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WWE Raw Results (10/14/13) St. Louis, Missouri

Posted By: Elio C. on Oct 14, 2013

WWE Raw Results (10/14/13) St. Louis, Missouri

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. Raw this week comes to us live from St. Louis, Missouri and we kick things off with Justin Roberts introducing Shawn Michaels. Michaels comes out to the ring and takes the mic and thanks everyone who voted for him on the WWE App last week. He says it’s nice that people haven’t forgotten him. He knows everyone’s concerned about his personal feelings concerning the participants in Hell In A Cell. Michaels says many moons ago he trained Daniel Bryan and he’s always liked Bryan and always hated Randy Orton and Triple H is still his friend. This isn’t about him though. It’s about the two participants and he respects them both and respects Hell In A Cell. He says he’s been inside the cell, outside the cell and on top of the cell and he’s glad to be retired. He’s here because what happened at Battleground was a crock and at Hell In A Cell there will be a winner and one man will walk out as WWE Champion. Randy Orton comes out. Orton says he’s got a match next against Miz so he’s going to make this quick. Orton says Michaels has everyone convinced and fills Michaels in on a little secret saying he was born and raised in St. Louis and knows the people  better than anybody else and they’re not that bright. Orton says he can see right through Michaelds. It’s not that Michaels likes him, it’s that he can’t stand the fact that Orton is better than him. Michaels says Orton needs to worry about Daniel Bryan. Orton says he’s going to hurt Bryan and Michaels is going to have to stand there and watch, and count to three and raise Orton’s hand. Orton says Michaels knows all about screwjobs and if Michaels does anything to screw things up for Orton there’ll be no coming back from what Orton does to him. Michaels says Orton’s not going to intimidate him and if he tries something Michaels is going to knock Orton’s head off his shoulders. Michaels turns around and Orton goes to deliver an RKO but Michaels lays him out with Sweet Chin Music. Orton slides out of the ring and Miz runs down and attacks Orton as officials try to separate Miz and Orton


Randy Orton vs Miz

Miz unloads on Orton with knee strikes. Orton with a clothesline in the corner. Another clothesline by Orton. Orton with a third clothesline but is met by an elbow from Miz. Miz fights out of the corner and clotheslines Orton over the top ropes. Miz follows Orton to the outside and Orton levels Miz with a clothesline.  Miz thrown into the ring steps by Orton. Orton rolls Miz back into the ring and covers him for a near fall. Orton stomps on Miz and delivers a forearm across the chest. Orton with a chinlock on Miz. Miz gets to his feet and delivers elbows to Orton. Irish whip by Miz reversed by Orton and Miz sent over the ropes to the outside. Orton setting Miz up on the barricade for the DDT but Miz counters ramming Orton spine first into the ring post. Miz with a kneelift and a kick to the skull. Miz with the running clothesline in the corner. Miz off the top ropes with a double axehandle. Miz looking for the SCF but Orton counters. Kick by Miz to Orton’s leg. Miz looking for the figure four leglock and the lights go out and come back on as The Wyatt Family appears on the stage. Miz momentarily distracted gets nailed by an RKO from Orton for the three count

The winner of the match: Randy Orton

Post Match: Bray Wyatt says Miz is the epitome of everything he loathes in this world and asks how much it’s going to take to satisfy this obsession he has with fame and says here they are tangled for this moment in this spider’s web and tells him not to be afraid. He does not wish to see Miz suffer. He’s just going to put him down


Fandango vs Santino Marella

Fandango shoves Marella. Fandango dances and Marella mocks him. Marella intimidates Fandango with a Cobra. Fandango knocks Marella down and unloads on him. Irish whip into the corner and clothesline to the back of the neck. Fandango with a suplex. Fandango goes to the top rope but Marella gets to his feet and nails a right hand to the midsection. Marella with a series of punches. Hiptoss off the irish whip and Marella with the diving headbutt. Marella with the Cobra but Summer Rae jumps onto the apron and Marella stops as Fandango rolls him up from behind for the three count

The winner of the match: Fandango


Backstage: Paul Heyman is with Brad Maddox and pleading his case that CM Punk cheated at Battleground by delivering a low blow to Ryback. Maddox says Ryback has his rematch at HIAC and not sure what else Heyman could possibly want. Heyman says Punk is a cheater and he cheated on Maddox’ watch and suggests that Maddox allows Heyman to choose the stipulation and proposes a handicap match with CM Punk vs Ryback and Curtis Axel. Maddox says he hardly thinks that’s fair to Punk. Heyman calls Punk a cheating Weasel and Maddox says he never thought he’d see the day when a walrus called a Punk a weasel and says there’s going to be two ‘Beat The Clock’ matches. R-Truth vs Curtis Axel and Ryback vs CM Punk and if Punk can beat the clock and win then Heyman can choose any stipulation his heart desires. However, if CM Punk wins then Punk gets to choose the stipulation.

We see a video package on John Cena


Los Matadores vs Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater

McIntyre backs Diego into the corner. Diego reverses. Diego off the ropes with a hurricanrana. Fernando in and a double irish whip and a double back body drop to McIntyre. Heath Slater with kicks on Fernando. Fernando swings Slater around and sends him to the outside. Flying crossbody by Fernando to the outside. Slater turns things around stomping away at Fernando. Double suplex by McIntyre and Slater. Kick by McIntyre to the face. Armbar and chinlock combination on Fernando. Fernando with a jawbreaker. Fernando plants McIntyre. Diego unloads on McIntyre sending him to the outside. Diego sweeps Slater’s leg. Deigo on the second rope delivers a clothesline to Slater. Fernando and Diego deliver a double Samoan Drop for the three count

The winners of the match: Los Matadores


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out to the ring. Stephanie said last week on Raw she learned a very valuable lesson. Not to let her kindness be mistaken for weakness. She said her and Triple H bailed out Big Show more times than they can remember and they get repaid with disrespect and insubordination. Last week, after Show was fired he came down and knocked out Triple H. She tells the fans to cheer for him because he’s now fired and they’re going to sell his house. And says let this be a lesson to all WWE Superstars that insolence will not be tolerated. Michael Cole reported on WWE.com that Triple H had to have his mouth wired shout. He is a 13 time World Champion, the King Of Kings and The Game. All names he’s earned and he ruled the Attitude Era with an iron fist and with her full support Triple H is now WWE. Triple H says rumours of his demise were greatly exaggerated and he’s been COO for two years and surprisingly he did it for all the fans and while he’s had to put up with walk outs and insubordination even he has his breaking point. Last week, he was knocked out and the fans were all cheering yes. And if fans want him to the bad guy, he’ll be the bad guy and give them something they’ve never seen before. Anyone who defies their authority will fight to keep their job and anyone who utters the word yes had better start to pray. Daniel Bryan walks out to a loud chant of ‘YES’. Alberto Del Rio attacks Bryan from behind.  Stephanie then says Daniel Bryan’s opponent tonight will be Alberto Del Rio and mockingly chants ‘YES’ as the crowd begins chanting ‘NO’


Beat The Clock – Ryback vs R-Truth

Truth running in and out of the ring, frustrating Ryback. Ryback and Truth back in and Truth hits a dropkick. Truth once more sprints around but Heyman stops him as Ryback attacks him from behind.. Ryback throws Truth back into the ring. Irish whip in the corner. Ryback with a series of shoulder tackles and a slam by Ryback. Ryback with a splash to Truth. Truth trying to fight back but Ryback still in control. Ryback ramming Truth spine first in the corner. Forearms by Ryback and a roll up. Ryback looking for a slam but Truth counters and lands a kick. Another powerslam attempt and Truth counters with a dropkick. A kick to the knees and a DDT. Truth with a missile dropkick from the top rope. Truth misses with a kick and Ryback hits the Shell Shock for the three count

The winner of the match: Ryback - Time To Beat: 5:44


Backstage: Stephanie congratulates Brie Bella on her engagement. She says last week when Triple H was knocked out Daniel Bryan was chanting YES and wonders what he’ll be chanting when Brie faces Tamina Snuka. Nikki, however is to stay backstage but AJ will have a birds eye view.


Tons Of Funk vs The Real Americans

Cole thanked the audience for spending part of their Columbus Day with WWE tonight. This prompted a big debate about Christopher Columbus, including the announcers discussing the cities in Texas where they got lost driving with no holiday named after them. Cole swung the conversation around to Zeb, who has vowed to own St. Louis and re-open the government. Lawler said perhaps Detroit, but not St. Louis. As for the match, The Americans controlled Tensai before Cole switched to a discussion of the Big Show petition. Cole said the petition has been pulled and no longer exists, then JBL continued to heel on petition-starter Xavier Woods before Cole reminded JBL that he is the GM of NXT. In the ring, Cesaro offered a feat of strength slamming Tensai before Swagger missed a corner attack. Tensai then made it to the Funky corner to bring in Clay, who ran over folks using his girth. Clay followed with a t-bone suplex to Cesaro for a two count when Swagger broke up the pin. Swagger then ran into a knock-down smash from Clay, who then chucked Swagger out of the ring. Cesaro followed with a leaping uppercut to Clay before powerlifting Clay into the air for the Neutralizer. It was good for the pin and the win.

The winners of the match: The Real Americans

Post Match: Cesaro grappled Clay to set up for the Giant Swing, but Tensai broke it up. Tensai took a beating for good measure, so Cesaro decided to switch gears. The vocal males popped, then Cesaro lifted Tensai in the air to deliver the Giant Swing as Zeb counted revolutions from the ring apron. Cesaro executed about four revolutions on Tensai before celebrating his feat. The Real Americans stood tall in the ring as some vocal males joined in with the "We The People" chant.


Brie Bella vs Tamina Snuka

Brie unloading on Tamina. Irish whip into the corner and a kick sending Tamina to the floor. Thesz Press onto Tamina. Tamina with a clothesline to the back of the neck. Brie thrown back into the ring and a kick to Brie. Tamina with a choke.  Drop toehold into a half crab by Brie but Tamina reaches the bottom rope. Tamina whips Brie with the belt and Brie being choked out on the ropes. Cover by Tamina. Chinlock on Brie. Brie with elbows trying to fight out of it. Suplex by Tamina. Clothesline by Tamina back to the chinlock.  Side headlock by Tamina and a kneestrike to Brie. Missile dropkick by Brie and a clothesline to Tamina. Dropkick by Brie. Brie with a running knee strike to the face. Brie on the top rope looking for the facebuster but Tamina blocks it and delivers a big boot to the face for the three count

The winner of the match: Tamina Snuka

Post Match: Tamina picks Brie up and delivers a Samoan Drop. Brie is picked up again and Tamina hits a shoulderbreaker. Tamina from the top rope hits the Superfly Splash. AJ in the ring now locks the Black Widow in on Brie


Backstage: Daniel Bryan storms into Brad Maddox’ office and tells Stephanie to make his life a living hell is one thing but demands to know what the meaning of going after Brie is all about. Stephanie tells Bryan to calm down he’s letting his emotions get the better of him. Bryan asks Stephaniei what she’s knows about emotion and goes to say something but Maddox cuts him off and says he does not talk to Stephanie like that. Bryan tells Maddox he does not get involved in Bryan’s business and walks out


Curtis Axel vs CM Punk

Punk goes for an early cover, Punk unloads on Axel and it’s Axel who turns it around. Snapmare on Punk, overhead neck snap to Punk. Slam by Axel. Another slam by Axel and an elbowdrop on Punk. Irish whip by Axel and Axel runs into a boot. Crossbody by Punk, Axel with a clothesline. Axel with a backbreaker. Axel on the second rope misses with an elbow drop. Punk with kneestrikes to Axel. Irish whip in the corner and the high running knee. Punk going to the top rope, delivers the flying elbow. Punk picks Axel up looking for the GTS. Axel counters and connects with the swinging neckbreaker. Irishw hip by Punk, Axel slides under Punk’s legs and delivers a clubbing blow to the back of the neck. PerfectPlex by Axel. Punk with a small package. Neckbreaker countered by Axel. Punk with a kick to the head. GTS by Punk to Axel for the three count

The winner of the match: CM Punk

Post Match: Punk asks Heyman where he’s going. The party’s just getting started in St. Louis and in case Heyman didn’t see. Punk just beat Axel which means he gets to choose the stipulation. He calls Heyman a genius and says Heyman’s going to be real proud of him. He likes Heyman’s idea and they’re going to do it. Handicap match… Paul Heyman Guy, Ryback AND Paul Heyman vs CM Punk. HELL IN A CELL


Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan

Bryan started quick with Yes! Kicks as the announcers went crazy arguing for and against Triple H, then switching. Mainly, Cole, who couldn't decide which side to be on. Del Rio took control at 3:00 and slowed down the pace, but Bryan lured Del Rio in for a round of Yes! Kicks. Bryan then measured Del Rio for a corner dropkick, but Del Rio moved and Bryan ate the turnbuckles. Del Rio in control heading to break.


Back from break, Bryan was standing on the top rope for a diving headbutt, but Del Rio moved and Bryan ate the mat. Del Rio then kicked Bryan in the mid-section before being lured into the Yes! Lock. Del Rio fought to the ropes, though, for a break. Del Rio came back with a double-foot stomp to Bryan's back before the camera focused on Del Rio's mouth bleeding. At 10:00, Del Rio backed up to one corner and mocked Bryan with "Yes!" chants before trying a corner attack, but Bryan intercepted. Meanwhile, on commentary, Cole misremembered the last time they saw Cena - Cole said it was Summerslam, but it was the night after Summerslam. Del Rio then slapped on a reverse chinlock as the announcers reinforced the term "The Authority" over and over to hammer home the new name for the McMahon Power Couple. At 12:00, Del Rio went for a corner enziguiri, but he awkwardly fell to the mat as Bryan moved out of the way. Bryan then measured Del Rio for knee strikes into a flying strike. Bryan got himself fired up and excited, then charged Del Rio with a corner kick. Bryan then put Del Rio up top for a huracanrana, which resulted in a two count. Reset, another "The Authority" reference from Lawler, and Bryan dumped Del Rio to the outside. Bryan landed a suicide dive into the barricade, then rolled the World champ back into the ring. As Del Rio recovered, Bryan climbed up-top to deliver a double-foot dropkick for a close two count. Suddenly, Randy Orton's voice interrupted. Orton spoke from the Titantron that he's very sorry about what happened to Brie Bella, but he's going to check on her right now. Orton decided that 15 minutes into the match would be a good time to distract Bryan? Orton then entered the trainer's room and closed the door. Shrieking was heard on the other side of the door. Back in the ring, Del Rio waited out Orton's message to roll up Bryan, but Bryan escaped a pin attempt. Del Rio tried to end Bryan with the cross arm-breaker, but Bryan kicked Del Rio in the head and bailed from the ring. Bryan ran up the entrance ramp to the backstage area as the ref counted in the ring. WWE cut to a backstage shot of Bryan hitting the trainer's room, where Brie and Nikki were standing by. No sign of Orton as the bell sounded in the background, signaling a count-out. The Bellas pretended to act concerned as Orton beat down Bryan in the trainer's room. Refs finally spilled out to get Orton to leave before Bryan was checked on.

The winner of the match by count out: Alberto Del Rio


Backstage: The Shield talked trash about Daniel Bryan, then the "Rhodes Boys." Stephanie McMahon told Shield they lost the last time they faced off, then Triple H told them it's No DQ, so finish the Rhodes Brothers tonight. Shield left. Suddenly, Stephanie grabbed Hunter for a make-out session. Apparently Stephanie was turned on by Hunter booking a No DQ match. The announcers reacted accordingly back on-camera.

Cole and Co. transitioned to a discussion of John Cena, wondering if he's coming back too early from injury. A video documenting Cena's injury recovery started with Cena's post-Summerslam promo leaving WWE, then footage of Cena's medical procedure. Next up were clips of Cena "Touting" some rehab moments. "These are the darkest of times," Cena dramatically stated in August. A shrunken-down Cena was shown working on his bench press trying to get his triceps moving. More rehab clips, then Cena said The Champ returns at Hell in a Cell. On commentary, Lawler called Cena an "incredible human being."


Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs The Shield

As Dean Ambrose watched ringside, Cody and Rollins started the match. Suddenly, the announcers came to an agreement on the difference between opportunity and punishment tonight on Raw. Then, JBL played contrarian intentionally confusing the issue after it was settled. Ambrose got involved two minutes in by grabbing Cody's foot from the outside, allowing Shield to take advantage and begin working on Cody. Cody found himself on the outside, where Reigns rocked Cody with forearms and slaps. Back in the ring, Cody tried to fight back against The Shield, but Rollins cut him off and continued to wear down Cody. Cody broke free at 5:00 and tagged in Goldust, who set up Rollins for a corner kick to the open crotch, but Rollins adjusted himself and instead took a bulldog for a nearfall. Goldust then airballed a flying clothesline and spilled to the outside. Goldust sold on the outside, Ambrose smiled, and Raw cut to break.


Back live on Raw, The Shield was working on Goldust in the heel corner. Shield continued to knock the facepaint off Goldust's face, but Goldust continued to escape pin attempts. Meanwhile, the announcers referenced Dusty Rhodes watching this match at home, pulling for his sons to win the Tag Titles. On cue, Shield lost control of the match as Lawler said the tag champs haven't done enough to take advantage of the No DQ stipulation.

Hot tag to Cody, who teed off on Roman Reigns, angering the muscle of the group. Cody then rolled up Roman for a close two count. Rhodes followed with a top-rope moonsault for another close nearfall. Cody then kicked Ambrose off the ring apron before measuring Reigns for a springboard dropkick. But, Rollins broke up a pin attempt. Chaos. Action all over the place. Back in the ring, Cody wanted Cross Rhodes to Reigns, but Ambrose jumped Cody from behind. More chaos. Shield knocked around Goldust, then Ambrose jumped Cody and pounded away on him in the ring. Lawler said this is The Authority's fault, prompting JBL to dismiss their conspiracy theories. Shield wanted to end Cody with a triple powerbomb, but Goldust entered the ring with chair in-hand and smashed around Shield with chair shots. Lawler said it's like "Tito Ortiz." Did he mean Red Sox slugger David Ortiz? The match came down to Goldust, Reigns, and a chair. Goldust avoided a chair swing, then splashed Reigns off the ropes. Chaos everywhere. Suddenly, Rollins grappled Cody on the outside and gave him a running bucklebomb into the barricade. Goldust was left alone in the ring with Reigns, who took an atomic drop. Goldust then dumped Rollins to the outside before clotheslining Reigns and himself over the top rope. Bodies everywhere. No one in the ring. Suddenly, Ambrose attacked Goldust from behind on the outside. More chaos on the outside. Suddenly, Reigns charged Goldust and speared him through the gimmicked barricade in front of the timekeeper. At 18:00, Ambrose scooped up Cody's lifeless body and rolled him into the ring before picking up a worn out Reigns. Suddenly, the crowd popped as Big Show came charging through the crowd. Big Show, in street clothes, smashed Ambrose, then KO Punched Rollins. Show then spotted Reigns in the ring. Reigns ducked a kick from Cody, but he didn't avoid the KO Punch from Show. Show smiled with a crazy look in his eyes, then Cody covered Reigns for a three count. New tag champs.

The winners of the match and NEW! WWE Tag Team Champions: Goldust & Cody Rhodes

Post Match: Show walked right back out of the crowd into the stands as Cody and Goldust celebrated in the ring. Triple H then hit the ring and shoved the new tag champs out of the ring before looking toward Show, who was doing "Yes!" chants in the crowd. Show celebrated with the crowd as Hunter paced the ring. WWE went to final shots of the new tag champs on the stage, Hunter seething in the ring, and Show standing tall in the crowd as Raw signed off four minutes past the top of the hour.

-End Show-

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