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WWE Smackdown Live Coverage & Results (7/17) Wilkes-Barre, PA

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Jul 17, 2018

WWE Smackdown Live Coverage & Results (7/17) Wilkes-Barre, PA

Welcome to the live coverage for WWE SmackDown Live!

Jeff Hardy opens the show by telling the crowd that at Extreme Rules he was blindsided by Shinsuke Nakamura.  He says that he shouldn’t have taken the match after being low blowed by Shinsuke.  Still, he took the match, and tonight he’ll be taking back what is rightfully his.  That United States Championship.  He tells the crowd to enjoy the show before leaving.

Backstage, Shinsuke Nakamura is shown watching this happen in the interview area.  Renee Young steps into the picture and asks him about his title win.  He says that he hates to see a clown cry.  He says that he should be smiling like him.  He says that he’s going to have to make a cry again as this is his title.  God Bless America.

AJ Styles makes his way out to the ring as he’s in action NEXT against Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas!



AJ Styles vs. Andrade 'Cien' Almas


The match starts with the two tying it up.  Almas slams Styles to the mat as the commentators talk about Styles' next opponent being up in the air even saying Almas could secure a shot with a win tonight.  Almas and Styles tie up again with the same result as earlier.  Almas connects with a big elbow to Styles before locking on a side headlock.  He continues working over the hold before Styles whips him off.  Styles goes for a dropkick, but Almas catches himself between the top and second rope with a taunt and a grin.


While commercials are ongoing, the fight continues in the corner.  Almas hits some big kicks and knocks down Styles for a two count.  He stalks Styles before AJ hits a big chop.  Almas whips him into the corner and tries for a running knee, but Styles dodges out of the way!  Almas hits the corner and tumbles right over to the mat.  Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm on the outside.  Styles rolls him him back in.  Almas tries to kick Styles only for Styles to catch his leg and whip him down.  They roll outside before Zega gets in the way allowing for Almas to blindside him.  Almas rolls him back inside the ring before locking on the headlock.  Styles fights out and hits a big facebuster slam to floor both of them.  They begin trading blows before Styles hits the running forearm strike.  He pulls Almas up before taking a dropkick on the chin!

Almas knocks Styles into the corner with vicious elbow strikes before hitting a backbreaker in the ropes followed by a chest chop to flatten him for a two count.  Styles is put up on the top rope before Almas hits the running dropkick.  Styles falls to the mat in the corner.  Almas teases his double knee attack before getting caught by Styles into a fireman's carry neckbreaker on his own knee!  Styles tries for the Styles Clash, but he's blocked by Almas by pushing him into the ropes.  Styles clocks him before trying for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Almas elbows his leg out from underneath him!  Almas climbs up goes for the moonsault, misses, but does another moonsault that connects for a two count!

Andrade tries for the suplex, but he takes an enzuigiri the knocks him back into the corner.  Styles rushes towards Almas before eating a boot.  Almas climbs up and take a Pele Kick that stops him.  Styles climbs up, hooks an arm, but Almas pushes him back.  Styles is hooked on the second rope as Almas hits the double footstomp to the mat!  Almas hits the running double knee strike for the two count!  Almas is showing frustration.

Almas hooks the arm of Styles before trying for the hammerlock DDT, but Styles hooks his leg and rolls through.  He locks in the Calf Crusher as Almas taps out!

Winner:  AJ Styles

They show highlights from the PPV before Aiden English is shown walking backstage.  He walks up to Lana and says that he has to apologize for costing Rusev at Extreme Rules.  He says that he took it from Rusev.  She says that Rusev is angry and that he needs space.  She says that Rusev needs to think about what is best for Rusev and whether he needs English.  Aiden says that he needs a second chance, and she says she'll take it into consideration.

Becky Lynch makes her way out to the ring as we head into...



Becky Lynch vs. Mandy Rose


Sonya Deville accompanies Mandy Rose down to the ring.  The two ladies lock up in the center of the ring before Rose hits a big right hand to Lynch.  She tries for a big kick before catching one in the gut.  Lynch tries a springboard move, but Rose hooks her leg and yanks her down.  Mandy Rose begins stomping away at Lynch in the corner.  Lynch tries to fight back before taking some big blows from Rose.  Rose traps the arm of Lynch before locking in a sort of Octopus Stretch.  Mandy drops it as Lynch fights out before hitting big dropkick.  Rose follows that up with a bicycle knee for a two count.  Mandy Rose locks in the submission again before Lynch breaks out and rolls up Rose for a two count.  Lynch hits a leaping forearm followed by a dropkick.  Becky hits the Becksploder Suplex followed by the Disarmher!  Mandy Rose taps out.

Winner:  Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch has a microphone and says thank you so much to the audience.  She says winning feels good... no great!  She says that she's been patiently waiting and biding her time.  She says that she's never stopped working for the audience.  She says that she's just getting started.  She asks if Carmella heard that.  Straight Fire is coming for Carmella.  She says it's time for Becky Balboa to become SmackDown Womens Champion!

Paige is shown backstage.  Carmella walks into the room.  Paige talked about the crowd cheering for Becky before Carmella says Paige's accent is annoying.  Carmella demands a party for next week and Paige agrees... if Carmella can beat her opponent next week, Becky Lynch.

Tye Dillinger is shown backstage getting ready before R-Truth walks in and asks him if he's okay.  Tye says that if this is going to be some dumb motivational thing, he's good.  Truth says what?  Tye says yeah he's got Samoa Joe tonight!  He storms out of the room before Truth pulls off a Bluetooth from his ear and tells his mom that he's going to have to call her back.



Samoa Joe vs. Tye Dillinger


As soon as the bell sounds, Tye Dillinger attacks Samoa Joe and floors him with pummeling blows!  Dillinger follows him out of the ring before slamming Joe into the table!  Samoa Joe reverses Tye Dillinger and sends him crotch-first into the corner post outside.  He rolls Tye into the ring before hitting the running elbow strike followed by the high kick.  Samoa Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch as Tye Dillinger has no choice but to tap out!

Winner:  Samoa Joe


We come back as funeral music is being played.  The Miz comes out and shakes hands of fans as if thanking them for attending.  Kane's mask is on a mannequin head as it's being wheeled out by three other people.  The Miz brings the mask into the ring where a couple of pictures of Team Hell No is shown.  The Miz thanks us for attending the Eulogy of Team Hell No.

Miz says that we're here not to discuss Miz & Mrs.  He says that they would love to hear about that as well as him being in the MLB Celebrity All-Star game.  He says that tonight is not about him.  He says that we pay respects to one of the best tag teams and worst friends.  He says that it's time to say bye bye bye to them.  The Miz talks about Kane nearly decapitating Daniel Bryan a few years ago.  Miz says that any sane person would not be friends with that person.  Miz talks about Bryan making that mistake again by trusting Kane.  The Miz says that Team Hell No is six feet under after Extreme Rules.  Miz asks for a moment of silence. They don't oblige as he tells them to shut up and show some respect.  He holds his hand up and says that when his hand goes up, your mouth goes shut.  Miz says that he'll wait for silence.

YES chants fill the arena as The Miz agrees that makes sense.  The Miz says that he TOLD you so.  He says that Kane was nothing more than a broken down demon and that Bryan was a bogus hero.  Miz calls Daniel Bryan a glory hound with impossible goals to target your heart strings.  The Miz says that Team Hell No was just Daniel Bryan rolling out the greatest hits on the album no one is buying.  The Miz says that Bryan knows that his injury has been a bust.  The Miz says that Bryan is destroying his legacy, his times of headlining WrestleMania, his team with Kane is dead.

Daniel Bryan's music hits as he comes from behind to hit Miz.  He destroys the pallbearers before destroying the set as Miz runs up the entrance ramp.  Bryan hits the running knee to one of the pallbearers before standing off with Miz.

Kofi Kingston is shown getting psyched up before Xavier Woods and Big E talk about Sanity being unsanitary before leaving towards the ring.



Kofi Kingston vs. Eric Young


They tie up before Young wrenches on the arm of Kofi.  Kingston rolls through and rams Young into the corner.  Kofi kicks the hamstring of Young before suckering him in for a dropkick.  Young hits an elbow to the head to floor Kofi.  He continues with some strikes.  Young hits the ropes, but Kofi trips him up and hits the double axe handle from the top rope.  Kofi Kingston clotheslines Young right over the top rope to the floor.


Another picture-in-picture commercial as Young reunites with his buddies on the outside.  Young catches Kofi at the ropes before rolling into the ring.  He rushes towards Kofi who dumps him over the top rope.  Young smashes the head of Kofi on the apron before rolling Kofi into the ring.  Young smashes Kofi in the face with a big punch.  Kofi kicks the legs out from underneath Young as his face smashes into the second turnbuckle.  Kofi rolls outside before Eric Young catches him from behind.  Young drapes Kofi over the apron before dropping a knee onto his chest.  Young rolls Kofi into the ring and pins him for a two count.  Eric Young hits a big neckbreaker for a two count.  Young smashes Kofi into the corner before hitting another big strike.  Young climbs up the turnbuckle and hits a guillotine choke as he lifts Kofi into the air.  Young leaps off the second rope before taking a dropkick from Kofi!

Kofi begins getting fired up with clotheslines, dropkick, and a springboard crossbody.  Kofi hits the New Day Boom Drop.  He begins setting up for the Trouble in Paradise.  Young dodges it and rolls him up for a two count.  Young climbs up to the top rope before Kofi leaps up there and hits a big superplex!  Kofi covers Young for a two count.  Young rolls out of the ring before Kofi leaps over the top rope to take out all of Sanity!  Kofi rolls Young back in before hitting the SOS for the two count!  Kofi hits the enzuigiri in the corner before climbing up.  Wolfe is up on the apron before getting take out by Big E.  Killian Dane is being taken out by Woods.  Kofi rolls up Young, but Young pushes him out as Dane THROWS Woods into Kofi!  Kofi staggers backwards before getting caught with the wheelbarrow neckbreaker from Eric Young for the three count!

Winner:  Eric Young

Shinsuke Nakamura is shown backstage looking at his United States Championship before Jeff Hardy is shown.  Hardy opens his eyes as we head into....


Next week, Paige will be giving a big SummerSlam announcement for who AJ Styles will be fighting.


United States Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Jeff Hardy


The bell sounds as Jeff Hardy blasts Shinsuke.  Shinsuke teases the low blow, but Jeff Hardy has seen that coming.  Jeff Hardy dropkicks Shinsuke into the corner before hitting Good Vibrations on him!  Shinsuke is thrown out of the ring before Hardy hits a big body splash on him on the ring barricade.  Hardy rolls him into the ring before trying for the Swanton Bomb that Shinsuke rolls out of the way of.  He rolls right into a...


We come back and Shinsuke is just kicking at Hardy who is down.  Shinsuke kicks Hardy in the gut.  He tries for another, but Hardy catches it.  Shinsuke leaps up and kicks him with his other foot.  Shinsuke locks in a chinlock and slams Hardy to the mat when he tries to escape.  Nakamura lifts up Hardy and slams him into the corner.  He chokes Hardy with his long legs before hitting his own Bad Vibrations.  Shinsuke locks in the guillotine hold as Hardy is fading.  Shinsuke tries for the leaping knee drop and misses.  Hardy slams Shinsuke into the different corners.  Hardy hits the jawbreaker followed by the running splash for a two count.  Shinsuke hits a throat shot, but Hardy hits a Russian leg sweep followed by the innovative legs pinned pinfall for a two count.  Hardy tries for the Twist of Fate, but Nakamura pushes him into the corner and nails a knee to the back.  Hardy falls onto the apron where Nakamura hits a running knee strike as he's leaning over.


We come back and Shinsuke eats a kick from Hardy before he hits a Whisper in the Wind for the two count!  Jeff Hardy hits the low dropkick for a two count.  Jeff Hardy hits the dragon whip kick before taking a big boot to his chest.  Shinsuke hits the running kneelift for a two count.  Shinsuke hits a single leg backstabber followed by a knee to the face for a two count.  Hardy climbs up before getting kicked down.  Shinsuke gets set up for a Kinshasa, but it's reversed into a Twist of Fate.  Jeff Hardy climbs up to the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb!  But Randy Orton pulls out Jeff Hardy as he goes for the pin!

Winner (By DQ): Jeff Hardy

Randy Orton continues beating on Hardy by slamming him into the steel steps and slamming him into the barricade.  Orton continues beating on Hardy before taking the top of the steel steps off.  He stomps Hardy's head on the bottom part of the steel steps.  Randy Orton grabs Hardy's hair and he says that Hardy is going to have to wait to find out why he's doing this.  Orton begins pulling on the earlobe of Hardy before sending him over the announce table.  Orton asks where is Shinsuke.  The agents make their way down to the ring as Orton clears the announce table.  He pulls Hardy back on top and begins beating on him some more.  Orton drapes the legs of Hardy on the table before hitting the DDT.  He's finally leaving as the show comes to a close.

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