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WWE Reportedly Wanted OJ Simpson Storyline Following 1995 Acquittal

Posted By: Thomas Lowson on May 09, 2019

WWE Reportedly Wanted OJ Simpson Storyline Following 1995 Acquittal

The WWE were reportedly considering bringing in controversial NFL star OJ Simpson after he was acquitted of murder in 1995. 

Simpson was accused of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman but was found not guilty by a jury in one of the most covered trials in Television history.

According to former WWE writer Vince Russo, he and Bruce Prichard were tasked with a storyline for Simpson and 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper.

"Bruce told me he had just gotten off the phone with Vince, and they were seriously considering an OJ Simpson angle, and Roddy Piper was a part of that angle," Russo said on the Truth With Consequences Podcast.

Russo said he was immediately against the idea saying it would damage the company.

He said: "I remember my kneejerk reaction to Bruce was, ‘Bro, like, are you freaking nuts?’ If OJ Simpson got a payday from the WWE, like that would not look good for the company." 

Despite Simpson being acquitted, the majority of Americans believe the NFL star is guilty.

A 2016 poll found that 83% of white Americans and 57% of black Americans think he did it.

Source: Truth With Consequences Podcast Tags: #wwe #oj simpson

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