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WWE 205 Live Results (9/26)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Sep 26, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results (9/26)

Welcome to 205 Live!

Replay of the Cruiserweight Title match from last week.

Noam Dar vs Lio Rush

Dar makes his way to the ring and now Rush makes his way to the ring.

Rush with a cheap shot before the bell, now after a chase down back into the ring with Dar hitting a kick and now sends Rush into the ropes. Dar tosses Rush across the ring and now a 2 count and after a little mind games goes for another 2 count. Rush with a slap and a handspring kick and another kick into a moonsault to the floor and back into the ring and a 2 count. Rush with a slap to the chest and now Dar with forearms and now Rush with a powerslam for 2. Rush with a kick to the back and now a bear hug, Dar with a couple rights and Rush takes out the left knee of Dar. Rush with a kick and now an elbow to the top of the head, Rush with a snap mare but gets his kick caught and Dar swipes him off his feet. Rush misses Dar completely and flies right into the ropes hitting neck first. Dar with an uppercut and a running forearm into a suplex or 2. Dar with the ankle lock and Rush flips out of the hold, Dar suplexes Rush into the turnbuckles and a 2 count. Dar with a palm strike and now a flurry of strikes in the corner, Rush with a kick to the knee and then the head of Dar and hits the Final Hour for the win.

Winner Lio Rush

Brian Kendrick vs Hammond Elgar

Kendrick makes his way to the ring with Gallagher and Gulak and his opponent is already in the ring.

Kendrick with a kick and straight into Captains Hook for the win.

Winner Brian Kendrick

After the match Gulak attacks Elgar and then Kendricks gets shots in as well before tossing him out of the ring.

Backstage with Ali talking about his match with Hideo Itami

Commercial break.

Backstage with TJP poking fun at The Lucha House Party.

Mustafa Ali vs Hideo Itami

Ali makes his way to the ring and now Itami makes his way to the ring.

Itami bainting in Ali only to hide in between the ropes and again but this time rolling outside the ring, Ali now chasing Itami and Ali drags him outside the ring and hits him with a slap and now a drop kick. Ali with a forearm and into a hurricanrana, Ali with a spinning heel kick for 1. Itami spins Ali's head into the ring post and rips him out of the ring and onto the floor face first. Itami with kicks to the chest now and slams Ali's head into the ring side apron and a 2 count. Itami now working on the neck of Ali, Itami with a boot to the back and now knee drops to the face and a swipe kick to the side of Ali's face and a kick now as well. Ali with chops to the chest and now a boot to the chest, Itami with a DDT for 2. Itami back to the neck now and then slams him to the mat, Itami with a Boston crab hold into a Single leg crab, Itami hits a kick to the back of the head with the hold still applied and now a foot to the side of the head with the hold still applied and rope break. Itami kicks Ali in the face which sends him out of the ring, Itami sends Ali into the time keepers area and now with kicks to the chest. Itami with a suplex on the floor and now Ali with a backslide for 2. Ali with the rolling facebuster and now Ali with a powerbomb for 2. Ali dumps Itami onto the floor and now a sommersault dive over the ropes, Itami with a back elbow to the midsection and Ali misses with a crossbody and Itami hits him mid air with a kick to the face and now a 2 count. Itami misses the running corner drop kick and now Itami takes out the legs of Ali on the top rope, Itami with a Superplex for 2. Itami with little kicks to the head of Ali with the point of his boot and now Ali hits an awkward frog splash for 2. Ali hits the 054 on the ring apron and now its a double count out. 

Winner None, double count out. 

-End of show-

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