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WWE Smackdown Live Coverage And Results (9/18) Tulsa, Oklahoma

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Sep 18, 2018

WWE Smackdown Live Coverage And Results (9/18) Tulsa, Oklahoma

Welcome to Smackdown Live and Smackdown is coming to us from Tulsa, Oklahoma and we kick things off with MizTV and his special guest Maryse and they talk about how Brie Bella married Daniel Bryan so she could remain in the spotlight.

Miz then says now that Maryse has conquered Brie Bella what's next? Maryse says this is her last night on Smackdown. The crowd then begins to boo and Miz says if they want to act like children he'll treat them like children and really give them something to boo about. He will destroy Daniel Bryan right here, right now

Bryan runs out and a brawl breaks out between Miz and Bryan and goes to attack Miz and shoves him into Maryse. Maryse is down and the referee calls for EMT's to come down and they load Maryse onto a stretcher but it was a set up all along as Maryse sits up smiling and climbs up on the apron. Miz then goes to deliver a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz goes after Bryan but Daniel ducks and Miz accidentally hits Maryse

Tonight: AJ Styles vs Andrade 'Cien' Almas ; Becky Lynch's championship coronation.

Backstage: New Day are walking


We're back and Daniel Bryan is in the back and he says whenever Miz calls him out he's up to something and the one thing everyone knows is Miz is a coward but didn't think he'd sink so low as to stage an injury with his wife. But in Australia it's not going to be a tag team match, it's going to be one on one and he's not only going to punch Miz in the face but punch his ticket to a WWE Championship match


Crossbody by Kingston off the second rope and Kingston clears the ring as Cesaro goes to the outside to re-group. Cesaro looks to re-enter the ring but Kingston with a dropkick. Kingston sends Cesaro back in the ring and Cesaro with a chop block as he takes control of the match going after the left leg.

Uppercut in the corner and Cesaro working over the leg but Kingston fighting back gets a nearfall off a sunset flip. Cesaro drops an elbow and now he has the injured leg locked up and Kingston kicking away at him with the good leg.

Kingston with a roll up for nearfall. Cesaro with a single leg boston crab and Kofi trying to fight out of it. Kingston gets back to his feet and a victory roll for a nearfall. Cesaro with an uppercut

Kingston mounting a comeback as he lands a kick to Cesaro. Kofi goes to the top rope but Cesaro with a kick and Cesaro hooks Kingston up looking for a gutwrench but Kingston counters planting Cesaro with a Tornado DDT and Kingston sends Cesaro to the outside

Kingston launches himself over the ropes onto Cesaro. Back in the ring, Kingston hits the SOS. Backslide by Cesaro. Cesaro picks Kingston up and delivers The Neutralizer for the three count

The winner of the match: Cesaro

Backstage: Rusev and Lana are talking and Aiden English walks in and says he's sorry about Hell In A Cell but has a real good feeling about Rusev's match. Rusev says English is right because Aiden English won't be in the match. English says he did his best and Rusev says if that was Aiden's best it wasn't good enough. Everyone has to pull their weight. They walk off and Aiden snaps and yells at a cameraman saying Rusev Day was his idea without him Rusev would be nothing and Lana is more of a wife then a manager. The cameraman points over English's shoulder and he turns around and Lana heard everything. Aiden then tries to apologize but she tells him to stop. She's going to tell Rusev everything


om Phillips was going to talk about something from Hell in a Cell, but we go to the production truck where Randy Orton is giving someone a back rub. Randy wants to know what is taking so long. He is told it takes a while to pull up the footage. Randy asks the employee if he knows what happens when you piss him off. Randy tells him to stop with the screwdriver spot. Randy is told that he is hurting the employee and Randy does not care. Randy wants to see the next image. He wants to know what he feels when he sees this. Is he uneasy and sick to his stomach. Randy says everything he did to Jeff Hardy will pale in comparison to what he does to his next victim.

The announcers talk about the match from Sunday and wonder how depraved Randy really is.

Tom talks about the controversy over the WWE Championship match and how person it was (but not personal enough for a match in the cell). We look at AJ tapping out while the referee is out of position to see the tap.

AJ Styles is in the interview area. He is asked about how he almost lost the title. AJ says after everything Joe put him through, the worst thing that could have happened was Joe walking out of Hell in a Cell as champion. Lady luck smiled in his direction and he is still champion. It will happen one more time in Australia. No Count outs, no disqualifications. Anything goes. Before he gets to Australia, he faces Andrade Almas tonight and he has to focus on Almas. Almas took him to his limit the last time they wrestled. He will get focused so he can win tonight.

We are back and Lana has to tell Rusev something but Rusev wants to focus on his match. Rusev tells Aiden to do the honors. Rusev does not want to hear from Lana.


Rusev works over the arm delivering shoulderblocks. A kick to Shinsuke. Nakamura counters a slam and Nakamura taunts Rusev and Rusev gets slammed in the corner. Overhead suplex by Rusev and another suplex as he kicks Shinsuke to the outside

Nakamura trying to re-enter the ring but Rusev keeps him out. Shinsuke finally gets back in the ring and delivers a dropkick as we go to commercial


We're back and Shinsuke with a face lock on Rusev. Suplex blocked by Nakamura as he holds onto Rusev and Aiden English grabs the mic and starts cheering "Rusev Day". Rusev breaks the hold. Shinsuke runs into a boot and Rusev fires back with punches.

Big knee to the midsection and a clothesline drops Nakamura. Rusev with a spin kick to the champion. Nakamura in trouble as Rusev sets up for the Machka Kick. Shinsuke counters and goes for a kick but Rusev blocks and lands one of his own for a nearfall

Shoulderblocks in the corner and an irish whip and Rusev hits the turnbuckle as Shinsuke lands a kick to the back of the neck and repeatedly stomps away at Rusev. Rusev is laid out across the top rope but Rusev climbs down and Nakamura kicks the turnbuckle.

Rusev and Nakamura are on the apron and Rusev picks Nakamura up but Shinsuke rakes the eyes and delivers a knee to the face. Rusev is thrown into the barricade then rolls him back into the ring. Nakamura setting up for the Kinchasa

Rusev gets to his feet and Nakamura charges but Rusev connects with the Machka Kick. Aiden English climbs up on the apron and yells for Rusev to crush. Rusev asks Aiden what he's doing and while Rusev is distracted with English Shinsuke rolls Rusev up for the three count

The winner of the match and still United States Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura

Post Match: Aiden English attacks Rusev. Aiden English then sings 'Happy Rusev Day' and leaves the ring as Lana checks on Rusev yelling at English to 'GET OUT!!!!!!!'



Almas goes after Styles before the bell can ring and he stomps away at Styles. The referee checks to see if AJ can continue and Styles nods and the bell rings

Almas attacks again but AJ fights back. Almas still in control with a kick. Irish whip and a tilt o whirl backbreaker for a nearfall and we go to break


We\re and Almas off the irish whip looking for a big move but Styles counters planting Almas with a DDT. Styles picks Almas up on his shoulder delivers a shoulderbreaker. Snapmare to Almas and Styles drops an elbow. Styles looking for the Styles Clash but Almas counters and goes for a moonsault but AJ gets the knees up

WJ charges and Almas sends Styles over the ropes to the apron. Forearm by Styles. Almas stuns Styles and delivers a double stomp sending both men crashing to the floor


We are back and Almas goes for a running knee into the corner but Styles moves and Almas goes over the top rope to the floor. AJ with a sliding knee on the apron. AJ sends Almas back into the ring. Styles with a slingshot orearm and he gets a near fall. Almas grabs the ropes to stop AJ from applying the Styles Clash and Almas drops AJ on the top rope. Almas with a springboard drop kick. Almas with a running double knee strike in the corner for a near fall.

Almas sets for the hammer lock DDT but AJ with an escape into a jackknife cover and a Styles Clash for the three count.

The winner of the match: AJ Styles

Post Match: Samoa Joe attacks AJ Styles



Asuka with strikes and Billie backs into the ropes. Peyton distracts Asuka and Billie sends Asuka into the ropes and gets a near fall. Billie with a cravate. Asuka with a rollup for a near fall. Asuka with a hip attack and then she runs into a boot from Billie for a near fall. Billie tries to pick up Asuka but Asuka with an Asuka Lock and Billie taps out.

The winner of the match: Asuka



Paige introduces the new Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch and congratulates her. The fans chant "You Deserve It". Becky says it took 2 years to get here and finally the championship is back where it belongs. She calls Charlotte Flair out

Charlotte then comes out. Paige says they're not doing anything tonight and Charlotte promises she's not out here to fight or steal Becky's spotlight. She's out to show Becky the respect that Becky couldn't show her at Summerslam but wanted to come out and tell Becky woman to woman she's the better woman that night

Charlotte says Becky paid a steep price and threw away more than just a friendship and at Super Show-Down she's getting her rematch and it may have took her 2 years to get that title but Becky can lose it in one night.

Becky says she didn't want Charlotte to raise her hand at Summerslam because she didn't want Charlotte stealing her spotlight but she can raise Becky's hand. Charlotte says no but Becky says it's okay she wants Charlotte to put the belt around Becky's waist. Becky then says she doesn't want either. Becky wants Charlotte to call her Queen. Charlotte turns around and a brawl breaks out and Becky locks the Disarm Her on Charlotte.

Becky goes to pick up her championship but returns to give Charlotte a Becksploder before exiting the ring and Becky stands at the top of the stage holding the championship up staring at Charlotte as Smackdown goes off the air



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