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WWE SmackDown Results (10/11/13) Columbus, Ohio

Posted By: Elio C. on Oct 11, 2013

WWE SmackDown Results (10/11/13) Columbus, Ohio

WWE Open.

- A recap video aired focusing on Big Show’s coming-out party on Raw.

- In the arena, Vickie Guerrero was introduced. She walked to the ring. As she did so, they aired the entire backstage interplay between her and Alberto Del Rio on Monday, as well as Vickie’s announcement that Del Rio would face John Cena for the World Title at Hell in a Cell. My cable cut out, causing me to miss Vickie’s entire monologue. It picked up when Guerrero said Big Show got what he deserved, then was interrupted by Del Rio’s music.

Del Rio tried to beg out of his match with Cena, but Vickie said the match is what’s best for business. She asked Alberto if what he said about her on Raw was true, that she’s beautiful. Del Rio wooed Vickie with Spanish, then Vickie asked him to kiss her…on the lips. She puckered up and Del Rio gave her a peck. Vickie was not impressed. Vickie asked him not to do it like the Gringos, but like the Mexicans. I don’t even know what that means. Del Rio dipped Vickie and gave her a good smooch. Vickie suggested Del Rio kiss her in another place…like her rear. The fans seemed unsure of whether she was serious or if it was a euphemism. Damien Sandow came out in an attempt to save us from this awful segment.

Sandow claimed Del Rio was a phony. He said Del Rio sees her as a sex object whom he thinks he can manipulate. Sandow said he was most attracted to Vickie’s “superior intellect.” He said Del Rio is afraid of Cena and afraid of him cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Del Rio. Vickie decided to make a match between the two tonight. It’ll be non-title, non-briefcase-cashing-in. Vickie wished them good luck, then left. Del Rio gave Sandow a cheap shot, and Sandow fought back. He went after Del Rio with his briefcase, unsuccessfully. Del Rio escaped and they played Sandow’s music to end the segment. The crowd didn’t sound receptive to a possible Sandow babyface turn.

- Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman were walking backstage. Axel defends the IC Title against R-Truth, next.

[Commercial Break]


During Axel’s entrance, they showed a clip of C.M. Punk & R-Truth facing Axel & Ryback on Raw. Truth pinning Axel in that tag match earned him this re-match. Also, a graphic aired for Ryback vs. Punk at Hell in a Cell. Axel kicked out at one after a hip-toss, then conferred with his representative, Heyman, at ringside. Truth was low-bridged, but he hung on and stayed on the apron. That is, until Axel gave him a shoulder to the gut, sending him to ringside. They cut to break with Axel in control at 2:04 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 5:59 of the match, with a helpful graphic denoting that this is, in fact, an Intercontinental Title match. Axel was still in control. Truth worked out of a rest-hold as Axel continued to slow things down. Not exactly a thrilling way to keep viewers around after the commercial. Truth built momentum with clotheslines and a heel kick, which Michael Cole referred to as “unorthodox offense.” Wait ‘til he actually DOES something unorthodox before shoving that phrase down our throat, Cole. Face-plant by Truth for two at 9:18. Axe kick by Truth, but Axel grabbed the bottom rope at the last second on the pin. Referee John Cone (referred to by name by both Cole and JBL) waved off the pin. Axel planted Truth with his neck-breaker/face-buster finish for the win.

WINNER: Axel, at 10:32. Just a plodding match, especially the second half. Not much of a finishing sequence, either.

The replayed the finish. Heyman and Axel celebrated with the title after the match.

- Still to come, Damien Sandow vs. Alberto Del Rio.

- Up next, Los Matadores.

[Commercial Break]


Locales were already in the ring, and both men wore masks. One had a number of tattoos and at least a creative outfit. The other, not so much. Fernando began with Locales #1. Headscissors take-over by Fernando. Some double-teaming by Los Matadores took Locales #1 to the mat. Diego tagged in and also head-scissored Locales #2 down. Locales #2 tagged in and met a similar fate. He was stockier than his unknown teammate. Blind tag by the Locales, breaking up a backslide pin. Locales #1 did a rolling front face-lock out of the corner, then a kick to the back. Hot tag was made by Los Matadores. Fernando hit an axe-handle off the middle rope, then took down Locales #2 with their finisher.

WINNERS: Los Matadores, at 3:45. Strictly a lower-card gimmick, but it’s somewhat fun and I’m okay with anything that leads to TV time for the Colons.

After the match, El Torito beat up Locales #1. The finish was replayed, as was El Torito’s offense.

- Cole and JBL spoke on-camera about the finish to the Battleground PPV. Cole also discussed Shawn Michaels being selected as special referee for the Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton rematch at Hell in a Cell. They showed a bit of HBK’s sell-job on Raw, where he guaranteed a new WWE Champion if he were to be voted as guest ref.

- Coming up tonight, Cody Rhodes & Goldust against The Wyatt Family.

[Commercial Break]

- The exterior of the Nationwide Arena in Columbus was shown.

- Earlier in the week, R-Truth and Natalya visited the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. A video package of that visit was shown.


Nikki was present with her sister and the Funkadactyls. They received no entrance. JoJo came out with Nattie, Kaitlyn, and Eva Marie. Nattie and Brie shook hands before the match. Okay, because I was really confused about who the faces were supposed to be here. Fireman’s carry take-over into an arm-bar by Brie. Half-crab by Brie and this looks like a match that’s going in slow motion so far. Brie kicked Nattie off on a Sharpshooter attempt, and Eva Marie tagged in. Roll-up on Brie for two. Arm-bar, then a tag to Kaitlyn. Brie broke free from Kaitlyn and tagged Cameron. Powerslam by Kaitlyn for two. Rough roll-up by Cameron for a near-fall. Naomi came in and fell victim to a spear by Kaitlyn. The match broke down with everyone getting involved. Rear View from Naomi to Natalya, but that led to Kaitlyn rolling up Naomi. Naomi reversed it and held on for the win.

WINNERS: Brie and the Funkadactyls, at 2:58. That match will haunt my nightmares.

- Renee Young welcomed Cody Rhodes and Goldust backstage. Cody talked about beating The Shield on Sunday, beating the odds. Goldust said it was an emotional night for them, and thanked their dad for putting himself in harm’s way. Cody said everybody in the WWE Universe was a Rhodes that night. “Out of the frying pit and into the fire,” said Cody, as he talked about having to face the Wyatts tonight. I’d like to see this frying pit.

- Next, Alberto Del Rio vs. Damien Sandow. As an aside, that was one of the worst first hours of Smackdown in recent memory.

[Commercial Break]


As Del Rio came to the ring, they showed how Del Rio tried to get out of his Hell in a Cell match earlier tonight. Sandow aggressively worked over Del Rio in the opening seconds. Del Rio suckered Sandow into the ring after Sandow chased him around the ring. After Sandow took back over, Del Rio had had enough and grabbed his title at ringside. Sandow attacked him before he could leave. After Del Rio regained the upper hand, he came off the top with a shot to the back of Sandow. After an exchange with Sandow, Del Rio ended up getting back-dropped over the top rope. Sandow shoved Del Rio back into the ring and hit a knee-drop. Before a snap suplex, Sandow shouted, “you’re welcome!” Del Rio went after Sandow and kicked the back of his knee. Sandow fought back and clotheslined Del Rio over the top rope and to the outside. Sandow grabbed his briefcase and yelled, “un-crowned champ!” They went to break at that point.

[Commercial Break]

Sandow had evidently owned the match during the break, and continued to do so upon return. That is, until he hurt his knee and Del Rio superkicked Sandow for two. After a very near fall for Sandow, Del Rio landed a back-stabber for two. Enziguiri by Del Rio missed, then a swinging neck-breaker by Sandow registered a two-count. Del Rio attempted to take cover under the bottom rope while Sandow attacked him. Del Rio kicked Sandow in the exposed knee, then applied the cross arm-breaker for the tap-out win.

WINNER: Del Rio, via submission, at 15:01. I’m somewhat mystified by a potential Sandow babyface turn. Although it would be WWE’s M.O. to job Sandow out for months leading to a face turn. But with Cena expected to beat Del Rio at Hell in a Cell for the World Title, wouldn’t it make sense for a heel in Sandow to have the MITB briefcase? Unless somehow Cena doesn’t win.

- The story of Big Show’s KO punch heard-‘round-the-world is next.

[Commercial Break]

- A video package aired chronicling Big Show’s actions since Battleground.

- To Cole and JBL we went, and Cole said Triple H was knocked out for three minutes and 31 seconds after Show’s punch. Cole said he did some digging and Triple H may have a broken jaw and it may be wired shut. He also said the Pittsburgh Police may have a warrant out for the arrest of Big Show.

- The announcers threw it to John Cena’s appearance on Good Morning America.

- A graphic was shown for Del Rio vs. Cena at Hell in a Cell.

- The Prime Time Players came to the ring with Great Khali. They tried their dance with Khali in the middle and it did not go so well. They’re in six-man tag action next.

[Commercial Break]


No entrance for the band members. Heath Slater made a cameo to start the match, but quickly tagged out to Jinder Mahal. Mahal fell victim to a big chop from Khali. And a second. Khali tagged out to Darren Young, who hit a Northern Lights suplex for two. Elbow to the face by Young, then a take-down of Drew McIntyre. Eventually, the heels got the upper hand. Double-team by 3MB led to a near-fall by Slater. They continued to work over Young with frequent tags. Young made the tag to Titus O’Neil at 3:58. He clobbered Mahal and his partners as well. McIntyre broke up a pin, but was low-bridged out of the ring by Young. Jumping kick by Slater, then a cheap-shot to Khali. That didn’t do him well, as O’Neil gave him a back body-drop and Khali tagged in. Overhead chop for the win.

WINNERS: Prime Time Players and Khali, at 5:02. I don’t really know what the purpose of that match was.

- Next, Cody Rhodes & Goldust face Erick Rowan (spelled “Eric” on the graphic) and Luke Harper.

[Commercial Break]

- A preview for WWE 2K14 was shown.


Before leading his family to the ring, Bray Wyatt cut his usual weird promo on the TitanTron, lantern in hand. Goldust took Harper down to start. Rowan tagged in, still wearing the sheep mask, and even that seemed to unnerve Goldust, a character known for his eccentricities. Goldust did the deep inhale thing and attacked Rowan. Cody tagged in and hit an elbow to the back of Rowan’s head. Hard shoulder tackle took Rhodes to the mat. Cody was sent to ringside as they went to break at 1:53 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 4:49 of the match. Rhodes connected with a drop toe-hold that sent Harper into the turnbuckle. Goldust tagged in and knocked Rowan off the apron. He pounded away on Harper. Goldust was shoved off on a bulldog attempt, and Harper followed up with a corner splash. Bray watched from a rocking chair in the aisle, as per his usual. Goldust broke free from a Harper rest-hold and, before he could make the tag, Harper knocked Cody off the apron. Bodyslam by Rowan for two at 8:33 of the match. A bear-hug followed that. Goldust came back with a back-elbow off the middle rope. Rowan applied the claw to Goldust in the corner, then bealed him out of the corner with it. A missed side-kick led to a bulldog and both men were down. Cody finally made the hot tag and went to work on Lee. Disaster Kick found the mark, but Rowan broke up the pin. At ringside, Bray was reacting to the carnage of his charges being tossed over the top rope the same way I react in my chair when I’m watching my favorite teams stink up the join on TV. Back in the ring, Rhodes leapt over Lee in the corner, then rolled him up for the win.

WINNERS: Rhodes and Goldust, at 12:58.

The Rhodes brothers celebrated in the aisle while the Wyatt Family seethed in the ring.

Source: PWTorch.com
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