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WWE Mixed Match Challenge (10/9) Indianapolis, IN

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Oct 09, 2018

WWE Mixed Match Challenge (10/9) Indianapolis, IN

Welcome to the live coverage for WWE Mixed Match Challenge!

Tonight, it's Fenomenal Flair (AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair) vs. Fabulous Truth (Carmella & R-Truth) for the SmackDown side of the bracket.  For the Raw side, it's Monster's Eclipse (Braun Strowman & Ember Moon) vs. BNB (Bayley & Finn Balor).


B'N'B (Bayley & Finn Balor) vs. Monster Eclipse (Ember Moon & Braun Strowman)


Both of these teams are undefeated at 1-0.  The crowd chants 'Get These Hands' before the match starts.  Finn and Bayley 2Sweet before Bayley starts this off.  Ember hits an armdrag before Bayley shoulders her down and hits a running elbow strike.  Ember Moon begins seething before tagging out.  Balor begins chopping the legs of Braun.  Finn kicks him in the head before dodging some charges from Braun.  Bayley is lifted up by Balor as she hits a hurricanrana to Moon.  Balor tries a big clothesline that does nothing to Braun.  Braun slams down Balor and begins applying a chinlock.

R-Truth and Carmella are shown backstage as Truth has forgotten about his match as he's about to leave.

Braun releases Balor before kicking him into the corner.  He throws Balor across the ring.  Balor tries to reach out to Bayley, but Braun throws him back.  Braun slams Balor into a corner before charging him.  Balor dodges out of the way and tags in Bayley.  Bayley hits some big clotheslines to Moon.  Moon hits a big powerslam into a gutbuster.  Bayley hits a big kick to the face of Moon.  Moon springs off the second rope for a crossbody for a two count!  Moon screams out.  She lifts up Bayley who kicks her in the face followed by a kneelift for a two count.  Moon and Bayley begin trading blows before Moon hits an enzuigiri.  Moon climbs up to the top rope.  Bayley pulls her down and hits the Bayley-to-Belly for a two count as Braun breaks it up!  Strowman tags in.  Balor enters as Braun misses a shoulder charge.  Balor climbs up and hits a double stomp to the back of Strowman's head.  Finn climbs to the top rope, but Braun moves and hits a powerslam for the three count!

Winners:  Monster Eclipse (Strowman/Moon)

Kevin Owens is injured so Natalya will need a new partner.  Nattie says that next week she'll need a new set of Paws on her team.  She wonders who it's going to be.  Lio Rush is shown where he says that his team is ready for Dominance.  Lio Rush said that his team is coming to win after Bobby took out Owens.


Fabulous Truth (R-Truth & Carmella) vs. Fenomenal Flair (AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair)


Carmella raps along with Truth to his song.  Once both teams are in the ring, Truth and Flair do dual What's Up and Woo chants to a tie.  Truth and AJ start this off.  Truth hits a headlock before he and Styles begin to do a dance battle.  They both tag out after that before Carmella hits some dance moves.  Charlotte tries to twerk to which they negate.  Carmella hits the splits as does Truth.  Charlotte does the splits as well.  AJ looks around unsure.  Styles hurts himself doing the splits.  Carmella hits a hurricanrana to Styles.  Charlotte climbs in as Carmella flinches.  They pause as Charlotte has an injured arm from SmackDown.  Charlotte chases Carmella around the ring. They go around and around the ring before Carmella rolls in.  Charlotte catches her, but Carmella kicks her away.  Carmella rolls out before taking a baseball slide.  Charlotte rolls in Carmella before hitting a belly-to-back suplex.  They trade some roll-ups before Carmella applies her submission finish to Charlotte who lifts out of it.  Carmella rolls her up for a two count.

The men come in as Styles hits some big clotheslines followed by a neckbreaker.  The pin is broken up by Carmella.  Truth hits the axe kick as Styles is distracted.  Charlotte breaks it up.  Carmella hits a big superkick.  Styles tries for the Styles Clash, but Truth reverses out.  Styles tries to roll up Truth, but Carmella is holding onto his hands.  Charlotte yanks her off as Styles rolls up Truth for the three count!

Winners:  Fenomenal Flair (Charlotte Flair & AJ Styles)

The Miz and Asuka are shown backstage where Miz says that Ravishing Rusev Day is in trouble next week.  Asuka says something that Miz just agrees to.  They say next week will be AWE-SKA!

Ravishing Rusev Day says that Miz isn't funny and next week they will CRUSH-KA!  Because Lana is the best... Lana #1!

Styles and Charlotte are dancing in the ring as the show comes a close.

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