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WWE NXT Results (10/3)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Oct 03, 2018

WWE NXT Results (10/3)

Welcome to NXT!

Backstage with Nikki Cross being herself and talking about Bianca.

Candace LeRae vs Lacey Evans

Candace makes her way to the ring and now Lacey makes her way to the ring.

Lacey with a shove and return favor by Candace, now they are fighting for the upperhand. Candace with a chop and now a faceplant into 2 corners and a cutter through the ropes for 2. Candace with a boot now and gets shoulder blasted by Evans, Evans with kicks in the corner and now bronco buster in the corner for 2. Evans slams the head of Candace into the corner and now a scissors headlock and then slams her head off the mat and again. Evans with a kick for 2, Evans takes out the legs and then Candace with a step up inziguiri. Candace takes out the knee and then a drop kick and a back elbow into a snap mare, Candace with a cutter off the top rope and a 2 count. Evans with the trash talk and that incites a rage in Candace and now the mauling in the corner on Evans. Evans with the Women's Right for the win.

Winner Lacey Evans

A look into the triple threat for the North American Championship match.

Commercial break

Ciampa appears and tells Dream to be careful and to stay out of his spotlight.

Kirsh, Reise and Mixon vs Forgotten Sons(Blake, Cutler and Ryker)

Ryker destroys 2 of the other team and now Blake in, Blake working on the arm now of Mixon and a crossface in the corner and the tag to Reise and a massive clothesline from literal hell and the tag to Cutler and the double team on him as they take out his corner after. Now Ryker with a slingshot powerbomb for the win.

Winners Forgotten Sons

Replay of last weeks encounter with Sane and Baszler and now a look into the lead up to that match at Evolution.

Backstage with Nese and wants to take over NXT.

Bel Air backstage and says that she doesn't care about what Cross wants its all about her.

Johnny Gargano vs Tony Nese

Gargano makes his way to the ring and now Nese makes his way to the ring.

Nese with a shoulder takedown and Gargano with a head scissors takedown but gets run over by Nese. Nese with kicks in the corner and now a chop to the chest, Gargano with a suicide dive and now a chop to the chest. Nese swipes the feet out on the middle rope and a gut buster for 2. Nese powering down Gargano to the mat and now the body scissors with Gargano backs up for a 2 count and now fights out. Nese cuts him off and slides through his feet taking him out and Gargano hits a spike DDT, Gargano with lefts and now a step up inziguiri and now a slingshot spear for 2. Gargano with kicks in the corner and now left forearms and gets planted by Nese with one of his own. Gargano with a roundhouse and now Nese with a buckle bomb, Gargano with a straight forearm and then gets dumped over the top rope. Nese with a corkscrew dive and now a 450 splash for a 2 count. Nese with the boots across the face and Gargano with a step up inziguiri and Nese hits a German into the turnbuckles, now Gargano with a massive clothesline into the Gargano Escape for the win.

Winner Johnny Gargano

A look at next weeks matches.

Lars Sullivan vs EC3

Sullivan makes his way to the ring and now EC3 makes his way to the ring.

Before the match starts EC3 flies to the ring and attacks Sullivan, match starts now and sends Sullivan back out of the ring. EC3 sends Sullivan into the steps and again now both are down. Sullivan with a knee to the midsection and now EC3 meets him in the ring with rights and now Sullivan goes shoulder first into the post and a power slam to Sullivan into a elbow drop for 2. Lars drives EC3 into the corner and now with the shoulder and tosses him across the ring and now with a running start blasts into the corner, EC3 with a drop kick off the top and a with a front face lock leg sweep for 2. EC3 with clubs to the back and a kick and then gets caught by Lars, Lars throws him across the ring and now crossface shots and the 1 count. Lars with a knee to the face and EC3 hits a German Suplex and a splash in the corner, now a diving crossbody for 2. Lars with a short arm clothesline from hell and now both men go over the top rope, Lars slams EC3 back first into the ring apron and now a diving headbutt for the win.

Winner Lars Sullivan

-End of show- 


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