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Mark Henry Says His Hall Of Pain Run Was His Best Work In WWE

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Dec 15, 2018

Mark Henry Says His Hall Of Pain Run Was His Best Work In WWE

 Mark Henry had a 21 year run as an active competitor for WWE. He started out in tag teams and factions like the Nation of Domination before embarking on a successful singles career highlighted by Hall of Pain World Title run.

Mark Henry talked about what he enjoyed the most about working with Christian on E&C's Pod of Awesomeness.

"That is one of the things that you [Christian] are going to agree with this. That is one of the things about you that I always liked. You didn't speak from a standpoint of how I am going to get myself over, you always spoke from a standpoint of how you are going to get us over and how we will have the best match. That was one of the things of working with you all of those years where we never disagreed. If you said, 'man, I think we should do this,' I would respond with, 's**t, let's go.'

"I never disagreed because I know who you were. Don't think I did that with everybody. Some people I would say, 'man, that's the s**ts, I'm not doing that,' but with you, you always allowed me to have fun. Next to Owen Hart, you were the most fun to be in the ring with because you liked to clown around."

He revealed he really found his Hall of Pain run to be the best for him and when he did his best working for WWE as an in-ring talent.

"That was probably my best work and I was given the word to do what I wanted, which I never had in my career. I had the freedom to have a promo segment against someone like John Cena, and I can go out there and say, listen, just because you won a bunch of championships, and just because the company is behind you and because you do Make-A-Wish and that everybody loves you, doesn't mean that I do. When I see you on this date and this time, I am going to bury you and all of these people that clamor behind you are just a bunch of puppets. They love you because everybody else loves you, so they're followers,"

Source: E&C's Pod of Awesomeness Tags: #wwe #mark henry

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