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Last Night's Full House of Hardcore 3 Results (11/09/13)

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Nov 10, 2013

Last Night's Full House of Hardcore 3 Results (11/09/13)

Credit: PWInsider.com

House of Hardcore #3 Results (11/9/13)
Poughkeepsie, NY

Sonjay Dutt def Ben Ortiz with a backflip into a double stomp

Matt Striker def Lance Anoa’i when Striker rolled him up and hooked the tights

Carlito & Rosita def Stevie Richards & Tara after Rosita nailed a moonsault on Stevie

Hardcore Rumble – Pinfall, Submission and Over the Top Elimination: Winner was Vik Dalishus

MVP def Luke Gallows (with Amber O’Neale) with the shining wizard

Devon & Matt Hardy (with Reby) def Homicide & Eddie Kingston (with Amber O’Neal) when Devon sets up a ladder and with Matt Hardy nailed a double Uranage through the table

Rhino def Kevin Steen via gore

Three way: Tony Nese def Alex Reynolds and Petey Williams with a 450 splash on Reynolds

Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk def X-Pac & Lance Storm after Terry Funk hit the airplane spin with the ladder on Waltman and Storm.

Post match Bully Ray came out, yes THAT Bully Ray and beat up both Funk and Dreamer. He invited Dreamer for a match on December 30th – One Night Only – TNA presents Old School to an Old School Street Fight with Falls Counting Anywhere. Devon came out and joined Bully Ray to hit Dreamer with the 3D. Enter Sandman blasted through the sound system. Sandman came out and hit the Dudley’s with his cane but got overwhelmed. The Dudley’s left the ring victorious declaring tonight House of Hardcore 3D (pun intended).

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