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WNS Fans View: WWE Battleground Predictions

Posted By: Garvin on Oct 06, 2013

WNS Fans View: WWE Battleground Predictions

Here are the WWE Battleground 2013 predictions from the writers at Fans Talk Wrestling. Let us know if our predictions match yours in the comments below.


Dolph Ziggler (5) vs. Damien Sandow (1)


Kyle: This one is tough, because if there's anyone who loses more than Dolph, it's whoever has the WHC MITB case. It's past time for Dolph to turn around his losing streak so he can win the US title at Hell in a Cell.

Ben: Why the hell not have Sandow lose? WWE has a habit of making their MITB winners go on a downward spiral.

Corey: This match seems to have been thrown together just for the sake of a preshow match. I'm taking Ziggler because Sandow...well...they just refuse to let him win.

Mark: I feel a win for Damien will give him momentum to hopefully win the title later that night.

Michelle: I think it's about time we see a switch. Really what if any interest is Sandow giving us to make us want to see him retain.

Nick: Both of these guys have been getting irregular pushes in the past couple months, but of the two, I see Dolph winning out over Sandow. Sandow won't get his time to shine until he actually cashes in, which I don't see happening until at least Survivor Series. Dolph, on the other hand, has had a semi-prominent role in the major storyline going right now, and since he's been on a slight losing streak lately, I think this is where he'll turn it around.

FTW Podcast: Only Garvin and Harrison on this week's FTW, and they split. Harrison thinks that Ziggler needs the win to pick up some momentum, while Garvin thought that Sandow should start getting a push so people keep him on their radar. Most MITB winners lose a lot until they get the title, but Sandow has been almost non-existent.

Majority Expectation: Dolph picks up the win.

Intercontinental Championship: Curtis Axel (2) vs. R-Truth (4)


Kyle: I'm not at all sure about this, but I don't think Axel is going to be staying a Heyman guy for long, and he isn't really adding anything to the title. Truth is a decent worker, and he can drop the title to whoever they actually want to hold it without much fuss.

Ben: I've got a feeling Axel will go on a bit of a losing streak to make Heyman doubt him and cut him loose.

Corey: Overall, I feel that Axel's loss on Monday night was nothing more than a reason to further Punk's mind games with Heyman. I expect Axel to retain on Sunday.

Mark: Ben mentioned Axel going on a losing streak but there is a difference between a losing streak and dropping the Intercontinental Championship to R-TRUTH. I cannot see him winning the belt Sunday.

Michelle: After beating The Intercontinental Champion on Raw I would hope to see a continuation of winning for R-Truth. Curtis Axel isn't generating a lot of interest of late I feel like he a filler.

Nick: I think the Axel reign has run its course. Axel started his debut strong with wins over Triple H and John Cena, but ever since the Heyman/Punk feud began, he's been walking in the shadows of giants. Heyman's initial role in Axel's debut worked for Axel because he was just pulling the strings, but with Heyman clearly in control now and finding other talent to represent his interests, Axel is being relegated to the Barrett role back when he was IC champ. Better that Axel drop the title now before his reign gets too sullied by loss after loss, and Truth is a good transitional champ. Hell, if the WWE can get over the idea of using him as a jester and nothing more, Truth could be an awesome IC champion.

Majority Expectation: The FTW Community wants a new Intercontinental Champion. Somehow, R-Truth fits the bill.

Bray Wyatt (6) vs. Kofi Kingston ()

Kyle: Oh good lord, Wyatt wins this one. I could see Kane coming back here.

Ben:  Don't even know why this is happening, but I'm going for Wyatt. I guess since he's the new guy.

Corey: This is Bray's (I think) second match or third match since the Wyatt's debut. There is no way he loses just yet.

Mark: There really is no reason for Kofi win and Bray has to win to keep his momentum going.

Michelle: I am reluctant to embrace Bray Wyatt but I'm not so naive to assume that WWE would actually push Kofi Kingston over Bray Wyatt.

Nick: There's no way that the Wyatt Family is getting derailed right now, not with the patriarch in the match. If it was Harper or Rowan in the match, I could see Kofi pulling out a win, and even in this match, I see him being very competitive, but Bray Wyatt will carry the day and win this match. Match match match, match match. My quota is filled, on with the predictions.

Majority Expectation: Why is this match happening? Oh, to give Bray Wyatt a win. Got it.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust (5) vs. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins (1)


Kyle: Okay, hear me out. I see Goldust costing the Rhodes boys the match and it eventually turning into Cody vs Goldust at HIAC with the winner getting their job back. Everyone who has ever watched wrestling knows Cody and Goldust is winning here, so it's a prime candidate for a swerve.

Ben: Loving this storyline and hope the Rhodes will pick up the win here to keep the storyline going.

Corey: This one seems like a no brainer. If this is Cody and Dustin's absolute last chance at getting their jobs back, outside of Vince's coming face turn, I see them winning against the Shield on Sunday. Expect Ambrose and Dweam to get involved as well, and maybe Dusty will explain just what in the Hell a huckleberry is.

Mark: I'll just put it this way, what good does Reigns and Rollins winning do?

Michelle: This is a great story that I want to see continue. It's a win to have The Rhodes Family around! Let them win the match return to the ring continue with an already great rivalry.

Nick: This one seems pretty easy to call. I can't see the WWE burning all bridges with the Rhodes family, so Cody and Goldust almost have to win. Now, the possibility of shenanigans does exist, where the Rhodes brothers would lose because of some manner of interference, and when Triple H came out to kick them out, someone else would intervene, but I don't count that as likely enough to predict it.

FTW Podcast: People loved Goldust's return and we are finally getting a really compelling story for Cody Rhodes. People are behind him, so WWE should take advantage of that.

Majority Expectation: Cody and Goldust win a contract.

Divas Championship: AJ Lee (6) vs. Brie Bella ()


Kyle: Much like Night of Champions, I don't have much, if any, faith in this choice. My hope is that, since Bryan isn't winning the title yet, they'll hold off and hand Brie the Divas' title at the same time. I wouldn't be shocked to see Nikki Bella cost Brie the match.

Ben: No sense in taking the title off AJ for someone who isn't really proven yet. I expect maybe Natalya will interfere here.

Corey: At this point, the Diva's division is nothing more than a marketing ploy for Total Divas. I expect AJ to retain thanks to some outside (and possibly even debuting) help.

Mark: There is absolutely no reason to give the title back to Brie. I envision Randy Orton possibly having a part in the finish of this match but that a far-fetched possibly. Either way, AJ wins.

Michelle: AJ all the way! She is the force to be reckoned with within the diva division she is good at all she does.

Nick: This may just be wishful thinking on my part, because, even though I've warmed up to Brie a lot since Total Divas came around (damn you, Daniel Bryan), I'm not nearly as hot on the Bellas as the WWE is. AJ has had a decent reign as Divas champ, and I could see how the WWE would decide that it's someone else's turn, but I still want to believe that AJ has plenty of time left as champ. For another thing, I don't think that AJ would have gotten Tamina as a bodyguard if she didn't have a role to play in helping AJ retain her title.

Majority Expectation: AJ retains.

Ryback (4) vs. CM Punk (3)


Kyle: There's no logic in having Ryback lose his first match as an official Paul Heyman guy. This'll go the full three match program.

Ben: Much improved is Ryback and I expect him to pick up the win here. CM Punk works well chasing a foe he can't quite get his hands on and the feud between him and Heyman still has legs.

Corey: Punk has lost the upper hand to Heyman for the last few PPV's. I expect that to change on Sunday. Axel and Heyman will both get involved and I look for Punk to use that to his advantage.

Mark: CM Punk has been awful on PPV and this may be the show to give him his first PPV win in a long time. Plus this feud should be wrapping up soon if they want Punk in the title picture.

Michelle: There is a lot going on at WWE right now but I don't think this story is over just yet. I'm think the newest Heyman guy will win this one and the chase will continue with Punk pursuing revenge!

Nick: Again, possibly wishful thinking on my part, but Punk was the one on top at the end of the segment on Raw, yet Ryback escaped relatively unscathed. Now that Ryback is a full-on Heyman guy, though, and Heyman was presumably injured by that kendo stick to the back of the knee, Ryback's gonna be going full tilt at Punk. I believe that Punk will outsmart Ryback, get cocky and go after Heyman, and run smack into a returning Brock Lesnar. I just wish I had a little more confidence in that belief.

FTW Podcast: Harrison and Garvin agreed: this HAS to be a win for Ryback. He's finally turned a corner, thanks to Paul Heyman. His character is interesting now, and CM Punk doesn't necessarily need the win. If Ryback wins, it legitimizes him and his partnership with Heyman.

Majority Expectation: It's a close one, but look for Ryback to win.

World Championship: RVD (3) vs. ADR (4)


Kyle: Del Rio has had the title for what feels like forever, and he's not moving the needle either way. RVD has been perfectly serviceable since returning, and he's unbelievably over. Putting the title on him seems like a win-win.

Ben: After RVD dropped the Van Terminator on ADR after their last match, I think he'll do it again. Sandow may also cash in or Rodriguez will turn on RVD to help ADR retain. Those are the rumors, at least.

Corey: RVD is about to go on one of his contracted breaks. Outside the chance of RVD winning and Sandow cashing in, I expect...no...ADR will win this one.

Mark: I honestly don't care who wins this match. I will just predict that RVD wins and Sandow will finally cash in.

Michelle: The crowds favorite is RVD it only makes sense to give him a title. ADR is getting zero crowd response.

Nick: RVD has everything going for him: he has a winning record against ADR, he's got Ricardo in his corner, and he's got a hardcore match this Sunday. The only thing that tells me, though, is that ADR is gonna win anyway. RVD's not the guy to knock ADR off his pedestal. I'm just not sure who is, at this point.

FTW Podcast: RVD is leaving, so there really isn't a reason to give him the title. Unless it's just so Sandow has a face he can cash-in on. But then, it'll end up being Sandow vs. ADR at the next PPV, and heel vs heel never does well. Ask Lee.

Majority Expectation: Another close match, but look for ADR to retain.

WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan (2) vs. Randy Orton (4) - No Contest (1)


Kyle: If Bryan beats Orton yet again, there's nowhere else for this feud to go. Orton's sneakily become the most interesting person on WWE TV over the past couple months, and with his renewed cruel streak, giving him the shady win makes the most sense.

Ben: No idea which way WWE will go with this one, but I can't see them making Bryan a 3-time champion with a combined reign of about 24 hours.

Corey: Since Daniel's been screwed out of the title for two straight PPV's, hell, let's make it a third! Bryan will win on Sunday, only to have it stripped from him yet again, setting up yet another match at (I believe) Hell in a Cell. He'll win there too.

Mark: I'm torn here. On one side, having Bryan win kills Orton's new Viper credibility but on the other having Orton win will almost signify that they are going give someone like Big Show a shot at the belt or something. I say that a no contest is the best way to keep this feud going.

Michelle: If we realize it or not we love to be outraged with injustice and we love seeing Randy Orton as a jerk. We say and maybe really believe we hate it but it's what makes us watch. It would only make sense for Randy to win. Where would be the interest in Daniel winning at this point.

Nick: Sure, Bryan will win the title three times in three PPVs, why not. I'm just so done with this feud now. The way these two ended Raw was a load of bull, and it's felt like they've phoned it in ever since Night of Champions, if not longer. The only way I want to see these two still going at it is if a third-party involves himself, whether it's Big Show stepping in to make sure that Trips doesn't screw Bryan again, or...hell, I don't know, ANYONE. I'd even take a momentary appearance by Sheamus to kick the crap out of Orton, and I HATE Sheamus vs Orton and their white bread-on-white bread violence. The only intervention I don't want to see is an attack by the Shield because that's been done to death almost as much as Bryan vs Orton. So, yeah. Daniel Bryan wins, if only so this will end. I legitimately do not care.

FTW Podcast: A Bryan win means Orton is pretty worthless. And, they can't have that because you know this is going to go on until at least Survivor Series. So, Orton wins.

Majority Expectation: Orton wins, this feud continues, and we continue to be happy with it.

To hear FTW's full preview, you can download it here: FTW184 – WWE Battleground 2013 Live PPV Preshow

Source: FansTalkWrestling.com
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