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20 Years Ago Today, The Walls Broke Down And Chris Jericho Made His WWF Debut

Posted By: Thomas Lowson on Aug 09, 2019

20 Years Ago Today, The Walls Broke Down And Chris Jericho Made His WWF Debut


Today, August 9th, 2019, marks the 20th anniversary of one of the most iconic debuts in wrestling history. 

After weeks of a countdown clock, counting down to the Millenium, the timer finally reached it's close during RAW is WAR, during an in-ring segment involving The Rock. 

At its climax, Chris Jericho made his debut in the WWF, in a very snazzy silver top. 

Though wrestlers jumping to other promotions was commonplace in the Monday Night War, Jericho's arrival was one of the earliest examples of a young WCW star jumping to the WWF, as in the past, it'd had been older WWF stars (Hogan, Savage etc), who had fled to WCW. 

Shortly after, Jericho would be joined by fellow young WCW stars like the Radicalz, as it became clear that the McMahon-led promotion was the place to be for younger talent who were aspiring to be the best. 

After a few shaky months, Jericho would find his groove the next year, briefly holding the WWF title in 2000, though the reign has been stricken from the record.

In 2001, Jericho became the WWF Undisputed Champion, defeating 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and The Rock on the same night, and could become the very first AEW World Champion later this month at All OUT. 


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