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WWE Raw Live Coverage & Results (7/9) Boston, MA

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Jul 09, 2018

WWE Raw Live Coverage & Results (7/9) Boston, MA

Welcome to the live coverage for WWE Monday Night Raw!

We open the show with a video package highlighting Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley for the Extreme Rules PPV.

Roman Riegns is shown walking backstage where he's cut off by Bobby Lashley.  Roman says that he's on the way to the ring.  Lashley tells him that he better be going out there to call him out.  Lashley says that if he's called out, he's coming to fight.

Roman steps past him before he walks down the ramp, slowly.  Finally, he says that after this week there will be a lot to talk about.  Reigns says that he's never had someone stare him in the face and dare him to call them out.  Reigns says that he's interested in what will happen with Bob.  He says that he's calling out Lashley.

Bobby Lashley's music hits as he comes out.  They stare off for a moment before Kurt Angle intervenes.  He says that this battle will not happen tonight.  They ignore him as they start tearing into each other.  Lashley gets Roman in the corner before drilling him with shots.  The locker room rushes into the ring and separates both Lashley and Reigns.  They're broken apart before Reigns gets free to lay in some licks on Lashley.  Bobby breaks free and hits a running Superman punch on Roman!  Roman rolls outside before they're separated by the ropes.  More and more flood into the ringside area to keep them apart.  Lashley breaks free again and hits Roman a few times.  The crowd is into it as Lashley breaks free to hit a big clothesline to flatten Roman.  Lashley is stomping on Roman before he's pulled off.  Lashley comes back and rolls Reigns into the ring.  As he tries to climb in, he's yanked back by the rest of the locker room.  Reigns hits a running leap over the top rope to take out everyone.  Roman is pumped up as he's being pushed up the ramp by the few who were missed by the leap.

Reigns breaks free after his music plays and the fight continues with them trading blows on the ramp.  Reigns finally is pulled away as he walks away with a smirk.

Alexa Bliss is shown backstage watching with Mickie James.  James calls all of that destruction crazy.  Bliss says that that doesn't compare to what they're going to do Natalya and Nia Jax later tonight.  Lashley is shown stewing around the ring.  Up next is a tag team match with Nia Jax and Natalya vs. Alexa Bliss and Mickie James.



Tag Team Match
Nia Jax & Natalya vs. Alexa Bliss & Mickie James


The bell sounds as it's Nia Jax starting against Alexa Bliss.  Only Bliss tags out to James.  They circle around before Nia Jax quickly lifts up James only to tag out to Natalya.  They hit the Hart Attack.  James manages to tag out only for Bliss to eat a dropkick followed by the Sharpshooter!  Bliss escapes the hold and gets outside of the ring.  Bliss receives a baseball slide into her back for good measure.


We come back to see James dropping knees onto the midsection of Natalya.  She pulls her up into her corner before Bliss tags in.  Bliss hits a big elbow in the corner followed by stomps in the corner.  A video package is shown for Extreme Rules in the corner as Bliss applies a side headlock in the ring.  Nattie escapes before taking a clothesline to floor her.  She covers her for a two count.  Bliss seems a bit annoyed before tagging in James.  James rushes towards Nattie and misses into the corner.  Natalya tags out!  Nia Jax enters like a house of fire before hitting a big Avalanche splash before throwing James across the ring.  She hits another Avalanche splash!  She lifts up James in a gorilla press before dropping her to the mat.  She hits a running leg drop for a three count!

Winners:  Nia Jax & Natalya

Bliss nails Jax with a kendo stick right after the match!  She rips into Nia a few more times before Jax gets to her feet.  She grabs the kendo stick from Bliss and tries to hit her, but Bliss gets away.  Nia breaks the stick over her knee and throws it out of the ring as James and Bliss run away.


Nia Jax is shown backstage before she's interviewed.  Jax says that that was just a reminder that Bliss will try anything she can to beat her.  Jax says that she's unstoppable.  Jax says she's going to break Bliss like that kendo stick.  She says she's going to take back the Raw Women's Championship by giving back all of that pain to Bliss inch by inch.

A video package is shown for Owens vs. Strowman.

Kevin Owens walks into Kurt's office and asks him about his vendetta against him.  He says that he has a doctor's excuse not to be cleared to wrestle today.  He says to ensure his safety, he's going to stay in Kurt's office.

Mojo Rawley is on his way out to the ring now where he'll take on No Way Jose.



No Way Jose vs. Mojo Rawley


Mojo rams No Way into the ropes before slapping him.  No Way pushes him back.  Mojo rushes towards No Way and gets caught in a guillotine-like choke.  Mojo breaks free before hitting the running shove for a two count.  No Way breaks free of Mojo before taking two charged running shoulders in the corner for a two count.  Mojo locks in a Cobra clutch.  No Way begins to fight out, but Mojo just slams his head down and reapplies it.  Jose fights out and sends Mojo through the ropes and to the floor.  Mojo leaps right back up onto the apron.  He rushes into the ring to charge Jose in the corner for a splash.  He covers Jose for a two count.  Jose blocks a shouldercharge with a knee before hitting some big strikes.  Jose hits a big clothesline for a two count.  Jose hits a big forearm strike in the corner.  He climbs up for a ten-count punch, but Mojo pulls him away before hitting the Alabama Slam for the three count!

Winner:  Mojo Rawley

After the match, Mojo Rawley celebrates as No Way Jose rolls out of the ring.

A video is shown for counseling.  Bayley talks about how Sasha keeps stabbing her in the back.  Bayley says she's tired of thinking Sasha will change.  She says that Banks will continue to only think about herself.

Seth Rollins is walking backstage when he's interrupted by Jinder Mahal and Singh.  Mahal says that the world is great and shouldn't be burning it down.  Jinder says that Seth Rollins just needs to follow his mantra.  Rollins humors him as Jinder closes his eyes and begins saying "Chanti." Rollins slips away as he does this.


Seth Rollins makes his way down to the ring as he says Boston always knows how to party.  Rollins says that he has had a lot of monikers over the years, but the only one he's focused on here tonight is FORMER Champion.  He says that he has an opportunity to change that at Extreme Rules in a 30-Minute Ironman match.  He says that he knows Dolph well and the only issue is going to be his overgrown Wookie, Drew McIntyre.  Dolph interrupts him.  He says that he's going to bring McIntyre with him as well as that title.  Dolph says that he's walking out of Extreme Rules with that title.  Drew gets the microphone and says that Rollins will still have his nicknames.  Dolph says that he's still Seth FREAKIN' Rollins.  He calls Seth one of the greatest wrestlers to step into the ring, but he's no Dolph Ziggler brother.  Dolph says that he might win 5-0. 

Seth Rollins says that Dolph's been bleaching his hair too long.  Dolph says that he has jokes.  Dolph says he has lost his timing and that it made it sweeter to take it from Seth's hands.  Dolph says you don't win titles by doing Crossfit stuff.  Dolph says that you get the title by beating everyone.  Dolph talks about his 121 victories in Kent University.  Seth asks if Drew if he helped him win those as well.  Drew interrupts him and he says that he's going right to the top of the WWE.  Seth Rollins says he knows Drew is going wherever Dolph tells him to go.  Seth Rollins asks if there are any photographs that Dolph is holding over him.  He says there are only so many sheep in Scotland.  Dolph says that Rollins is desperate after Drew blows up.  Drew says that he's tired of Seth Rollins and challenges him to a match.  Rollins says it's on.  Rollins says that he's a Baaaaaad man.  Drew and Dolph rush into the ring as Seth slides out with a grin.

Curtis Axel is shown backstage playing with his fake-Hardy hair.  Bo with the Bray beard sneaks up and assures Curtis that it's him.  They laugh.


Before the match starts, Curtis Axel says that they will defeat the delusional tag team champions.  Bo says that they'll defeat them at Extreme Rules with side of beans, avocado if it's in season, and maybe some salt and pepper.

Matt and Bray show up on the screen.  Bray says that laughter is contagious... as is fear.  Bray says that they have been infected.  Hardy says that at Extreme Rules they will eat and delete you.  Bray says why wait for Sunday when... we're here.

They appear in the ring behind them.  The B Team runs out of the ring.


Bo Dallas vs. Matt Hardy


The bell sounds as Matt rams Bo into the corner and hits some big shots.  Hardy is nearly DQ'd for not relenting.  The Revival are backstage looking on.  Matt locks in a wrist lock that Bo fights out of.  Matt sends Bo into the ropes before connecting with an elbow to the ear!  Bo tumbles out of the ring before Matt hits a suplex on the outside of the ring.


We come back to Matt Hardy locking in a headlock on Bo.  Bo fights out of it as a promo for Asuka vs. Carmella is shown in the corner.  Matt hits a few chops in the ropes followed by a gut shot.  Hardy slingshots Bo into the bottom rope face-first.  Bo is dazed as Curtis is tending to him.  Matt rolls out of the ring and waits for Bo to get to his feet.  He nails a clothesline before ripping his t-shirt off.  Matt whips Bo into the corner of the barricade as Bray watches on.  Bo fights back and teases a Side Effect on the steps.  Bo fights back as they move inside.  Matt hits the Side Effect.  Matt hits a second Side Effect.  Matt lifts up Bo and climbs out on the apron.  Hardy tries for a suplex to the outside, but Axel distracts him.  Bray takes out Axel, but Bo Dallas leaps from the top rope onto Matt Hardy for a three count!

Winner:  Bo Dallas

Post-match, the Wyatt effects play as Bray and Matt charge into the ring and take out both of them to stand tall.

Later on, Seth Rollins will take on Drew McIntyre.

They recap Bobby Lashley vs. Roman Reigns from earlier.

Bobby says that he doesn't like Roman, but he respects that he'll actually come out to fight him.  He says he'll see how far he'll go at Extreme Rules.

Backstage, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan are shown backstage with Tyler Breeze.  He says they're lucky he's here since he's all about Fashion.  He gives them shirts that they just laugh and rip up.  They say that they just Riott.  Liv leaps up on Sarah as they walk away leaving Tyler Breeze to shake his head.


The counseling continues as Sasha is shown talking about Bayley.  The commentators tell them that this counseling is pointless.  They talk about Ronda Rousey being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. 

Bliss is shown backstage saying that hearing the kendo stick lay into Nia was beautiful.  She says that she'll end Nia on Sunday.  She says that the announcer will call her name at Extreme Rules as the winner and still champion.


Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan


Ruby Riott is out with an injury as it's just the other two out at the ring.  Liv Morgan tries for a waist lock before being reversed by Ember Moon.  Moon hits a big armdrag followed by a knee shot.  Ember watches Liv as she regroups in the corner.  Ember comes forward as Liv uses the ropes to get distance.  Moon tries to rush towards her, but Morgan slips outside.  Moon teases a big dive move, but they dodge out of the way as Moon catches herself.


We come back as Morgan nails a bulldog facebuster for a two count.  Morgan puts on a side headlock as Moon begins fighting back.  Morgan locks in a straight-jacket submission.  Moon lifts up as Liv wraps her legs around her.  She leaps back driving her weight down on top of Morgan to break the hold.  They slowly gets up, but they dodge some moves.  Morgan hits a big clotheline followed by Moon hooking the head of Morgan and driving her into the second turnbuckle.  Moon hits some kicks followed by a fallaway slam!  Moon takes out Logan as she gets up on the apron.  Morgan rolls up Moon, but Moon stacks up Morgan in retaliation for the three count!

Winner:  Ember Moon

Finn Balor is shown backstage where he's interviewed about his size disadvantage.  Bobby Roode steps up and talks about how Balor and he are cut from the same cloth.  Roode says they're both sharply dressed, have full heads of hair, and they're both are going to be Victorious.  Roode says that they're Glorious.  Balor says he loves when he does that.  Balor says that he's twice as good as Constable Corbin.  Balor says that they like to do their talking in the ring, unlike Corbin.


We're back to see Kevin Owens spraying air freshener.  Angle says that it didn't stink before he came in.  Dolph and Drew come in.  Angle tells them that if Drew doesn't win that he's banned from the match on Sunday.  Dolph and Kevin argue that Angle is biased.  Drew says that that's fine to make Seth's climb easier since he's not getting through this mountain.

Elias is in the ring where he plays a few notes.  He says that it's been two weeks since he's performed.  Elias says there is nothing he does without reason.  Elias says that he's been in the studio recording his debut album!  Elias says that it's happening.  He says it's because of one universal truth that WWE stands for Walk With Elias.  Elias says he has something for Boston.  He sings that Bobby and Finn can't beat him and they have the personality of a toilet seat.  He came to Boston and can't stand that place.  He says that wants to slap someone's face when he hears that damn accent.  He gets a 'You Suck' chant.  Elias says that he's beginning to feel like they don't appreciate him for what this is.  He says his buddy Tom Brady told him that he just needs to do like him and pretend to like him.  Elias says that he thinks that Constable Baron Corbin will have plenty to teach Kurt Angle.  Corbin comes out and they're going to play together.

Corbin asks him if he knows Itsy Bitsy Spider.  He talks about how he'll crush Itsy Bitsy Balor.

Balor and Roode make their way to the ring as the tag team match is up next.



Tag Team Match
Finn Balor & Bobby Roode vs. Elias & Constable Baron Corbin


We're back and Corbin is beating on Bobby Roode.  Roode reverses him to lay in some chops.  Corbin shuts him down with a clothesline before letting in Elias.  Roode hits a drop toe hold on Elias before locking in a side headlock.  Roode releases it before hitting an atomic drop on Elias.  Corbin comes in, but Roode kicks him away.  Elias hits a leaping knee to knock down Roode.  Elias tags out to Corbin.  Baron locks in a side headlock as a video for Roman vs. Bobby is shown in the corner.  Corbin throws Roode into the corner.  Constable slides down and around the corner before hitting a big clothesline that is met by Roode with one.  They both are down.  Balor tags in as does Elias!  Balor hits some high-impact offense leading into a slingblade followed by a dropkick.  Balor sends Elias outside.  Balor is setting up for something, but Corbin grabs his foot at the ropes.  Finn glares at Baron before Elias takes him down with a shove into the second rope!


Elias has a side headlock on as we come back.  Balor breaks out and moves towards his corner, but Elias tags in and Corbin cuts off Balor.  Balor breaks free once again and tags in Roode.  Roode knocks down Elias.  Roode then hits a big clothesline into a neckbreaker!  Roode climbs up and leaps into a chokeslam backbreaker from Corbin for two!  Balor breaks it up!  Balor knocks Elias down outside, but he's blasted by a running elbow from Corbin.  Roode rolls up Corbin for a two count.  Bobby Roode hits a blockbuster, but Elias breaks up the pinfall!  Elias begs Constable to tag him.  Balor yanks Elias off the apron.  Balor beckons Constable to come out.  He does as they trade blows.  Balor gets the better of it before climbing to the top rope.  Corbin crotches him there!  He charges at Roode and nails the ringpost with a missed charging shoulder.  Roode motions for the end.  Elias comes in and eats a Spinebuster.  Corbin capitalizes with an End of Days for the three count!

Winners:  Elias & Constable Baron Corbin

Kevin Owens is shown backstage eating something before Braun Strowman walks into the room.  He begs Kurt to keep him away from him.  Kurt says that they will fight Sunday in a Steel Cage match.  Braun asks what is that smell?  He sniffs Owens before saying that it's him.  He reeks of fear.  He sprays Owens with the air freshener who starts hacking as if he ate it.

Ronda Rousey will be a special pre-order bonus attachment to the upcoming WWE 2k19 game.


We come back to see a video recap of the opening of the show.

Roman Reigns is interviewed backstage.  He's asked if his actions were reckless.  Roman says nah, he wanted to awaken the beast.  Roman says he saw the eyes light up with fire.  He says that Bobby can't beat him here because he's a dog in the ring.  He says that Bob can be the guy... somewhere else.

They run down the entire card for Extreme Rules before Seth Rollins' music plays.  He makes his way down to the ring as we head into...



If Seth wins, Drew is banned from ringside at Extreme Rules
Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre w/ Dolph Ziggler


The bell sounds as Drew just forces Rollins back into the corner with his size advantage.  Drew allows him out of the corner.  They tie it up again as Drew just forces Rollins back.  Rollins hits a quick jab as Drew just shakes it off.  Rollins tries for a side headlock, but Drew refuses to leave his feet.  Drew hits a big shoulder tackle to floor Rollins.  Drew floors Rollins with a side headlock.  Rollins hits a big dropkick after breaking out of the hold.  Drew isn't shaken by the dropkick before Drew hits a big suplex.  Drew chops the chest of Rollins.  McIntyre hits another chop that floors Rollins.  Drew locks in a chinlock with Rollins' arm trapped.  Seth breaks out of the hold only to receive a release belly-to-belly suplex.  Drew locks in the abdominal stretch.  Seth begins fighting out before getting floored by a clothesline from Drew.  Drew stomps on the face of Rollins.  Drew begins taunting Rollins before hitting some more chops.  Rollins is trapped in another submission.  Rollins fights out, but he's caught by Drew.  Rollins reverses him and drops the top rope as Drew flies over.  Rollins hits the suicide dive that is caught by Drew and slammed down on the apron.


We come back to Rollins trapped in a place hold.  Rollins is sent into the corner where he goes inside out.  Rollins turns around before getting sent across the ring with a release belly-to-belly suplex.  Dolph is clapping outside.  Drew lifts up Rollins and begins bashing him back down.  Drew locks in another chinlock.  Rollins fights back before slamming Drew into the second turnbuckle in the corner.  Rollins throws him outside before hitting the suicide dive to take him out.  Seth rolls Drew in before hitting the Slingblade for the two count.  Rollins tries for a buckle bomb, but Drew dodges out.  Seth hits the blockbuster for a two count.  Drew hits the big Alabama slam for the two count!  Drew lifts up Seth, but he's rolled up for a two count.  Big chop from Drew.  Seth tries for the enzuigiri that misses.  Drew hits a big sitout powerbomb from the prone position for a two count.  Drew lifts up Rollins onto the top rope as he climbs up.  Rollins escapes and crotches Drew.  Drew is trapped in the tree of woe!  Seth climbs up, but he's kicked off from Drew.  Drew sets up for the Claymore, but he takes a superkick followed by a falcon's arrow for a two count!  Seth tries for the Ripcord knee, but Drew connects with a headbutt for two!  McIntyre climbs to the second rope with Rollins who slides down and... buckle bomb followed by the kick to the face while he's on his knees!  Rollins climbs up and kicks Dolph out of the way.  Rollins hits a big crossbody for a two count!  Drew McIntyre gets to his feet first and nails the Claymore! It's good for the three count!

Winner:  Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre leaves with Dolph Ziggler on his shoulders as the show comes to a close.


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