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CM Punk Involved In Airport Incident With Fan

CM Punk Involved In Airport Incident With Fan

WWE Champion CM Punk was reportedly involved in an incident with a fan last night as WWE talents were arriving for RAW 1000 at the St. Louis airport.

A fan asked Punk for an autograph but was turned down as his approach was rude which lead the fan start yelling at Punk causing a scene inside the airport.

Punk is said to have thrown the man's autograph book in a trash can leading to airport police getting involved. 

Ricardo Rodriguez who was at the airport at the time tweeted, "go from fan mode to creepy mode to psycho mode sometimes."

CM Punk responded to the incident on his Twitter, "One person ruins it for everybody. Sorry y'all," Punk wrote. " This is for all the respectful fans I saw at the airport. Right on. Thanks."

Posted By: Ben Kerin of WrestlingNewsSource.com on Jul 23, 2012 Source: F4WOnline.com

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