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WNS Fans View: Is the WWE Title Picture Becoming Stale?

WNS Fans View: Is the WWE Title Picture Becoming Stale?

Is the WWE title picture in some dire straits at the moment? Realistically which top talent stars from the main roster can you see in the main event at a WrestleMania, selling PPV buys or even having a substantial title reign?

The problem I see at the moment with the main roster is that the usual main players are either out injured or the company itself has not done enough to establish the current superstars as WWE title worthy.

Looking at the PPV Sunday night it’s clear to see that regarding the RAW roster we have 3 major contenders for the vacant title now being Orton, Bryan and Show.  Now before we consider them lets also take a look at the past title holders in recent times.

Prior to CM punk’s historic reign only Cena and Del Rio held a title reign in that same year, it’s not even worth uttering any mention about that fateful night on raw for Rey Mysterio. Regardless those names are the same considered among the title pictures now, over 2 years later. What does this say about the product and the current roster?

Other superstars like Kane, Mark Henry and Sheamus are usually among this list but with injuries and other projects taking up their time surely this is time for WWE to finally elevate other superstars to that top position.

Personally it’s been refreshing to see Orton back in the picture, especially as a heel and a pivotal part in this corporation story line. Prior to this Orton seemed to be floating around the point of obscurity either in tag teams with redundant story lines or in B-side world heavyweight title picture along with his stale and uninspiring face gimmick. But as highlighted before Orton is not a new name to the title picture it’s expected of him to be up there among that elite list. So really who have WWE got to represent the top bill of the company?

 Undeniably Daniel Bryan is easily one of the hottest superstars right now and rightly so even to the point now where the Indy darlings and IWC can’t proclaim Bryan as their prodigy anymore. Daniel Bryan has truly established himself as a top bill PPV selling WWE superstar and easily warrants a justifiable title reign. However I think it would be beneficial to Bryan if they brought in other talent from the roster to stop this current feud between him and Orton/Corporation fizzling out by keeping the title of Bryan at the current moment they can really build upon the crowd backing towards him and make his title run a monumental reign leading up to WrestleMania in a match which many would love to see between Bryan and CM Punk.

So who else in the roster can be propelled up to this status? Months ago Dolph Ziggler was the man of the moment, and the pops he was receiving from the crowd were phenomenal, but we only have to look at the way he has been buried since his world heavy weight title win to see that the company don’t picture him as a top billed talent at the moment despite crowd and internet popularity.

Wade Barrett is somewhat of the perfect physical specimen in what is seen as a world champion, not only does he fit this bill but is a talent who can draw heat and is consistent on the “mic” and came across as a convincing IC champion. It was only a few years ago we saw Barrett defeating Cena at a PPV event, so why is Barrett still stuck in the mid card?

And last but certainly not least with regards to current story line, Cody Rhodes. Cody has the legacy of his family along with pure in ring craft and crowd backing while also being one of the people responsible for the rejuvenation of the importance of the Intercontinental Championship, yet with Cody  when everything seems to be going right, it always falls short. The company at times look like they are giving him substantial story lines, programs and pushes only for nothing to happen.

So is it time for WWE to take a risk and start propelling the future of the company to greater heights? Or do they play it safe and wait for the rest of the old guard to come back into the title picture?    


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