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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (6/26) Ontario, Canada

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Jun 26, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (6/26) Ontario, Canada

Welcome to the live coverage for 205 Live!

We open the show with a video package highlighting the six-man elimination tag team match for later in the show between Jack Gallagher, Brian Kendrick, and Drew Gulak vs. Lucha House Party.

The opening package for 205 Live plays.

Akira Tozawa makes his way out to the ring as we're welcomed to the show by Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson, and Vic Joseph.  Tony Nese makes his way out next as he's accompanied by Buddy Murphy.  Buddy slaps Tony on the chest and points at the ring before leaving Nese to handle it on his own.


Tony Nese vs. Akira Tozawa


The bell rings as Akira starts the yelling off early.  They lock up before Nese backs him into the ropes.  Nese tells him that he's the premiere athlete, not him.  Akira begins barking at him.  Nese eats a big chop from Tozawa.  Akira begins stomping on Nese in the corner.  Nese fights out with a flurry of kicks.  Nese chops Akira hard before Nese eats a big kick to the face followed by a leaping senton.  Nese rolls outside and Akira tries for a big move.  Nese moves as Akira puts on the brakes.  Akira climbs out on the apron and leaps into the arms of Nese.  Nese slams him down on the apron.  Nese rolls Tozawa into the ring before pinning him for a one count.  Nese begins slapping Akira and taunting him.

Nese lifts up Akira before leaping over the top rope with Tozawa's arm!  The shot slings Akira back as he covers for a two count!  Nese lifts up Akira with a torture rack, but Akira fights out.  Tozawa hits a big hurricanrana followed by a shining wizard!  Tozawa climbs to the top rope, but Nese rolls outside.  Tozawa drops down before hitting the missile suicide dive.  He climbs up top after rolling in Nese.  Tozawa hits a big missile dropkick for a two count.  Akira climbs back up, but Nese knocks him horizontal on top.  Nese kicks Akira up onto his shoulders before hitting the gutbuster for a two count.  Nese tries for the Running Nese, but Akira dodges it.  Nese hooks the hips of Akira, but he slips out.  Akira dropkicks Nese before climbing to the top rope.  Nese leaps up and hits an uppercut that knocks the mouthpiece of Akira out of his mouth!

Tony Nese climbs up with him and headbutts him.  Akira counters with a forward suplex!  Senton from the top rope as Akira covers for the three count!

Winner:  Akira Tozawa

They show a video package from last week's show as Hideo Itami defeated Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali.

Drake Maverick is shown backstage looking at his phone as Cedric Alexander walks in.  Alexander says that he's restless.  Alexander wants to know who his next opponent is and when.  Drake says he'll tell Alexander when he knows.  Cedric Alexander feels that it should be Hideo Itami.  Drake says that he doesn't want to reward bad behavior.  Cedric says that Hideo beat the other two top contenders and that he's a legend... and a jackass.  Drake says that he will take this under advisement.

Lio Rush makes his way out next.


Lio Rush vs. Dewey James


Rush takes his time taking off his jewelry.  James is getting impatient as Rush is taking forever.  Rush gives a big grin before punching James right in the face.  Rush moves at great speed as he dodges and outruns James.  He gets into the face of James before James takes a punch that misses.  He kicks James in the midsection.  Dewey gets up on the apron before taking a handstand kick!  Lio rolls Dewey back into the ring before hitting a roll-through kick followed by a Five-Star Frog Splash for the three count.  He calls it The Final Hour.

Winner:  Lio Rush

He's interviewed after the match.  She asks what to expect from him.  Lio Rush says that the future of the WWE Cruiserweight Division is here.  He can do things that people in the back can only dream of.  He says the roster is no Lio Rush.  He says that they have no style, no finesse, no flavor.  He says that this is his hour and that they're going to feel his Rush.

Cedric Alexander is shown backstage.  Renee Young asks him about the dangerous decision to call out Hideo.  Alexander says he knows what Hideo can do, but he's not intimidated.  Hideo walks up and begins saying something in Japanese before pushing Alexander.  Cedric pushes him back as Maverick and referees flood into the scene.

Team Party Pooper is shown getting ready for the match as is Lucha House Party.


Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado, Kalisto, Gran Metalik) vs. The Brian Kendrick, Drew Gulak, & Gentleman Jack Gallagher


Before the bell even sounds, Lucha House Party hits a trio of superkicks followed by planchas onto their opponents.  Metalik and Gallagher starts this off.  Metalik hits a big kick before tagging into Kalisto who hits a running senton.  Lince Dorado tags in before hitting a splash.  Metalik tags in before hitting a big springboard splash for a two count as Kendrick breaks it up!  Metalik leaps from the top rope and is nailed by a headbutt from Gallagher after Gulak held Metalik's leg for a moment.  Gallagher pins him for a three count!

Eliminated:  Gran Metalik

Lince Dorado slides into the ring as Gallagher tags out to Kendrick.  Lince knocks Kendrick down before climbing up.  Gallagher hooks his leg long enough for Kendrick to hit a big throw from the top rope.  Gulak tags in and begins locking in arm lock.  Lince fights out, but Gulak rips the mask off of Lince Dorado.  The camera pans away as Kalisto works on getting his mask back on him.  Lince gets into the ring and rolls up Gulak for a two count!  Dorado is put in a armhold as Gallagher tags in.  He works on trying to take off the mask.  Kendrick tags in and applies the same armhold.  He begins punching and working over the elbow of Lince.  Kendrick moves away from the corner as Gallagher and Gulak maul Lince.  Kendrick drives Lince into the corner with a shoulder charge.  Lince hits a springboard stunner on Kendrick to pin him for a three count!

Eliminated:  The Brian Kendrick

Gallagher quickly jumps on Lince and tags in Gulak who applies the armhold again.  Jack Gallagher slams Lince down as he tags himself in.  Jack begins dissecting the fingers of Lince with body manipulation.  Gulak tags in to take a jawbreaker.  He tags out to Gallagher who catches a kick!  Gulak re-tags himself in and hits some big shots to Lince who hits a big kick.  He gets close to his partner, but Kendrick attacks Kalisto!  The referee is distracted by this as Gallagher hits Lince with a kick.  Gulak locks in the Gu-Lock as Lince taps out!

Eliminated:  Lince Dorado

Kalisto charges into the ring with a springboard seated senton.  He attacks Jack, but he stops him with a kick.  Gallagher tags in and begins stomping on Kalisto and working him over with submissions. Gulak tags in and slams Kalisto into the ropes as his weight just drops him to the mat.  Gulak covers Kalisto for a two count.  Gulak springs up to stomp on Kalisto.  He covers him for a two count.  Kalisto is in trouble as Jack tags in.  Jack Gallagher and Gulak lift up Kalisto who unloads a bunch of kicks into both men.  Kalisto hits a tiltawhirl hurricanrana to the outside on Gulak!  Kalisto hits the spinning kick from the floor before hitting Salida del Sol for the three count on Jack Gallagher!

Eliminated:  Jack Gallagher

Kalisto kicks Gulak as he tries to come in before hitting a springboard corkscrew.  He rolls Gulak into the ring before springing up for a big crossbody for a two count.  Lucha begins hyping up the crowd before Gulak hits a sick discus lariat for a two count!  Gulak looks incensed.  Gulak hooks the waist of Kalisto, but he tries for Salida del Sol!  Gulak pulls on the mask long enough to lock in his Gu-Lock!  Kalisto has no choice but to tap out!

Winners:  Drew Gulak, Gentleman Jack Gallagher, & The Brian Kendrick

Drew Gulak grabs the pinata with his face on it, rips the face off, and throws it into the crowd.  Drew Gulak stands tall as he gives a bow as the show comes to a close.

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