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WWE Raw Live Results (12/10) San Diego, CA

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Dec 10, 2018

WWE Raw Live Results (12/10) San Diego, CA

Welcome to our live coverage of Monday Night Raw!

We kick off with Seth Rollins in the ring. Seth talks about his match with Dean at TLC this Sunday. Seth invites Baron Corbin out to the ring to get a dose of reality. Corbin comes out and makes his way to the ring. Corbin tells him we can have a conversation in private. Seth tells him to shut up and listen. Seth tells him Raw has sucked since Corbin has been in charge. Seth says Corbin has made everything about him and he is what is wrong with Raw. Corbin tells him to watch how he speaks to him. Seth tells him he's got no idea how much talent the roster has and Corbin has no idea how to use them. Seth blames him for the urination segments and segments with him, McIntyre and Bobby Lashley. Seth says Corbin does this to hide his insecurities. Seth blames him for screwing Braun out of the Universal title. Seth calls his run as GM elect is a failure and the ratings have sunk because of Corbin. Corbin says he doesn't give a damn what Seth, the locker room and everyone else thinks. Corbin says it's only going to get worse for Seth. Corbin says Dean is going to beat Seth for the IC title and he will beat Braun by forfeit at TLC. Corbin says when he becomes permanent GM, he will make Seth's life a living hell. Seth challenges him to a match tonight. Seth challenges him in a TLC match tonight. Corbin says he has no problem making an example out of Seth but his answer is still no. Seth calls him a coward. Corbin tries to make excuses but Seth keeps calling him a coward. Corbin snaps and accepts the TLC match and announces it will be for the Intercontinental Championship.

Seth is interviewed backstage and asks if he regrets calling out Baron Corbin. Seth says he needs to take a stand and stop Corbin from doing what he's doing to Raw.

AOP and Drake Maverick vs. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable - WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

Gable goes for a drop kick to Akam but Akam blocked it. Rezar comes in and they double team Gable. Rezar knocks Roode off the apron and Chad tries to fight off Rezar but Rezar knocks him down. Rezar is in control until Chad and Roode sends both AOP members over the top rope. Chad and Bobby bring Drake in the ring and they hip toss him over the top rope onto AOP. Back from commercial, Rezar is in control of Chad. Rezar tags Drake and nails right hands to Chad. Drake slaps him but quickly makes a tag to Akam before Chad gains any momentum. Akam continues the beat down until Akam misses Chad in the corner and Roode gets tagged in. Roode takes control of Akam until Akam catches him from a top rope move and throws him over head. Chad breaks up a pinfall but gets thrown into the buckle by Akam. AOP go for a double powerbomb and Roode gets slammed with it but Chad counters with a head scissors. AOP recover and hit Chad with the powerbomb/neckbreaker combo. They tag Drake in and Drake mocks Roode before going for a cover. Drake covers but then gets rolled up by Roode for the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winners: And NEW Raw Tag Team Champions Bobby Roode and Chad Gable. 

Natalya makes her way to the ring.

Roode and Chad celebrate their victory backstage and are interviewed. Roode and Chad say that their tag title victory tonight was GLORIOUS.

Natalya is in the ring. She talks about Ruby Riott and how Ruby doesn't respect anyone or anything in this business. She says this was personal when Ruby broke her father's sunglasses. She talks about how her and her family had to scratch and claw their way to the top of the business. She says she will teach Ruby about respect at TLC and she will dedicate her match to her father Jim Neidhart. Natalya says she will put her ass through a table this Sunday. The Riott Squad come out. Ruby mocks Nattie for crying and says all Nattie does is walk around the locker room feeling sorry for herself. Ruby says Nattie doesn't represent the Hart family she disgraces the family. Ruby shows Nattie her gift. She reveals a table that has a picture of Jim Neidhart on it. Ruby says when she puts Nattie through a table this Sunday, Nattie and her dad will be a lot closer.

Dolph Ziggler is talking backstage about wanting to put Drew McIntyre back to obscurity. He says he doesn't know why Finn got involved last week and doesn't want his help. He says he will remind Drew tonight that he is not Finn Balor, he is Dolph Ziggler.

Drew McIntyre comes out to the ring for his match. Drew is interviewed and he says that nobody stays undefeated forever but that doesn't make him less dangerous. He says that he beat down Finn last week and he will beat him at TLC this Sunday. He says he doesn't care what kind of guy Dolph Ziggler is he is going to get his head kicked off.

Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph head butts Drew and goes on the attack but Drew knocks him down. Drew chops him in the chest. Drew is in control and beats him down. Dolph tries to fight back but Drew lands a belly to belly throw to Dolph. Drew covers but Dolph kicks out at 2. Back from commercial, Drew is in control beating up Dolph on the top rope. Dolph tries to fight back but Drew gets Dolph on his shoulders and lands a Celtic Cross from the top rope. Drew covers but Dolph kicks out at 2. Drew throws Dolph out of the ring. Drew goes for a suplex on the outside but Dolph counters and throws Drew face first into the post. Drew gets into the ring right before the count of 10. Dolph goes for a Super Kick until he collapses. Drew taunts Dolph but Dolph lands a right hand and the Zig Zag to Drew. Dolph covers but Drew just kicks out before 3. Dolph goes for the Super Kick but gets hit with the Claymore Kick by Drew for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre.

Drew throws Dolph into the post shoulder first and beats down Dolph outside. Dolph clears the steps and is about to powerbomb Dolph but officials stop him. Drew Claymore Kicks Dolph and Dolph's head bounces on the LED lighting on the apron.

Bayley and Sasha Banks make their way to the ring.

Alicia Fox vs. Bayley

Both women lock up. Fox attacks her in the corner but Bayley lands an elbow. Bayley lands an elbow on Fox from the middle rope. Fox hangs Bayley on the rope and gets her in a head lock. Bayley gets out, Fox flips over on Bayley but Bayley lands a clothesline. Bayley lands a back suplex. Bayley attacks her in the corner and hangs her off the ropes. The Singh Brothers distract Bayley causing Fox lay a kick to the head of Bayley. Apollo Crews comes out and attacks The Singh Brothers. Banks lands a Meteroa from the apron onto one of the brothers. Crews lifts Banks and throws her onto Jinder and the Brothers. Bayley lands a Bayley to Belly on Fox for the win.

Winner: Bayley.

Dean Ambrose is interviewed and he says Seth is a mad men, challenging Corbin in a TLC match tonight. Dean says Seth has a huge ego. He is asked about how Roman would react to all of this. Dean says who cares. Charly shares a highlight package of the Dean and Seth rivalry to him but then Dean walks away.

Elias is in the ring. He plays his guitar and does his introduction. Elias talks about Bobby Lashley saying that if it was up to him he would take every sports team and move it to LA. He says Lashley is going to find out at TLC this Sunday what WWE stands for. Elias says hitting a child with a guitar is not what he had in mind last week but he did it. He tells everyone to quiet down while he plays. Elias sings and says he can't stop thinking about how much Bobby Lashley sucks. Bobby and Lio Rush make their way to the ring.   

Elias vs. Lio Rush

Heath Slater comes out to referee the match. Lio dodges through Elias as the bell rings but Lio gets caught and slammed chest first to the mat. Elias takes control and throws him across the ring. Elias lands a chop to Lio in the corner. Elias throws him into the steel post. Bobby grabs Elias by the leg on the apron. Elias kicks Bobby away and Lio takes advantage, knocking Elias off the apron. Elias counters Lio in an electric chair into a power bomb. Elias covers but Bobby comes in and beats Elias down. Bobby intimidates Slater and doesn't ring the bell. Lio gets the guitar for Bobby, who nails Elias in the back with the guitar. Lio covers and Slater counts for the pinfall.

Winner: Lio Rush. 

Corbin confronts Slater and praises him for the job he did tonight. Slater says he's going home right now. Corbin says no he's not and tells him he's going to referee another match tonight.

Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring for the face off. Nia Jax along with Tamina make their way to the ring. Nia says she will become the Raw Women's Champion at the expense of Ronda Rousey at TLC. She says if Ronda had half the brain she doesn't, she would lay the title in the ring for her and give her the title. Nia says she is the embodiment of the anti Ronda Rousey. Nia says she broke Becky Lynch's face with one punch and she will do the same thing with Ronda but she will do it over and over again until Ronda is finished. Nia says she will erase the myth of Ronda Rousey. Ronda comes out and says she did not come here to talk she came here to fight. She runs towards Nia but Nia and Tamina leave the ring. Ember Moon comes out to join ROnda in the ring.

Ember Moon vs. Tamina 

Tamina is in control as the commercial break ends. Moon suddenly arm drags Tamina and drop kicks her out of the ring. Ember goes after her but Nia stops her. Ronda confronts Nia. Moon is in control until Tamina catches her with a kick to the face as Moon goes for a spring board move. Tamina throws her into the corner and collides into her. Tamina has a sleeper hold applied. Moon fights back but Tamina lands a shot to the mid section. Moon dodges Tamina in the corner. Moon lands a head scissors  and lands a series of kicks to Tamina. Moon plants her face first on the mat. Tamina suddenly catches Moon with a power slam. Tamina covers but Moon kicks out. Moon lands both of her knees to the face of Tamina. Nia tries to get involved but Ronda pulls her down and throws her over the barricade. Moon hangs Tamina off the rope and hits the Eclipse from the top rope for the win.

Winner: Ember Moon.

Corbin is interviewed and he knows Braun will not show up this Sunday and he will win by forfeit. He says he doesn't want to deprive people of seeing him use a table, ladder and a chair and he will do it tonight.

Slater makes his way to the ring to referee the TLC match.

Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin - TLC Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Seth goes on the attack on Corbin in the corner. Corbin fights back but Seth kicks him. Both men go back and forth and Seth knees him to the outside. Seth attacks him outside and grabs a chair. Corbin lands a vicious right hand to Seth on the apron. Seth knocks Corbin out of the ring as Corbin orders Slater to get something. Back from commercial, Corbin takes control and lands a chair shot to the back of Seth over and over. Corbin lands a shot to the ribs of Seth with the chair. Seth lands a chair shot to the back of Seth again. Corbin sends Seth into the barricade twice. Corbin grabs the ladder and goes to put in the ring but Seth kicks the ladder into Corbin. Seth goes to set up the ladder but Corbin knocks him down. Corbin lands a suplex to Seth on the ladder. Corbin wedges a chair in between the top and middle turnbuckle. Seth was about to send him into it but Corbin slides underneath and clotheslines Seth. Corbin sets up a table in the corner and is about to send Seth through it but Seth counters. Seth charges at Corbin but Corbin tosses him outside. Corbin climbs the ladder but Seth jumps on it. Seth knocks him off of it and the two men trade shots. Corbin sends him into the ladder. Corbin lands a baseball slide knocking Seth out of the ring. Back from commercial, Seth dives off the top rope but misses and runs into Deep 6 by Corbin. Corbin lands right hands to Seth over and over. Seth fights back and lands a kick to the ear. Corbin charges but misses Seth and runs into the chair in between the turnbuckle. Seth has the chair and hits Corbin in the back over and over with it. Seth hits the suicide dive on Corbin outside twice. Seth goes for it again but Corbin catches him and choke slams through the table. Corbin climbs the ladder but Seth hits him in the back with a chair. Seth is about to hit him with the chair but hits Slater by accident. Corbin knocks him out of the ring. Corbin goes for End Of Days but Seth counters and sends Corbin into the steel steps. Seth puts him on the table and lands a frog splash off the top rope through the table. Seth climbs the ladder but Slater knocks the ladder over, taking Seth out. Slater helps Corbin climb the ladder but Seth knocks Slater down and power bombs Corbin through a table. Seth kicks Slater in the face. Seth hits the Curb Stomp to Corbin. Seth climbs the ladder and grabs the championship.

Winner: And Still Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins.

Dean Ambrose appears on the stage and Seth stares him down.

End Of The Show.

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