Orton destroys Kofi with a back body drop on the guard rail when we come back. Orton is in control, they fight around the ring, go back in. Randy with the cover but can only manage 2. Randy Rest Hold. Kofi fights out and back body drop puts both on the mat. The ref begins the count but Orton is quick to recover. Kofi fires up, strikes on Orton, impluses a Trouble in Paradise but miss! Kofi tries to charge Orton who is leaning on the ropes but ends up on the outside after a back body drop. Randy Orton beats up Kofi, calls more spots, and rolls Kofi in. RANDY STOP CALLING SPOTS!! Rest hold after another failed pin attempt. Kofi fights out, gasses up a little more and attempts his comeback but Orton dodges the dropkick after the chest chops. Randy walks around Kofi, picks him up, and drops him with an European Uppercut. Tries for another one, Kofi reverses into a backslide! 2 Count! Randy puts on ANOTHER rest hold. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. The crowd lets him know how exciting this match is. Kofi looks like he’s starting to fade but manages to roll out of a knee drop. Kofi trying to rally back. Dropkick, dropkick, he circles and goes for the BOOM Drop! Orton rolls out of the way, Kofi is hurt and Randy gets him on the second rope for the DDT. Kofi wiggles free and SOS!! 3 count!! Kofi wins?!?

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Randy Orton throws a temper tantrum outside the ring. He argues with the announcers and oh, I forgot to write….Orton attacks John Cena’s dad who is in attendance! Cena comes out for the save but Orton escapes. John checks on Papa Cena, Orton stands at top of the ramp. John Cena’s Dad always does the job to his son’s rivals.

-Cena goes off into an ambulance with his dad.

Cody Rhodes & Goldust Vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel

Ryback is typing in his entrance! LMAO Goldust and Axel start the match. Taunt by Goldust but the young Henning gets the better of Dust. An uppercut from Goldust to Axel sends Curtis crawling to his corner and tagging in RyBerg…back. The commentators  mention the Twitter rant. Gold. Well, Goldust now tags in Cody who does a Moonsault. Cody works on Ryback and Goldust back in. Ryback gets Curtis back in and the two trade punches back and forth until Curtis keeps Dust in his corner and tags in Ryback. Double team by Axel & Ryback drop Goldust but for only a two count. Rest hold, crowd gets behind Goldust who fights out but gets picked up in a Gorilla Press Slam-into-powerslam! Very Gold…back. That gets a 2 count, Goldust fights back, and gets on offense. Dust manages to tag in Cody and now Cody and Axel are both the legal men. Cody takes offense, kicking Axel in the stomach ala Bob Holly, then a spring board drop kick! Ryback tries to interfere but Ryback eats a Diaster Kick. Goldust comes in to clear out Ryback, Axel tries for his Hangman’s Neckbreaker but Cody revereses that into a Cross Rhodes. Dusty got a bicycle for this one.

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Next week... The Animal Returns!! 

Rey Mysterio Vs. Alberto Del Rio

ADR immediately slugs away on Mysterio, drops him down with a body slam.  It doesn’t take long for Mysterio to gain back the advantage and drops him on the second rope but ADR rolls out of the ring.

Del Rio and Mysterio trade counters which gave both men close counts. Mysterio reversed an Alabama Slam into head scissors and hung ADR off the rope. He went for the 619 but ADR recovered quick dropping him on the turnbuckle, stepping Enziguri dropped Mysterio and ADR slapped on the Arm Breaker. Rey squeals. Match over.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

ADR continues to talk trash to Batista and can’t wait for him to show up next week claiming what happened to Rey will happen to him.

-WWE Network plug video package

Punk backstage looking for The Authority. Kane tells him they’re not here. Punk is tired of fighting his goons, The Shield, and now the Outlaws turn on him. Does Triple H have it out for him? Kane tells Punk he can assure him that he or The Authority doesn’t know what he’s talking about but Punk has a chance to main event Wrestlemania because he’s in the Rumble. Punk says Fine but now he has a problem with Kane.

Steel Cage Match: Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan Vs. The Usos

Kane comes to the ring to lock the teams inside the cage. Can I just say I really hate that you can win a cage match with Pinfall or Submission also. Usos, Bryan, and Bray all brawl with the Usos starting hot. Bray comes back by back body dropping Jey into the cage. Bryan works on Jimmy Uso on the opposite of the ring. Bray stomps away and throws Jey into the cage with a Slingshot! Jimmy and Daniel trade fists. Jimmy launches himself off the rope and leaps into the cage after Bryan attempts a flapjack. Bryan and Jimmy both climb on top of the cage. Jimmy gets the upper hand but Bray is here for the save and before Jimmy can climb over, Bray drags him back in by his hair. Jey climbs up the ropes to a dazed Daniel Bryan and gives him a Russian Legsweep off the ropes! All men are laid out.


The Wyatt Family is in control as we come back! The Usos manage to fight back. Jimmy Uso and Bray fight in one corner, Jimmy slamming Bray’s head in the cage as they right on the second rope. Bray flies back, Jimmy climbs the top rope and reverse Cross Body Block onto Bray Wyatt! He’s out of gas for the moment as Daniel works on Jey Uso. Kicking him repeatedly in the corner, Bryan hangs Jey upside down, Bryan rushes to the opposite side of the ring and with full momentum, dropkicks the face of Jey Uso! Bryan tries to climb up and out but Jimmy stops him! Jey untangles, comes too, and both Usos climb with Bryan and give him a double Russian Leg Sweep back into the ring! Bray breaks up a count. Both teams fight and then climb the cage. Usos look to be almost over but Bryan and Bray are pulling them in. Jey kicks Daniel Bryan, he slips, and crashes into Bray, breaking the struggle and gives the Usos the advantage to climb over the cage. Jey jumps on Erik Rowan from the cage, Jimmy is able to get down and the Usos win!

Winners: The Usos

Bray laughs. Bryan looks upset. Daniel sets himself on the floor as if to receive another Sister Abigail. Bray takes Bryan, kisses him on the forehead but before he can execute the move, Bryan escapes the move! Bray then turns around and tells Bryan to do something and the crowd begins to eat this up. Bray goes to charge Bryan but Bryan dodges him and now he attacks Bray Wyatt! The crowd loses it and Bray starts unloading with kicks! Harper and Rowan try to enter the ring but Daniel uses Bray as a battering ram to knock the Family off the cage! Corner dropkick by Bryan. Chest kicks by Byran followed by a head kick! Bray Wyatt is out! Daniel Bryan takes off his mechanics overalls and throws it at Bray! He climbs the cage, sits on it, and Daniel Bryan closes out with theme and Yes chants!

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