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Matt Hardy Talks Possibility Of Woken GM Role

Posted By: Ben Pearce on Dec 13, 2018

Matt Hardy Talks Possibility Of Woken GM Role

Matt Hardy spoke to Wrestling about returning to Raw as a possible general manager of the brand as "Woken" Matt Hardy.

General Manager of Monday Night RAW: 

“Baron Corbin is obviously a character in the role of abusing his power and putting the good guys in bad situations and taking advantage of it, I think coming in [as GM], it would be a fresh start considering I would be a good guy in many ways. Woken Matt Hardy in being the character he is, and how over the top he is, I think he would be very entertaining in a General Manager role. I could put guys in unique situations or matches. My interactions with each and every talent would be so unique.I think the funnest thing between Broken Matt Hardy and Woken Matt Hardy was the interaction I had with other performers. I think if you have Woken Matt Hardy interacting with the women’s division and all the different athletes of the men’s division, I think there would be so much entertaining tv there.”

Early Success:

“It was the matches that put us on the map and made us Superstars in many ways and it also allowed us the opportunity to go out and do things that had never been done before. Myself and my brother, when we were doing independent matches before we came to WWE, we used to have a lot of matches against each other where I would be Surge Matt Hardy and he would be Willow the Wisp wearing a mask.”

WWE India Tryouts:

“I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone that’s an inspiring WWE Superstar,” said Matt. “When Jeff and I first started, we didn’t have an opportunity to go somewhere and get in front of WWE management. We were driving up and down the east coast and networking and hoping to catch a break one day.If they see something special, something that stands out or the “it” factor, it could gain you the chance to become a WWE Superstar and that’s a golden opportunity and one I wouldn’t pass up,” 


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