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SmackDown Live Quick Results 8/06/19

Posted By: Damon Delmont on Aug 06, 2019

SmackDown Live Quick Results 8/06/19

  • Here you can find a recap for SmackDown Live 08/06/19

Charlotte Flair kicks off the “Go Home” show, as we head into SummerSlam this Sunday. The Queen cuts a promo against her opponent for Sunday, Trish Stratus.  Flair ques up a montage of her accomplishments, but it quickly changes into an epic recap of Trish Stratus’ career. Stratus then makes her way to the ring to confront Flair. Trish tells Flair that she is back not to just prove herself to her family and fans, but to prove it to herself. The segment ends with a slap to the face from Stratus to Flair and Flair keeping her composure before exiting the ring.

Goldberg’s music hits immediately after a commercial break, but when the locker room door opens it is Dolph Ziggler. He continues the ring mimicking the Hall of Famer the entire way.

Ziggler vs Rey Mysterio. Before Mysterio can even get to the ring, Ziggler hits Mysterio with two back to back Super Kicks. Ziggler takes the mic and declares that he is “not next” and that the match at SummerSlam will be Goldberg’s last. Ali comes to the aid of Rey and demands a match between him and Ziggler to start.

Ziggler vs Ali. Ziggler wins via pinfall.

Roman Reigns conducts an interview to discuss the random attacks over the past week by an unknown assailant. Roman is asked who he thinks is responsible. Reigns states that he knows who is not his attacker and that it’s not Samoa Joe. Roman then gives a public apology to Samoa Joe.

Tribute package for Harley Race is played.

 Natalya vs Ember Moon. Match ends in a double count-out with Moon being held in the Sharpshooter while the bell is rung, and the match comes to an end.

Shane McMahon is the guest on The KO Show. Owens not only wants his career but also McMahon’s on the line at SummerSlam. McMahon does not accept those terms. He does insinuate for them to fight right then, but Elias interferes and attacks Owens before a match can even take place. The scuffle ends after the announce table is flipped on Owens and McMahon puts Owens’ hand in a chair, then delivers a double dropkick into it.

Sami Zayn comes to the ring to cut a promo against his SummerSlam opponent Aleister Black. Zayn is quickly interrupted by Black, where he informs Zayn that they will not be waiting for Sunday to fight. Black heads to the ring and the match is official.

Sami Zayn vs Aleister Black. Black wins via pinfall.

The camera cuts to the back where Shelton Benjamin is asked if he ever plans to compete for the 24/7 Championship, where he only responds with saying “Well” and then stepping out of view.

Firefly Fun House airs and Wyatt says that Finn’s ignorance is what’s bringing the Fiend out for their match at SummerSlam.

Elias confronts Chad Gable backstage. It looks to be a setup for a possible angle between the two.

The New Day vs Daniel Bryan and Rowan. New Day picks up the win via DQ after Rowan uses the steel steps on Woods. Bryan and Rowan continue to dismantle the New Day post-match.

The camera cuts to the back area where we see Roman Reigns enter the locker room and confronts Buddy Murphy. Buddy promises that he does not know who did it, but would not tell him even if he did. Roman then begins to assault Murphy, where after a rough altercation, Blake tells Reigns that he saw Rowan do it. The camera pans back to the ring where we can see Bryan and Rowan watching everything transpire on the titantron.

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