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Matt Morgan on Fans Being Upset by His Release From TNA

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Sep 24, 2013

Matt Morgan on Fans Being Upset by His Release From TNA

Former TNA Impact Wrestling star "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan recently addressed the fans who were upset about TNA releasing him:

"People get mad and upset all the time with TNA by saying, 'How could you let Matt Morgan leave TNA,'" Morgan said. "Well, because this is what they could have done. If TNA wanted to, they could have made me sit at home all the way until when my contract expired, which would have been next July. That would have been another year, miss a year in my prime doing nothing. A lot of companies have done that in the past. That's a business decision, and nobody can be mad at a company for doing it.

"They could have easily done that in keeping a 7-foot, 300-pound giant on their roster that they don't have. They didn't. My hats off to them for letting me move on with no strings attached and being able to put my family in a better situation."

Source: The Miami Herald Tags: #wwe #tna #impact wrestling #the blueprint #matt morgan

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