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WWE Raw Live Results (10/8) Chicago, IL

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Oct 08, 2018

WWE Raw Live Results (10/8) Chicago, IL

Welcome to our live coverage of Monday Night Raw!

We open with Triple H's entrance music. Triple H comes out in street gear and makes his way to the ring. Shawn Michaels' music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Triple H says 25 years is a long time to climb a mountain. Triple H says him and Shawn made it to the summit of that mountain on Saturday. He says but there was an avalanche on that very mountain. A recap of the Triple H vs. Undertaker match from Super Show Down is shown. Triple H talks about respect and Shawn adds that he and Triple H had a long time to think on the flight back from Melbourne. Shawn says they got off the plane and Triple H asked him, "Are You Ready"? Triple H says that question is for the Brothers Of Destruction and to face them at Crown Jewel. Shawn says DX is ready and he says this with no respect at all, "If you're not down with that, we got to words for ya: Suck It!" 

Bobby Lashley vs. Kevin Owens

Both men lock up and Bobby shoves him down. They lock up again and Bobby shoves him again. Lio is on the mic and says that Kevin ain't ready. Bobby shoulder tackles Kevin down. Lio continues to cheer on Lashley. Bobby is in control beating Owens down in the corner. Owens trips Bobby over the top. Owens lands a right hand to Bobby as Bobby jumps onto the apron. Lio distracts Owens and Owens runs into a clothesline. Lio tries a Lashley chant but the fans boo. Owens is back in the ring and clotheslines Bobby over the top rope followed by a dive onto Bobby outside. The fans go nuts and cheer for Owens. Owens and Lashley brawl outside and Owens sends Bobby into the barricade. Back from commercial, Bobby has a headlock on Owens.  Owens tries to fight out and eventually gets out. Bobby charges at Owens but Bobby misses and hits the corner. Lio tries to get fans to cheer for Lashley but they continue to boo. Owens chases Lio but then Bobby attacks from behind and sends Owens into the steel steps. Bobby sends Owens into the barricade. Bobby dominates Owens as he brings him back in the ring and clotheslines him in the corner. Owens starts to fight back and bounces off the ropes but Bobby catches him with a spine buster. Lio continues to cheer for Lashley and Lashley hits the big suplex on Owens. Bobby covers but Owens kicks out at 2. Owens gets out of a full nelson and super kicks Bobby. Owens hits a Stunner on Bobby, covers but Bobby kicks out at 2. Owens goes on the top but Lio distracts him causing Bobby to knock him off. Bobby takes him off the top rope and kicks Owens knee. Bobby nails Owens with a dominater slam chest first to the mat for the win. After the match is over, Lashley goes back to the ring and attacks Owens' knee. Lashley swings Owens' knee to the steel post. Lashley swings the other leg into the post as well. The officials back Bobby away from Owens.

Winner: Bobby Lashley.

Michael Cole announces the WWE World Cup tournament match for WWE Crown Jewel.

Finn Balor and Bayley are interviewed about Jinder and Alicia Fox and Finn says they don't even know what planet they are on. Bayley says they are more focused on who's captain. Bobby and Lio interrupt and says this is their interview now. Bayley says it's their interview and Bobby says this is no time for hugs. Lio mocks Finn's Too Sweet phrase and they leave.

Elias is in the ring doing his usual introduction. Elias says that when these legends talk about WWE they talk about him. Elias says his loss in Australia was not his fault and he wrote a song about it. He tells everyone to shut their mouths and plays his song. Elias mocks Cena's hair in the song and says when he thought it couldn't get any worse they send him to Chicago. Elias talks about the Cubs not being in the World Series. Ronda Rousey interrupts as she makes her way to the ring for her match.

Ronda Rousey and The Bellas vs. Riott Squad

Brie and Liv start off. Liv face shoves Brie but Brie fights back. Brie is about to go for a kick but Liv dodges. Both women brawl around the ring and outside. Both teams separate them. Ronda and Sarah come in. Ronda throws Sarah around and flips her around. Sarah goes outside to regroup. Back from commercial, Ruby is in control until Nikki comes back with a spine buster. Nikki battles back and lands a spring board kick to the head. Brie gets tagged in but Ruby pulls Brie out of the ring and plants her with an STO outside. Liv is tagged in and continues the attack. Sarah is tagged in and has Brie in a chin lock. Brie gets out and tries to make a tag but Logan prevents her from doing it. Logan tags Liv and Liv lands a kick to Brie in the head. Ruby comes in and puts Brie in a chin lock. Brie tries to fight out but Ruby prevents her and knocks Nikki off the apron. The Riott Squad team up on Brie but Brie fights them off. Brie escapes Ruby and tags Ronda. Ronda dominates Ruby landing strikes and knees to her. Ronda. Ronda puts Ruby into the arm bar as The Bellas stop Logan and Liv from interfering. Ronda puts Ruby in the arm bar and makes Ruby tap out. The Bellas and Ronda celebrate until the Bellas suddenly attack Ronda. Ronda flips Brie over and attacks Nikki. Nikki escapes outside the ring but Ronda catches her. Brie attacks Ronda and they send her into the post. The Bellas continue the attack and send Ronda into the steel steps and the barricade. They bring Ronda back in the ring and step on top of her celebrating the beat down.

Winners: The Bellas and Ronda Rousey.

Bayley and Finn Balor vs. Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox

Mahal goes right after Finn and gets him in a head lock. Finn tries to fight back but Jinder keeps putting him down in the head lock. FInn gets out and lands a sunset flip into a drop kick. Finn and Bayley double team as Bayley kicks away Jinder and Fox. Jinder and Fox retreat to the outside. Back from commercial, Fox has Bayley in a head lock but then shoves Bayley down to the mat. Fox continues with the beat down and prevents Bayley from making a tag. Bayley sends Fox through the middle rope. Bayley dodges Fox again and tags Finn. Finn dominates Jinder until Jinder lands a boot to Finn. Jinder is on the top rope but Finn kicks him off. Finn and Jinder go back and forth. Fox breaks up a pinfall but then Bayley charges for Fox and ends up knocking Singh off the apron. Bayley pulls Fox outside. Finn kicks Jinder in the head and heads to the top rope and hits the Coup De Grace for the victory.

Winners: Finn Balor and Bayley.

Braun, Drew and Dolph are backstage, Dolph tries to fire them up for tonight's match against The Shield. Drew talks down to Dolph for eating the pinfall in Australia. Drew tells Dolph he should be the one pulling his weight around here. Braun yells at them and says he doesn't want to hear anymore excuses tonight if they lose.

Corbin walks backstage as he is approached by Heath Slater who asks him to be a part of the World Cup battle royal. Corbin tells Heath that he's just not good enough and walks away.

There are global amateur wrestlers in the ring for the battle royal.  Corbin comes out and says he is going to win the global battle royal to prove himself to compete in the tournament. Corbin says he has hand picked these participants to compete against him in this battle royal. Corbin introduces them and introduces himself. 

WWE Global Battle Royal

They all surround Corbin and they attack him. They all push Corbin to the corner to eliminate him but Corbin pushes them all away. The Conquistador hangs outside the ring as Corbin eliminates everyone in the ring. Corbin celebrates until he realizes Conquistador is outside. Corbin chases him and gets him in the ring. Conquistador all of a sudden hits Corbin with German suplexes followed by an Olympic Slam. Conquistador clotheslines Corbin over the top. Conquistador celebrates and then takes off the mask to reveal that it's Kurt Angle.

Winner: Kurt Angle.

Charly interviews Kurt about being in the World Cup tournament and congratulates him. Kurt says thank you but I'm still on vacation and leaves.

Nia Jax vs. Ember Moon

They shake hands. Ember dodges a clothesline and goes from behind. Nia throws her down. Ember lands kicks to her, bounces off the ropes but Nia slams her down. Ember does all she can but she gets attacked in the corner by Nia. Nia throws her across the ring. Nia counters a right hand by Ember, throws her to the ropes and tries a powerbomb but Ember counters with a head scissors. Ember kicks Nia to the outside. Ember lands a suicide dive but Nia still stands. Ember tries going back in the ring but Nia pulls her out. Nia lifts her up but Ember gets out. The two go back and forth. Nia charges at Ember but Ember counters and hits the apron LED lights. Ember makes it back in the ring in time for Nia to get counted out. After the match, the two women hug.

Winner: Ember Moon by count out.

Trish Stratus comes out and makes her way to the ring. Trish hypes up WWE Evolution. Trish responds to Alexa's Moment Of Bliss. Trish says she is full of B.S and she will grace everyone with a Moment of Stratusfaction. Alexa Bliss and Mickie James interrupt and says no one wants to hear this. Trish insults Alexa for being short. Alexa says she has been a big fan of Trish and has seen all of her matches and tells Trish that she sucks. Alexa says Trish would've been nothing if Alexa was wrestling back then. Trish says there is a ring on her finger that proves otherwise and invites Alexa to the ring. Mickie stops Alexa and says not here. Mickie says nothing good has happened with her and Trish in Chicago. Trish says the both of them are going to know what a beat down from a Hall Of Famer feels like. Mickie demands that the match at Evolution be a tag match. Trish says yes and announces her partner. Lita's music hits and she comes out. Lita and Trish beat down Alexa and Mickie. Lita saves Trish from Mickie. Trish nails Mickie with the kick. Lita goes for the Moonsault but Alexa pulls Mickie out. Lita and Trish celebrate as Alexa and Mickie retreat.

The Shield cut a classic Shield promo saying they are the one true constant and they are a brotherhood. They say they will prove it again tonight just like in Australia.

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable make their way to the ring for their match.

The Ascension vs. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

Konnor cuts a promo saying it was glorious that he beat both of them one on one in the middle of the ring. He says they will both beat Chad and Bobby right now. Konnor and Bobby start off and Konnor pushes Bobby into the corner. Bobby gets Konnor into a head lock. Chad blind tags himself in and lands a missle drop kick to Konnor. Chad covers but Konnor power out sending Chad outside. Chad gets back in but Viktor knocks him down. The Ascension dominates beating down Chad. Viktor is in and lands a suplex on Chad. Viktor covers but Chad kicks out. Viktor keeps Chad grounded and gets an arm lock on Chad. Chad fights back trying to make a tag but Viktor pushes him back. Chad avoids Viktor this time and tags Bobby. Bobby builds momentum and lands a block buster to Viktor. Bobby sends Konnor outside. Bobby and Viktor go back and forth until Chad tags himself in and hits the rolling german suplex to Viktor for the victory. Bobby looks confused. AOP suddenly come out and run over Konnor. They attack Gable and Roode and viciously beat them down along with The Ascension.

Winners: Bobby Roode and Chad Gable.

Highlights of DX is shown.

Paul Heyman comes out and does his introduction. He says he is here to see a fight as he watches the 6 man tag main event. He says he finds it ironic that Braun and Roman had to beat the hell out of each other in Australia just to do it again tonight. He says Brock is not watching because he is sleeping in his own bed and training to get back the Universal title as well as the UFC heavyweight title. He says Roman is part of a work horse stable and Braun has to worry about weak links on his team. He says Brock doesn't have to worry about anyone else but himself. Paul says Brock will be the Universal champion once again. The Shield's music hits and they appear in the crowd, making their way to the ring. 

The Shield vs. Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Drew and Seth start off. Both men lock up and Drew bounces off the ropes and is able to knock Seth down. Drew picks Seth up but Seth counters and boots Drew in the face. Dean gets tagged in and both Dean and Seth double team Drew. Drew tags Braun and Braun dominates Dean. Dean dodges Braun and tags Roman. Roman and Braun go back and forth. Roman tries to pick up Braun for a Samoan Drop but Braun gets out and collides into him. Dolph gets tagged in and continues the attack. Both Drew and Dolph try to double team Roman but Dean and Seth save him. The Shield toss Drew and Dolph out of the ring and they wait for Braun. Braun jumps off the apron and yells at Drew and Dolph. Back from commercial, Braun is in control as he collides into Roman in the corner. Dolph gets tagged in and beats down Roman. Dolph puts him in the corner and charges but Roman lands a right hand. Braun comes in and charges but Roman moves and Braun hits the steel post. Braun stops him from making a tag but gets hit with a Samoan Drop. Seth gets tagged in and takes out Dolph and Drew. Seth hits Drew with a suicide dive. Seth spring board clotheslines onto Dolph. Seth covers but Dolph kicks out. Seth goes for the Curb Stomp but Dolph counters. Both men go back and forth. Seth is able to hit the Buckle Bomb on Dolph. Seth covers but Drew breaks it up. Dean attacks Drew. The Shield triple team Braun as Roman nails a Superman Punch and Seth lands a kick to the face. Seth and Dean land on Drew and Dolph with a suicide dive. Roman flies over the top rope and lands on everyone outside. Back from commercial, Braun is in control nailing head butts to Seth. Braun squeezes the skull of Seth. Braun throws him in to the corner, tagging in Drew. Drew continues the onslaught. Seth fights back and tries to make a tag but Drew knocks him with a boot. Drew covers but Seth kicks out. Dolph comes in and beats him down. Dolph goes for a drop kick but Seth catches him and catapults him into the post. Seth goes to make a tag but Drew stops him. Seth lands a Enziguri to Drew. Braun knocks Dean and Roman off the apron. Braun sends Dean into the barricade and Roman into the steps. Braun yells at Dolph, Dolph yells back and Braun grabs him by the throat. Drew confronts Braun. Seth rolls up Drew but Drew kicks out. Seth sends Drew to the outside. Dean comes in and dominates Drew. Drew catches Dean but Dean gets out of Drew's grasp. Dean nails a swinging neck breaker, covers but gets a 2. Dean puts Drew on the top and meets him up there but Drew knocks him down. Drew goes off but Dean counters going for Dirty Deeds but Drew gets out. Seth and Dolph brawl and both men go over the top rope. Dean and Drew collide into each other. Braun sends Roman into the post and goes for a Power Slam but Dean suicide dives onto him. Braun catches him but Dean turns it into Dirty Deeds outside. Braun gets up and gets Speared by Roman. Seth sends Dolph over the top rope but Dean runs into the Claymore Kick from Drew for the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winners: Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins.

Dean walks out on Roman and Seth as they recover in the ring. Roman and Seth are confused as they watch him walk away.

End Of The Show.


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