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WWE Halftime Heat (2/3) Orlando, FL

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Feb 03, 2019

WWE Halftime Heat (2/3) Orlando, FL

Welcome to the live coverage for Halftime Heat!  The only match on the card is a six-man tag team match with the two teams consisting of some of the top NXT talent!  Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, & Tommaso Ciampa take on Velveteen Dream, Ricochet, and Aleister Black during the halftime show of the Superbowl!

Join us for coverage as it happens!

We're welcomed to the performance center where Shawn Michaels and Vic Joseph are the commentators for the match.


Six Man Tag Team Match
Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, & Tommaso Ciampa vs. Velveteen Dream, Ricochet, & Aleister Black


Black is out first. Ricochet comes out next. Velveteen Dream is next wearing a Halftime Heat jersey.  Adam Cole comes out next.  Then Johnny Gargano who probably needs better heel music.  Tommaso Ciampa comes out last as the NXT Champion should.

Johnny Halftime chants start as the bell rings.  Ricochet and Johnny are starting this one off.  They lock up as Johnny applies a side headlock.  He takes Ricochet down to the mat.  Ricochet makes his way up and whips Johnny off before Johnny hits a sunset flip followed by a hurricanrana that Ricochet only lands on his feet from.  Ricochet hits a big dropkick.  Johnny rolls up Ricochet from the corner, but follows through with a kick to the face.  Cole tags in with a tease to tag in Ciampa.  Ricochet gets some separation and tags in Black!  Black begins unloading vicious knees and kicks to Cole before covering him for a two count.  Cole reverses a suplex from Black and tags out to Ciampa.  Black big boots Ciampa before tagging out to Dream.  Dream hits some big clotheslines before sliding to his knees as they stand off.  Ciampa kicks Dream right in the head knocking him into the corner.  Ciampa catches a kick followed by a double axe handle from the top rope.  Black charges into the ring to tease a dive.  Ricochet does the same.  Dream does a weird roll back onto his knees for a three-way stance.

Dream gets yanked out by Ciampa.  Tommaso lifts him up and drops him onto the rail before hitting a kneelift.  Ciampa claps for himself before rolling Dream back in and applies a side headlock.  Dream hits a jawbreaker, but Johnny tags in and nails a slingshot spear.  Gargano covers him for a one count.  Johnny slams Dream in his corner and tags in Cole.  Cole stomps on Dream, does his taunt, and blasts Black off the apron.  Cole hits a corner clothesline before climbing up.  He leaps off and catches a superkick to the midsection from Dream.  Dream begins holding his knee as he tags in Ricochet.  He nails some hurricanranas followed by a neckbreaker onto Gargano who hit a DDT on Ciampa!  Ricochet hits a standing moonsault onto Cole for a two count!  Ricochet catches an enzuigiri from Cole before he tags out to Gargano.  Black tags in.  Black nails some kicks followed by a leg sweep and a stiff kick to the face.  Black hits a springboard moonsault onto Ciampa and Gargano.  Ciampa rolls out of the ring as Black hits a springboard moonsault onto the outside onto Ciampa and Cole.  Gargano hits a suicide dive into Black.  Dream dives out onto everyone.  Back into the ring, Black hits a big bridging German suplex onto Gargano for a two count!  

Velveteen Dream tags in.  They try for a double move, but Ciampa comes in.  They clear the ring as it's only Black and Ciampa.  Black catches a superkick from Cole.  Ciampa nails a DDT for a two count.  Dream tags in as Gargano rolls back in.  Dream hits a Dream Driver for a two count.  Ricochet tags in as Dream holds up Gargano.  Johnny fights out.  Gargano nails a big clothesline to Ricochet.  Cole tags in.  Ricochet fights back against both of them.  Ricochet hits a standing shooting star to Gargano.  Ricochet leaps from the second rope, but Cole catches him with a superkick for a two count!

Cole tries for the shining wizard, but Ricochet rolls him up for a two count.  Everyone comes into the ring and they begin trading blows.  They break for a moment before all colliding in the center.  Cole climbs up and catches a chop and kick.  Gargano hits a reverserana on Ricochet.  Black kicks Gargano out.  Ciampa clears Black.  Dream and Ciampa spill to the outside with a big suplex.  Cole leaps from the top rope for a Panama Sunrise from the top rope on Ricochet!  It's only good for two!

Ricochet is surrounded as they tease their old finisher as DIY.  It connects from all three before Cole covers.  Black breaks it up at two!  Black is kicked out of the ring.  Dream tags himself in, but he's outnumbered now.  Velveteen begins unloading on all of them before catching a big double superkick.  Dream nails a superkick.  Ciampa almost catches a superkick from Gargano, but he stops himself.  Ciampa and Gargano are blasted out of the ring.  Black hits a Black Mass kick followed by a Dream Driver from Dream followed by a 630 Senton from Ricochet, followed by a Purple Rainmaker elbow drop from Velveteen Dream for the three count!

Winners:  Aleister Black, Velveteen Dream, & Ricochet

The show concludes with the trio celebrating their victory.

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