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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (8/7) Orlando, FL

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Aug 07, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (8/7) Orlando, FL

Welcome to the live coverage and results for 205 Live!

We're welcomed to the show by the usual suspects of Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson.


Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese vs. Kalisto & Lince Dorado


The bell sounds with Buddy Murphy and Lince Dorado.  Lince is thrown around for a bit by Buddy Murphy before he tags out to Tony Nese.  Nese stomps on him before whipping him into the ropes.  Lince rebounds with a knee followed by a dropkick.  Both men tag out as Kalisto wails on Murphy.  Kalisto hits a tilt-a-whirl guillotine lock.  Murphy powers him out before Kalisto hits a big running kick to the face followed by the basement hurricanrana!  He gets a two count.  Murphy rushes Kalisto into the corner, but Kalisto kicks him.  Nese gets the blind tag in this exchange.  Kalisto tries for a springboard move, but Nese drops off the apron and yanks Kalisto down onto it.  Nese rolls him inside the ring and locks on a chinlock before tagging in Murphy.  Murphy chops Kalisto in the corner before tagging into Nese.  Tony Nese stands over Kalisto before yanking him up.  He whips Kalisto into the ropes following with a running crossbody.  He gets a two count on Kalisto before tagging out to Murphy.  Murphy stomps down on Kalisto before locking in a side headlock.

The crowd begins to get behind Kalisto as he uses it for energy.  He gets a jawbreaker on Murphy before catching him with a kick.  Kalisto gets to the apron where he catches Nese with a kick.  Murphy charges to catch a kick on the chin.  Kalisto leaps over before hitting the sunset flip for the two count!  Kalisto leaps towards his corner, but Lince is yanked from the apron by Nese!  Murphy hits the German suplex with a bridge for a two count.  Tony Nese tags in, but Kalisto dropkicks them into one another.  He leaps and in comes Lince!  Lince hits some big kicks followed by a dropkick into a moonsault on Tony Nese for a two count!  Nese catches him with an elbow.  Lince hits a dropkick into the corner followed by a bronco buster!  Lince hits the lifting reverse DDT slam for a two count as Murphy breaks it up!  Murphy and Lince square off for a second before Lince hits a double springboard stunner on them to knock them out of the ring!

Lince Dorado tags out to Kalisto before they hit some tandem planchas onto their enemies.  Lince is knocked out of the ring as is Murphy!  Kalisto tries for the Salida Del Sol, but he's pushed into Murphy who trips his leg.  Tony Nese rolls up Kalisto with the tights as the referee counts three!

Winners:  Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese

Mustafa Ali is shown backstage before GM Drake Maverick enters.  He says that Ali is pushing himself too hard.  Ali says that last week was a speed bump and he wants this shot against Hideo.  Maverick says that he's been there, but he needs to take it easy.  Ali says that he needs to worry about Itami, not him.

Hideo Itami is shown shadow boxing backstage.  He says some things in Japanese before saying that Mustafa Ali should have shown him some respect.

A video package is shown of Noam Dar highlighting how young he is as well as his past on 205 Live.  He talks about his injury and how he's going to be better than ever before.  He talks about how he let TJP get into his head and his knee.  He says that he's a Supernova and a star player.


Noam Dar vs. Sean Maluta


They tie it up in the center of the ring before Itami pushes Maluta into the corner.  Maluta tries for a dirty shot to no avail.  Sean Maluta hits a big kick to the knee followed by a dropkick to the injured knee.  Maluta continues abusing the knee with kicks!  Maluta tries for a crossbody that Noam Dar dodges underneath.  Dar hits a big running body block into the corner followed by a diving elbow.  Noam Dar hits the roundhouse knee strike (Nova Roller) for the three count!

Winner:  Noam Dar

They show a video package of last week with Cedric Alexander defeating The Brian Kendrick before being attacked by Jack Gallagher and Drew Gulak. 

Cedric Alexander is shown in an empty arena saying that he's not surprised that he had Jack do his dirty work for him.  He says that Gulak can't beat him when it's one-on-one.  Alexander says that next week he'll show Jack Gallagher.

Drew Gulak is shown at a podium, flanked by Gallagher and Kendrick.  He says that next week Jack will prove to him why he's aligned with Gulak just five days before SummerSlam.  Gulak says that he doesn't need anyone to do his dirty work.  He says that at SummerSlam, when Alexander steps to him, he'll tap out!


Mustafa Ali vs. Hideo Itami


The bell sounds as they circle around.  Hideo teases a few kicks that Ali dodges out of the way of.  Hideo tries for a yakuza kick, but Ali ducks out of the way.  Mustafa Ali hits a big dropkick before nailing Itami with some mounted punches!  Itami tries for a wild discus chop, but Ali ducks it again.  Hideo tries for a kick, but Ali catches it and whips him around to catch a spinning heel hook!  Itami hits the mat and rolls outside.  Ali hits a big plancha right over the top rope onto Itami!  Ali rolls Hideo into the ring before climbing up.  Big crossbody by Ali only for a one count.  Mustafa Ali begins staggering around with a confused face on.  Hideo hits a big kick to the midsection before stomping on the head of Ali.  Hideo yells at Ali before taking a shot to the head.  Ali charges Hideo, but he's thrown outside.  He catches Hideo and pulls him with him.  They begin trading kicks and chops on the outside.  Itami gets the better of it.  Hideo breaks the count at eight before continuing his kicks outside.  They climb up onto the apron to trade blows there.  Hideo Itami hits a big dropkick sending Ali back into the corner post.  Hideo yells at the crowd before lifting up Mustafa Ali. 

Hideo places Ali's head on the screen around the ring before stomping on it!  Hideo rolls Ali into the ring and climbs in.  Hideo hooks his leg for a two count.  Hideo Itami begins just kicking at Ali.  He tells Ali to respect him.  Hideo hits a running knee to the midsection.  He soaks it in before covering him for a two count.  Itami locks in a side headlock as he yells at the referee to ask him.  Hideo whips him back into the corner before connecting with another knee to the midsection.  Itami kicks Ali in the back before cockily covering him with a boot on his chest for a one count.  Ali rolls up Hideo for a two count before hitting a chop to Hideo.  Ali dodges a charge from Hideo in the corner before kicking him in the head.  Mustafa Ali rolls through and tries for his X-Factor, but he gets NAILED by a kick that turns him inside-out.  Hideo covers him for a two count!

Hideo hoists up Ali, but Ali fights out with a lifted dropkick!  Mustafa Ali begins to build energy with a clothesline followed by another kick with the X-Factor for a two count.  Ali lifts up Hideo, but he takes a boot to the face!  Ali hits a superkick!  Hideo hits a spinning backfist as they both collapse!  Hideo Itami hits a Falcon Arrow for a two count.  Itami lifts up Ali to the top rope before climbing up with him.  Ali hits the forward suplex followed by the sunset flip.  He lifts up Hideo from that position into a sitout powerbomb for a two count!  Hideo slams Ali's head into the second turnbuckle.  Hideo's finisher is reversed!  Ali rushes toward Hideo, but Hideo hits an exploder belly-to-belly suplex!  Hideo Itami's lip is busted open.  Hideo Itami tries for the running dropkick into the steel steps, but Ali dodges out of the way!  Ali hits the diving tornado DDT on the outside!  Ali rolls in Itami before climbing up, but he's lost his balance!  He's sick and can't hold himself up as Hideo blasts him!  He falls into the tree of woe as Hideo hits THREE dropkicks into the corner before Ali falls.  Hideo pins him for the three count!

Winner:  Hideo Itami

Hideo Itami is laughing on the top of the stage as Mustafa Ali gets to his feet and falls in a heap.  The referee is talking to Mustafa Ali and telling him to stop moving.  The referee asks him what year it is?  Drake Maverick begins yelling for someone to get out here.  The show closes with Mustafa Ali looking dazed on the ground.

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