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WWE NXT Live Results (6/27)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Jun 27, 2018

WWE NXT Live Results (6/27)

Welcome to our live coverage of NXT!

Opening Show Promo

Aleister Black makes his way to the ring. Black says he overcame adversity after defeating Lars Sullivan and faded it to black. Tommaso Ciampa comes out. Ciampa says it's time Black comes face to face with the devil. Ciampa says the title makes Black. He says Black barely made beat Lars at Takeover but he beat Gargano on that night. Ciampa says he ended Gargano and now he wants the NXT title. Black says he will be more than happy to kick his head off. Ciampa says he will end the mystique of Black in one title match. Ciampa sits on the stage like Black does and says his title reign will fade to black. Ciampa waves goodbye as he leaves. 

Vanessa Bourne is interviewed, trash talking about Kairi Sane and says everyone should look up to her.

Kona Reeves vs. Local Competitor

Both men lock up and Kona slaps his opponent. Kona lands an arm drag and gets him back in a head lock again. Kona takes him down with the head lock still applied. Kona lands a snap mare and throws his opponent out of the ring. Kona continues to man handle his opponent. Kona hits a suplex followed by a reverse diving elbow. His opponent tries to fight back but Kona boots him in the face. Kona lands the Hawaiian Drop for the win.

Winner: Kona Reeves.

A recap is shown of Trent Seven and Tyler Bate winning the tag titles.

Candice LaRae vs. Lacey Evans

Both women lock up  and Evans tackles Candice down. Evans knocks her down again but Candice trips her down. Candice arm drags Evans and lands a Japanese arm drag. Evans sends Candice into the buckle, lands on the apron after a back drop and kicks Candice's arm. Evans sends Candice's arm into the post. Evans works the arm. Candice rolls up Evans for a 2 but Evans slams Candice's arm down to the mat. Evans beats her down in the corner. Evans has a Cobra Clutch on Candice. Candice tries to fight out but Evans brings her back down. Candice gets out, arm drags Evans and lands a snap mare. Candice comes back with right hands and chops. Candice beats her up in the corner. Candice lands a bull dog on Evans from the middle rope. Candice lands a vertebreaker and lands a springboard moonsault for the victory.

Winner: Candice LaRae.

Johnny Gargano is interviewed as he watches Candice and says Candice is her favorite wrestler but he can't get over the loss at Takeover. He says he is going to talk to Regal for a rematch with Ciampa.

Heavy Machinery makes a threat to The Mighty as they are grilling.

Candice LaRae is interviewed and she says she had to re evaluate everything and she is focused on her goal to win the NXT Women's Championship.

Moustache Mountain come out for their match. Their opponents come out but then the Undisputed Era attack them from behind and throw them off the stage. O'Reily says their loss was a fluke and calls them phonies. Cole says this is their era and they are not going to stop until they take the NXT tag titles back. They are about to enter the ring until Ricochet comes to the ring for the save.

Moustache Mountain and Ricochet vs. Undisputed Era

Bate fights off Kyle with a drop kick. Seven comes in, picks up O'Reily and knocks Cole down with him. Ricochet helps even the odds knocking Strong out of the ring. Kyle tags Cole but Cole gets dominated by Seven. Bate comes in and slams Kyle on top of Cole. Seven flips Bate onto Cole and Kyle and Ricochet does the same. Bate is in and goes to work on Strong with right hands and lands one to Cole. Bate gets kicked in the head as he bounces off the ropes. Strong lands a full nelson slam on Bate. Kyle comes in and pummels Bate in the corner. Strong comes in and continues the domination. Strong has a head lock. Bate gets out but gets drop kicked by Strong. Cole gets tagged in and lands a snap suplex. Cole has a head lock on him. Bate fights out with head butts but Cole knocks him back down. Kyle comes in and knees Bate's shoulder. Strong gets tagged in and lands a shoulder breaker on Bate. Strong has a shoulder hold applied. Bate head butts out of it. Strong lands a knee but Bate fights back with a knee. Bate suplexes Strong over head and tags Ricochet. Ricochet comes in and cleans house. Ricochet lands a spring board clothesline on Kyle. Ricochet lands a northern light suplex, flips over but Kyle gets him in a dragon sleeper. Seven tags himself in, they battle back and forth and Seven hits a side slam. Bate gets pulled off the apron and the Undisputed Era dominate Seven and Kyle hits a penalty kick on Seven. Cole covers but Ricochet and Bate break it up. Seven lands a clothesline to Cole and tags Ricochet. Ricochet lands a driver to Cole. Chaos ensues as all the men kick each other down. Bate and Seven get taken out. Ricochet counters a double team with a flip and kicks everyone down. Ricochet lands the 630 splash to Cole, covers but Kyle pulls Cole away. Ricochet suicide dives onto Kyle and beats him down but Strong gets him and lands End Of Heartache on Ricochet on the apron. Strong throws him into the ring and Cole covers him for the victory.

Winners: The Undisputed Era. 

End Of Show.

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