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WWE.com Hacked?, ROH Stars Trying Out For WWE

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Aug 28, 2013

WWE.com Hacked?, ROH Stars Trying Out For WWE

WWE.com went down today at about 1:00 PM and a Twitter account called Anonymous Indonesia (@AnonNewsIndo) claims to have hacked it. They Tweeted the following:

"World Wrestling Entertainment Down http://www.wwe.com/  Time To HELP SYRIA By "

PWInsider.com contacted somebody in WWE about it and WWE responded with the following:

"I can confirm that the site was down and the issue was resolved in less than 45  minutes."

ROH star Harlem Bravado revealed in a Twitter conversation with Nick Jackson that Bravado will be attending a WWE tryout.

Jackson: "Good luck to all my friends who are over in Orlando for the big WWE try out."

Bravado: "@NickJacksonYB thanks man, I can't wait to show off all of my cool movezz"

It's also being reported that Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards will also be attending this tryout.

Source: PWInsider.com Tags: #wwe #roh #nick jackson #harlem bravado

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