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WWE 205 Live Results (1/22)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Jan 22, 2019

WWE 205 Live Results (1/22)

Welcome to 205 Live!

An overview of tonight's show to start off.

Gran Metalik vs Humberto Carrillo 

Metalik makes his way to the ring and now Carrillo makes his way to the ring.

Stalemate to start off and now Metalik with a chop, Carrillo with a flying arm drag and now a corkscrew suicide dive and now a 2 count. Carrillo with a suplex for 2 and now a body slam, Metalik with a reverse slingblade for 2. Metalik with a chop and now a dropkick for 2, Metalik with a chop and Carrillo pays him back for that and a drop kick for 2 to Metalik. Metalik with a boot to the face and now Carrillo responds same, Carrillo with a flying cutter off the top rope to Metalik on the apron. Carrillo with a high cross body for 2 and now Metalik with a running hurricanrana over the ropes and onto the floor. Metalik with a swonton for 2 and now Metalik with a chop and now Carrillo with a missle dropkick, Carrillo with a Aztec Press variation for the win.

Winner Humberto Carrillo

Gallagher and Gulak in Maverick's office and Maverick praises Carrillo and they walk off and now Nese wants a rematch against Dar.

Tozawa and Kendrick with Tozawa says he will become the Cruiserweight champion at the RR and so does Kalisto with Lince.

Kalisto vs Tozawa vs Itami

Kalisto makes his way to the ring, Tozawa makes his way to the ring and last but not least Itami makes his way to the ring.

Before the match starts Buddy Murphy makes his way out to ringside. Itami goes right after Kalisto and then Tozawa taking them both out to start. Kalisto with a kick and now a dropkick into a couple chops into an arm drag. Tozawa with a missile drop kick and now a suicide dive taking out Kalisto and from behind Itami dumping Tozawa into Murphy's lap and now Kalisto goes back first into the steel steps. Itami with an elbow drop and again to Tozawa, Itami takes out Kalisto on the outside of the ring and now a 2 count on Tozawa. Tozawa with a hurricanrana and now a suplex and catches Kalisto with a dropkick for 2 and one on Tozawa for 2 as well. Tozawa with a running forearm and a flying clothesline takes him out by Itami and a broken 2 count by Kalisto. Now a trade off of shots between the 3 with Tozawa with the jabs to both Itami and Kalisto. Itami with a neckbreaker on the top rope and Kalisto with a kick to Itami and now Murphy getting involved with a superplex to all 3. Murphy sends Itami into the corner and now Kalisto and Tozawa into corners. Kalisto with a kick to Murphy and also Tozawa and now a double superkick to Murphy by Tozawa and Kalisto and Kalisto his the Salida Del Sol on Murphy and now Murphy is out. Itami with the falcon arrow on Tozawa for 2 and now Tozawa with a spinning heel kick and now Kalisto with a high crossbody on Tozawa for 2. Kalisto takes out Itami and now a kick to Tozawa and now Tozawa with the senton but misses and a  basement dropkick to Kalisto and the knee strike by Itami to Tozawa for the win.

Winner Hideo Itami

-End of show- 

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