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WWE Money In The Bank Results (6/17)

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Jun 17, 2018

WWE Money In The Bank Results (6/17)

Welcome to the live coverage for Money in the Bank 2018 from Chicago, Illinois starting at 6 PM EST for the Pre-Show!  The card for the show is as follows:

  • WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match:  AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Raw Women's Championship Match:  Nia Jax (c) vs. Ronda Rousey
  • SmackDown Women's Championship Match:  Carmella (c) vs. Asuka
  • Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match:  Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor vs. The Miz vs. Rusev vs. Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe vs. New Day Member
  • Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match:  Charlotte vs. Ember Moon vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Lana vs. Naomi vs. Sasha Banks
  • Intercontinental Championship Match:  Seth Rollins (c) vs. Elias
  • Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal
  • Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass
  • Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship:  The Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson


WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff Show

The show opens to Renee Young welcoming us to Chicago at the Superstar Panel with Booker T, David Otunga, and Peter Rosenburg.  They hype the show talking about Ronda Rousey's first singles match as well as the two Money in the Bank Ladder Matches as well as the rest of the card.

They throw it back to Charly Caruso who says that Daniel Bryan is going to be answering questions.  Kevin Owens burst into the scene with a trash bag over his shoulder.  Charly asks him about how he feels about being powerslammed by Braun.  He answers sarcastically and asks her how does she think he feels?  Owens says that he had the right idea to team up to take out Braun, but they screwed it up.  A stagehand comes up to give Owens some syrup gallons. She asks if there are pancakes in the bag.  He just stares at her and walks away.

They show a video package for AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura where Styles talks about Shinsuke's mind games.

The panel discuss the match with Peter Rosenburg calling this match a must-win for Shinsuke.  They transition to talking about Sami Zayn vs. Bobby Lashley.

They show an advertisement for WWE Champions where you can enter the code StrongStyle for a free Shinsuke Nakamura character!

They show a video package for Carmella vs. Asuka.  They hype the match as Peter discusses Carmella having a game plan for this match.

They show a video of Big Cass talking about Daniel Bryan before Bryan pops in to talk to Renee.  Bryan says that his theory is sound in theory, but Cass isn't good.  Peter asks him what his gameplan is.  Bryan says he's going to tap out the world and he's tapped out people bigger and better than him.  Otunga asks Bryan if he liked being GM.  Bryan says it was hard being around something he loved without being able to do it.  He says that it motivated him harder to get back into the ring.  Young asks him if he misses Talking Smack.  Booker T calls himself a Hall of Famer before asking his question.  He asks what advantages does he have over Cass.  Bryan says he has legs, lungs, and heart.  He says he can't endure as much as Bryan can.  Bryan says that big men are given everything in this business, but he's never had to work for it.  Peter talks about Bryan inspiring him.  Booker says he likes Bryan's attitude and wishes him luck.  Young says that Big Cass had been working on submissions with Drew Gulak.  Otunga picks Bryan as does Peter, but Booker picks Big Cass.

A video package shows Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Seth Rollins who has Elias's broken custom guitar.  Seth says that that gift isn't the same one.  He says it's one he got from John Mayer.  Rollins says that he's looking forward to this match.  He says Elias has a meanstreak.  Rollins says that Elias' greatest hits wouldn't make the B side of his.  Rollins says that this title is hit title and this night will be no exception.  He says that Seth Freakin' Rollins will be leaving Chicago the champion.

The panel begins discussing the Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal match.

Samoa Joe comes into the panel and he can barely be heard.  Samoa Joe talks about anyone having the chance to win.  Kevin Owens walks up and talks about how they need to team up to take care of Braun Strowman.  Joe says that he doesn't trust him.  Owens says it's not about trust.  He says they need to take out Braun.  Samoa Joe tells him to back up before he whoops his ass.  Owens shakes his head and walks away.  Booker T asks Joe how he prepared for the match.  Joe says just like that.  He beats people up.  Young throws it to the announce team at ringside with Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.


SmackDown Tag Team Championship
The Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson


Erick Rowan looks to be starting this match off against Luke Gallows.  The bell sounds as Rowan hits some big body shots.  He charges Gallows in the corner who dodges to hit some big body shots of his own.  Harper tags himself in.  Gallows tags out to Anderson as they double team Rowan to eliminate him from the situation.  Harper is whipped into the corner and sent over where he hangs by his ankle for a bit.  They roll outside where Rowan hits a big body slam on Anderson.  They ram him into Gallows before whipping Gallows up the ramp.  They roll Anderson into the ring where Harper hits a big boot leading into a...


We come back as Harper slings Anderson neck-first up into the second rope.  Harper covers for a two count.  Harper tags out to Rowan who lifts up Anderson for a pumphandle backbreaker for a two count.  Gallows is still down outside of the ring.  Rowan ties up Anderson in the ropes before hitting a big right hand.  Harper tags in where they hit dual stomps in the corner.  Anderson begins fighting back with chops.  Harper stops it with a chop of his own.  Harper lays down Anderson before hitting a running elbow drop.  He tags out to Rowan who hits a big splash for a two count.  Rowan locks in a rear chin lock, but Anderson fights out.  Anderson hits the rope only to get caught by a big elbow from Rowan.  Rowan bellows out before hitting a running avalanche in the corner.  Rowan lifts up Anderson and whips him into his corner. 

Anderson knocks down Harper before Anderson dodges a charge from Rowan into the corner.  Harper tags in to take a big spinebuster.  Gallows tags in!  He hits some big kicks followed by an avalanche splash in the corner.  Gallows hits a pump handle slam.  Rowan comes into take a kick from Anderson before they clear him with a clothesline.  Anderson leaps over onto Rowan.  Harper hits a big boot before covering him!  Anderson breaks it up.  Harper knocks him down before Harper gets caught in a Magic Killer!  However, Rowan spears Anderson out of the ring to break it up.  The Bludgeon Brothers hit a big double powerbomb on Anderson for a three count!

Winners (and still Champions):  The Bludgeon Brothers

The panel quickly covers all of the matches on the card before showing a video package for Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey.  The panel discusses whether Ronda Rousey will be ready for this match tonight.  Booker T talks about CM Punk getting destroyed in the UFC and comparing her transition to that.  Otunga picks Ronda Rousey, but the rest pick Nia Jax.  The main card is up next.


WWE Money in the Bank

The main title picture plays as WWE continues to be Then, Now, and Forever.

A video package is shown explaining Money in the Bank ladder matches before talking about the Nia Jax vs. Ronda Rousey match as well as the rest of the matches.

We're welcomed to Money in the Bank by the announcers as Daniel Bryan's music plays.  The crowd becomes unglued with "YES!" chants.


Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass


The crowd begins cheering loudly for Bryan as the bell sounds.  Daniel is forced into the corner where he ducks underneath to hit some big kicks followed by some mounted punches.  Big Cass pushes him away.  Bryan pulls Cass down, but Cass kicks him away.  Cass is trapped by a drop toe hold before Bryan hits some big kicks to the legs.  Bryan goes to the apron and is clobbered by Cass that sends him into the barricade outside of the ring.  Cass raises his hand in the ring as the referee begins his count.  Cass steps outside and grabs Bryan before dropping him chest-first onto the apron.  He rolls him inside of the ring.  He steps into the ring and hits a couple of big punches to Bryan to floor him.

Big Cass drops some shoulders before pinning him for a two count.  Cass continues his taunting ways before hitting another big punch that rocks Bryan followed by another.  Bryan hits some to return it.  He bounces off the ropes before being snatched up by Big Cass into a bearhug in the center of the ring.  Bryan begins fighting out.  Cass hits a knee to the midsection to stop him.  Cass continues his slow pacing.  Bryan hits the flip in the corner before hitting the ropes to get caught in a tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam.  Cass covers him for a two count.  Cass continues stalking Bryan.  Big Cass hits a big strike in the corner followed by an avalanche splash in the corner.  Big Cass begins mocking Bryan with the "Yes" chants.  He rushes towards Bryan who hits a drop toe hold that sends Cass into the second turnbuckle face-first.  Bryan begins chopping down the tree with quad kicks.  Bryan hits a leg whip followed by a second!  Daniel Bryan slides onto the apron and slams his knee onto the apron.

Daniel Bryan slams the side of the knee of Cass into the ring post.  He does it again, but the third one is kicked away.  Bryan climbs up top before Bryan hits a missile dropkick to send Cass across the ring.  Bryan his a big running dropkick followed by a second.  The third is caught as Bryan is spun around and around before Bryan falls into the YES! Lock!  Cass quickly scampers to the ropes to get a break.  Cass rolls outside as Bryan climbs up to get a big crossbody from the top rope onto Big Cass!  They roll back in as Bryan climbs up only to get crotched up top.  Big Cass begins throwing punches as he's perched up top.  Big Cass climbs up with him before hitting a Fallaway Slam from the top rope!  He covers Bryan for a two count.  The crowd is chanting things like "Big Cass Sucks!" and "Asshole!"  Daniel Bryan is lifted up by Big Cass in a torture rack!  Bryan begins punching his way out only to get caught in a sidewalk slam!

Big Cass continues stalking Bryan with taunts.  Big Cass tries for a big boot only to get caught between the top and middle rope.  Bryan chop blocks the knee as he's caught there.  He chops Big Cass again before hitting some YES! kicks.  The last one is blocked by a hand around the throat.  Bryan kicks his knees out from underneath him before hitting the last kick.  Bryan is getting the band tuned up with YES chants only to have Cass reverse it with a flapjack!  Bryan gets to his feet only to eat a Big Boot!  Big Cass covers him for a two count!  The crowd is into the match as they chant "Daniel Bryan!"  Big Cass yanks him up by his hair before applying the torture rack again only Bryan gets out!  Daniel Bryan hits the running knee before hooking the heel of Big Cass in a heel hook that looks brutal!  Big Cass cries out in pain before tapping out!

Winner:  Daniel Bryan

New Day is shown backstage with Big E pouring water on his face and Xavier Woods with a laptop in his hands.  They begin to talk about who is going to be in the match.  Big E asks what that fool wants!  Kevin Owens steps into picture before pouring out a bag full of pancakes which The New Day loves.  Kevin Owens asks who is the match, but they just shush him.  Owens asks if the other two would mind taking out Braun Strowman while the third teams up with Owens.  They say they aren't cheaters.  Owens says that he brought the best Canadian syrup he could find.  They say they'll discuss it over pancakes.  Owens says that he doesn't like pancakes and their cereal sucked.  They freak out and tell Owens to leave.  Owens says that he can't stand Chicago or them.  They trick him into giving them the syrup before they dance with it.

We come back to the ring as Sami Zayn's music begins to play.  Zayn flops out on the rampway before coming down the ring to a big ovation.


Sami Zayn vs. Bobby Lashley


The bell sounds as Sami Zayn slides out of the ring.  He slides back in, but, as Lashley charges him, Zayn slides out again.  Sami tries to get in before telling the referee to watch Lashley.  Sami gets in before sliding out again.  Lashley follows this time before Zayn stomps on him as he gets back in.  Zayn rolls out onto the apron before raking the eyes of Lashley as the referee tries to pull back Lashley.  Lashley is knocked outside by Zayn while he's momentarily blinded.  Zayn kicks through the ropes to hit Lashley.  Zayn slides out and rams him into the ring post before sliding in for the count to start.  It gets to nine before Lashley slides back into the ring.  Zayn stomps on him there and begins punching him with mounted blows.  Zayn lets him get up before hitting some big shots.  Zayn talks a bit of trash as Lashley palms his fist before nailing him with a big clothesline.  Zayn tries for a crossbody, but Zayn is caught.  Lashley sends him across the ring with a fallaway slam.  Zayn gets up in the corner to take a big avalanche splash followed by a spear into the corner.  Zayn hits an elbow to get some separation.  Lashley hits a big spinebuster before lifting up Sami Zayn for a delayed vertical suplex.

The crowd asks for the suplex one more time, but Lashley just lifts up Zayn to hit a backbreaker followed by another delayed vertical suplex.  Lashley looks angry now as he just steps in front of Zayn as he crawls towards the ropes.  Lashley is torturing Zayn with a backbreaker move on his shoulder.  Lashley hits another delayed vertical with only one hand.  Lashley pins him with one hand on his chest for the three count.

Winner:  Bobby Lashley

They show an advertisement for a movie called Mile 22. 

We come back as Nia Jax is shown backstage talking to a referee.  Ronda Rousey is shown getting psyched up backstage with a flurry of blows as Natalya watches on. 

They show an advertisement for Miz and Mrs.

Elias is introduced next.

He's in the ring already with a green silk jacket on.  He says he's Elias.  He plays some guitar as the crowd loves it.  He says he has one question for everyone.  Who wants to walk with Elias?  They cheer.  Elias says it's on to Seth Rollins.  He says that he took a little bit of his soul, but tonight he's going to take his Intercontinental Championship.  Elias says that he's just a stepping stone to his future.  Elias says that he's WWE and the entire world watches as WWE stands for Walk With Elias.  He says that he knows he's in Chicago because they're a bunch of loud-mouths scumbags who want attention.  The crowd chants that they are scumbags.  He tells them to shut their mouthes as he strums his guitar a little more.  He says Chicago isn't worth it.  The lights come up as Seth Rollins' music hits.


Intercontinental Championship
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Elias


The bell sounds as they just stare at each other.  They tie it up before Elias hooks the arm of Seth before Seth reverse it.  They reverse a few more holds before Elias gets to his feet to try for a headlock.  Elias is reversed three times by this as he's locked into a hammerlock each time.  Finally, Elias hits a big elbow to knock Seth downs.  Elias pulls up Rollins before taking some big blows.  Seth hits a big dropkick to floor him.  Rollins sends himself over the top rope onto Elias.  Rollins chops Elias followed by a right hand.  He rolls Elias into the ring, springs off the top rope with a big clothesline!  Seth Rollins gets back up quickly and hits a running elbow smash in the corner.  Rollins gets onto the apron before getting turned inside-out by a clothesline as Rollins lands on his neck.  Elias quickly grabs him and rolls him inside before stomping viciously on him in the corner.  Elias slides outside and slams Rollins down on the apron followed by a second.  Elias rolls inside and covers for a two count.

Rollins fights out before getting caught with a DDT for a two count!  Elias hits a running knee onto the chin of Rollins before pulling him up.  Elias locks in a cobra clutch as Rollins tries to roll out to no avail.  Seth Rollins begins to fight out of the hold, but Elias breaks it.  He sends him into the ropes, but Elias catches him with a running elbow.  Elias tries for a knee smash onto his face that misses!  Rollins chops Elias.  Elias charges him in the corner and misses.  Rollins climbs up top, leaps over Elias, hits a running elbow, but Elias catches him with a knee.  He sends him into the rope as Seth hits the Slingblade!  Elias rolls outside as Seth Rollins hits the suicide dive!  Seth Rollins is clutching his neck.  They both roll into the ring before Rollins climbs up to hit the blockbuster on Elias for a two count.  Seth Rollins gets up getting sent to the apron.  He leaps from the top rope as Elias dodges out of the way.  Seth lands on his knee which triggers an old injury.  Elias hits a running knee strike for a two count!

Rollins is barely standing as Elias is teeing off on him.  Rollins begins throwing some back as they interchange punches.  Rollins his the ropes to eat a big boot from Elias.  Elias tries to whip Rollins, but he rolls them through before hitting the superkick to the side of his head.  He covers for a two count.  Seth Rollins climbs up to the top rope for a frog splash that lands on Elias' knees!  Elias rolls him up for a two count!  Elias climbs up top only to get caught by Rollins.  Rollins hooks an arm up there, but Elias pushes him off.  Elias climbs up, but Rollins leaps up for a superplex into the Falcon's Arrow for a two count!  Seth Rollins clamors to his feet showing a knee injury.  Seth Rollins begins stomping his to the words of Burn It Down.  He kicks Elias in the midsection, tries for the Curb Stomp to no avail.  Elias rolls outside as Seth tries for a suicide dive that he redirects into the barricade!  Elias throws him into the post followed by the stairs before rolling him into the ring.  Elias climbs up to the top rope for a diving elbow for a two count!

Elias lifts up Rollins and hooks a leg, but Seth hooks the rope to block it.  Elias pounds away on Rollins before lifting him up onto the top rope.  Seth Rollins tries for the running powerbomb, but Elias reverses it.  Rollins rolls up Elias for a two count!  Elias rolls up Rollins for a two count with the tights pulled!  Rollins rolls up Elias with the tights pulled for the three count!

Winner (and still Champion):  Seth Rollins

They show an advertisement for WWE Champions, the mobile game.  They show an advertisement for the next WWE PPV, Extreme Rules.

They show a video package for the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match which is up next.


Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks vs. Lana vs. Naomi vs. Natalya vs. Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Ember Moon


The bell sounds as chaos emerges.  Lynch kicks a ladder into Lana's face.  Becky kicks another ladder into Natalya who is pinned into the barricade.  She slides out of the ring to eat a big kick from Ember Moon.  Moon slides a ladder into the ring.  Natalya yanks her away, but Moon sends her into the steel steps.  Moon begins setting up the ladder, but Naomi enters to eat a kick.  Sasha Banks slides in a ladder before getting kicked down.  Moon hits an enzuigiri takes down Sasha before sending Naomi out of the ring.  Moon hits a springboard crossbody onto Sasha onto the ladder!  Lana slides into the ring and slams Moon down.  She rams the ladder into Ember before setting the ladder on its side.  She hits an X-Factor onto the ladder with Moon's face.  She throws out the small ladder and sets up the big one, but Natalya stops her before dropping her onto the ladder with a body slam.  Naomi is dropped tail bone-first onto the ladder before being stepped on and dropkicked by Natalya.  Charlotte enters the ring and begins chopping Natalya to the floor.  Becky slides into the ring as they fight over the ladder.  As they hold the ladder, Naomi springboards off of it to hit Natalya.  She dropkicks the ladder next to hit both Charlotte and Becky.  Bliss brings out the ladder as Naomi springboards over to take out Bliss.  Naomi hits a running blockbuster onto Sasha outside from the apron!  Everyone is down.

Moon, Becky, and Naomi get into the ring and begin fighting.  Becky begins climbing the ladder as Naomi and Moon hold it up.  They dump her into the corner as the ladder falls on top of her in the corner.  They hit dual running dropkicks to her as Becky slides out of the ring.  Naomi hits a big kick to Ember Moon before hitting the monkey flip.  Moon lands on her feet though!  Naomi rushes her before getting dumped on the ladder with a flip from Moon!  Banks hits a big knee strike before slinging Moon into the corner face-first where she's between the ropes with a ladder underneath.  Lana comes in to eat a kick from Sasha and be set up in the corner as well before they both eat a knee drop onto the ladder below.  Sasha Banks and Charlotte are now in the ring.  They both begin to climb up, but they pull each other down.  Charlotte hits a neckbreaker before setting up a ladder vertical between the ropes.  Sasha begins climbing up before being pushed off onto Natalya and Charlotte by Natalya as she hits a double Meteora!  Becky tries to climb before being yanked down.  Lana tries to climb to no avail.  Sasha climbs up with Becky after yanking off Alexa!

Lana sets up an even taller ladder next to Sasha and Becky!  Bliss climbs up as all of the women begin trying to grab the briefcase.  Sasha is powerbombed into the ladder by Natalya as a ladder falls!  Moon and Lana are on the taller ladder, but it's not underneath the briefcase.  Charlotte sets up a ladder in the corner.  Charlotte pulls off Moon and powerbombs her onto the ladder in the corner.  Lana is yanked down by Bliss.  Charlotte slams Lana into the ladder.  Bliss hits a Code Red and tries for a pin?  She releases as Lana yanks Bliss down to the mat.  She begins yelling at Bliss who gets up to slap her.  Bliss says it's her briefcase, but Lana kicks her in the face!  Lana locks in The Accolade before climbing the taller ladder.  Naomi leaps from the top rope to land on the ladder across from her!  Lana is yanked to the ground by Becky.  Becky yanks down Naomi as well.  Becky climbs and is alone up there!  Charlotte climbs up quick as they trade blows.  Bliss tips the ladder.  Charlotte clears both Alexa and Becky.  Charlotte is taken down by Sasha who is taken out by Naomi!  Naomi is taken down by Lana!  Lana climbs up before eating an Electric Chair Drop from Natalya!  Natalya is taken down by Charlotte.  Charlotte is caught with a big exploder suplex by Becky Lynch who climbs up again!  Alexa Bliss tips the ladder as Lynch slams down on the top of a set-up ladder in the corner!  Alexa Bliss is alone as she climbs to retrieve the briefcase for the win!

Winner:  Alexa Bliss

Kurt Angle and Paige are backstage as they talk about the fact Raw gets the Women's Money in the Bank.  Angle talks about Daniel Bryan and all of the cool stuff going on.  Baron Corbin walks into the scene talking about bringing both Money in the Bank briefcases to Raw.  Paige brings up his failure last year after getting the briefcase.  Constable Corbin tells Angle to get it down tonight.  Angle compliments Paige's insult after he leaves.

They show a video package for the Roman Reigns and Jinder Mahal match coming up next.

Sunil Singh is introduced as he comes out in a wheelchair with a sling and neckbrace.  He tells the people to stand up and show respect to Jinder Mahal.  Mahal wheels him down to the ring putting him right in front of the announce table. 


Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal


The bell sounds as they begin trading blows inside of the ring.  Roman gets the better of the exchange before whipping Jinder into the ropes.  He catches his rebound with an elbow.  Roman slams Jinder into the top turnbuckle a few times.  Roman slams his head again before whipping Jinder into the ropes.  He catches his rebound with a big Samoan Drop for a two count.  Jinder rolls out of the ring.  Roman slides outside before catching Jinder with a right before whipping him into the ring.  Jinder tries to catch him at the ropes, but Roman catches him.  Jinder falls into the Drive By position, but Jinder dodges out of the way.  Jinder grabs the referee as Sunil leaps out of his wheel chair to push Roman into the ringpost.  Jinder rolls him inside and begins stomping on Roman.  He drives a knee into the back of Roman before pinning him for a two count.  Sunil is feigning his injury some more as Jinder applies a side headlock.  Roman begins to fight out with some right hands, but Jinder whips Roman into the corner.

Jinder raises his hand with a smirk as the crowd boos.  Jinder rams Roman off the apron as he hits the barricade.  Jinder Mahal slides outside and lifts up Roman.  He slaps him before rolling him back inside of the ring.  Jinder Mahal slides in and drops an elbow on Roman.  He goes for the pinfall for a two count.  Jinder gets a handful of hair before being told off by the referee.  Jinder chokes Roman on the second rope before dropping some knees by kicking off the first rope.  Jinder Mahal hits some big strikes to the side of Roman's head.  Jinder locks in a side headlock again as something is going on in the crowd out of sight.

Jinder holds him down before yanking Roman to the mat by his hair as he escapes.  Jinder tries for a big knee drop that Roman evades.  Jinder charges Roman to eat a boot.  Roman hits a couple of clotheslines as he begins firing up.  Roman Reigns charges him in a corner to eat a boot.  Jinder leaps off to receive a slap from Roman.  Roman hits the clotheslines in the corner before hitting the ropes.  He takes a running knee for a two count as Jinder nearly won.  The crowd is doing the wave and has checked out of this match.  Jinder sets up for the Khallas, but Roman reverses it.  Roman hits a big boot to the side of his head for a two count.  Roman gets up and sets up for the Superman Punch.  Jinder dodges it before hitting the fireman's carry into a gutbuster for a two count!  Jinder Mahal pulls up Roman before Roman rams him back into the corner.  Roman hits a Superman punch for a two count!

Jinder Mahal reverses Roman sending him into the corner as he tries for the spear!  Roman gets up on the apron as they trade blows.  Jinder tries for a spear, but Roman catches him there.  Roman hits a leaping leg drop over the second rope as they both tumble outside.  Roman rolls Jinder into the ring.  Sunil tries to push Roman again, but Roman catches himself.  The referee turns around to see Sunil standing as he gets a Superman punch!  Roman hits a Superman punch to Mahal.  Roman Reigns hits a big spear to Sunil Singh outside of the ring.  He gets into the ring before Jinder gets an inside cradle on Roman for a two count!  Roman gets to his feet and hits a spear for the three count!

Winner:  Roman Reigns

They show a video highlighting their service with the Special Olympics as Katie Millar, a participant of the Summer Games, is here tonight in the audience.

They do a quick recap of the matches so far.  Next up is Carmella vs. Asuka as they show a video package of their feud so far.


SmackDown Women's Championship
Carmella (c) vs. Asuka


The bell sounds as they circle around.  They tie it up before Asuka forces Mella into the ropes.  She tries to hit Carmella, but she just Moon Walks away.  Carmella does some antics on the apron as Asuka grows frustrated.  Carmella slaps Asuka and says she's not scared of Asuka.  Asuka hits a big hip attack followed by another and a third.  Asuka pulls Carmella between the ropes and kicks her viciously.  The referee warns her as Asuka hits the ropes to hit a big hip attack to send Carmella to the floor.  Carmella grabs her title and is heading out the door.  Asuka intercepts her with a stiff running kick on the apron.  She brings Carmella up onto the apron before hooking her arm. Carmella reverses it to yank Asuka into the ring post.  Carmella rolls up Asuka in the ring for a two count.  Carmella locks in a double chicken wing submission.  Asuka leans back into a pin for a two count.  Asuka gets out of the hold and tries for the Asuka Lock that Carmella reverses.  Carmella superkicks Asuka in the face for a two count.  Carmella applies an armhold as Asuka tries to fight out of it. 

Carmella hits a big knee to the midsection of Asuka as she tries to fight out.  Asuka goes up top, but she misses with a missile dropkick!  Carmella tries to kick her only to be caught by Asuka in a kneebar.  Carmella grabs the ropes immediately to stop the hold.  Carmella hits a big elbow before shoving Asuka's face.  Carmella slaps Asuka, but Asuka hits a big knee to the face followed by some knee strikes.  Carmella catches the kick, but Asuka reverses into a release German suplex!  Asuka hits a big running hip attack for a two count.  Asuka begins working on the arm, but Carmella gets to the ropes.  Asuka hits the ropes to run towards Carmella.  However, the champion ducks as Asuka tumbles to the floor!  Asuka gets onto the apron before Carmella snaps the head of Asuka across the top rope!  She holds on by a hand before Carmella kicks that hand away.  Asuka takes a big bump outside before Carmella hits a suicide dive onto Asuka.  She rolls Asuka into the ring for a two count.  She keeps pinning Asuka for two and one counts.  She begins to show frustration as Asuka rolls her up for a two count.

Asuka's jacket and mask gets up on the apron and begins looking at Asuka cryptically as Asuka's paralyzed!  Carmella rolls up Asuka for a two count!  Asuka hits the lifting knee to stop her momentarily.  The masked figure takes off the mask to reveal...

James Ellsworth?!

Asuka screams in frustration before Asuka receives a big superkick from Carmella for the three count!

Winner (and STILL Champion):  Carmella

James Ellsworth and Carmella celebrate up the rampway as Asuka looks disgusted.

We get an advertisement for Something Else to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard.

Up next is the WWE Championship Last Man Standing match as the video package is shown.


WWE Championship Match
Last Man Standing Match
AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura


The bell sounds as the crowd is divided on this one.  They lock up in the center of the ring before Shinsuke whips him down to the mat.  They trade positions for a few before AJ Styles hits a big dropkick to floor The King of Strong Style.  Style chops him before slamming his head into two turnbuckles.  Styles kicks Shinsuke in the back before hitting some big blows.  The Phenomenal One lifts up Shinsuke to hit a backbreaker.  Styles hooks the arm of Shinsuke, but Shinsuke lowers his weight to stop the suplex.  AJ is elbowed into the ropes, but he pulls Shinsuke over the top rope to the floor with his legs.  Nakamura gets to his feet as Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm.  The referee begins his count as it only reaches five!  Styles is rammed into the barricade outside of the ring before Shinsuke hits a suplex on the steel of the ramp.  The referee begins his count and gets to six!  Shinsuke lays him out on the apron before hitting a series of knee lifts.  Shinsuke steps away before leaping from the top of the steel stairs to kick him in the back of his head!  Styles falls to the outside for a five count.  Shinsuke rolls Styles into the ring and begins stomping on Styles in the corner.  He hits a snapmare on Styles before dropping a big knee to the side of his head.  Styles is groggy as Shinsuke kicks him in the ropes across the chest.

The referee begins his count as he gets to a five count.  Shinsuke begins choking Styles in the corner with his boot before hitting Bad Vibrations!  Styles battles up with his leg before kicking the back of his leg.  Shinsuke hits a spinning heel hook that floors Styles!  Shinsuke pulls Styles up onto the top rope vertically.  He rolls back before hitting a running kneelift to send Styles out of the ring.  It gets to a five count before Styles rolls to his feet.  Shinsuke slams Styles down on the steel steps before hitting Bad Vibrations on the bottom part of the steel steps!  Shinsuke climbs into the audience after sending Styles on over.  Shinsuke kicks Styles right in the chest to floor him.  He pulls up Styles who fights back with some blows.  AJ moves Shinsuke over to the barricade and kicks him right over it.  Styles leaps up onto the barricade, but Shinsuke kicks his leg out from underneath him!  He falls onto the outside with a thud that makes it to a seven count.  Shinsuke pulls Styles up by his arm before just kicking him in the side of the head, mockingly. 

Shinsuke rolls Styles into the ring before Styles gets to his feet.  Styles begins fighting back with chops, but Shinsuke tries for the exploder that misses!  Styles hits a big knee strike.  Shinsuke is sent into the corner.  Nakamura climbs up for a knee strike, but Styles hits a big dropkick that floors both of them.  They get up at eight before Styles unloads with a flurry of blows!  Styles hits a big splash in the corner before hitting a big faceplant as both men are down.  Mike Chioda gets to a six count before they get up.  Shinsuke tries for the low blow, but AJ dodges it!  AJ glares at him before hitting a Pele kick that didn't hit all the way.  AJ tries for a clothesline that is ducked.  Shinsuke hits the exploder suplex before setting up for the Kinshasa!  He rushes forward, but Styles collides with a big elbow strike that floors both of them.  The count gets to a seven before they get to their feet.  Shinsuke is nailed by a neckbreaker as the referee begins his count.  He gets to eight before Nakamura gets to his feet.  Styles is lifted to the apron and gets ready for the Phenomenal Forearm.  Shinsuke catches him with a big kick to floor him on the apron.  Shinsuke grabs Styles and whips him into the barricade by the timekeeper's desk.  Nakamura dumps Styles down on top of the barricade before cleaning off the announcers' table.  He slams Styles onto it as he dances around to clear the other tables.

Shinsuke rushes across the cleared tables to hit a big running Kinshasa!  The referee is counting as the count has reached seven before Styles even budges.  Styles gets to his feet thanks to being on a table at a nine count!  Shinsuke sends Styles into the ringpost.  The King of Strong Style begins looking underneath the ring before pulling out a table to the crowd's approval.  Shinsuke slides in the table as Styles is to his feet inside of the ring.  Styles falls back down as Shinsuke sets up the legs of the table.  Styles moves over towards Shinsuke who kicks his legs out from underneath him.  Nakamura sets up the table in the center of the ring.  Shinsuke lifts Styles to the top rope as a grin spreads across his face.  He climbs up, but Styles rolls through!  He's trying for a powerbomb, but Shinsuke reverses it!  Shinsuke knocks down AJ for a moment before setting up the table in the corner.  He smirks before whipping Styles shoulder-first through the table!  The count gets to nine before Styles makes it to his feet.  Shinsuke hits a big knee to the midsection before removing the padding from the top turnbuckle.  He sets up Styles in the corner for the kneelift.  Styles dodges it this time as Nakamura's knee hits the exposed turnbuckle!  Styles gets back into the ring and kicks the hurt knee of Nakamura.

The count gets to a six before Styles locks in the Calf Crusher!  Shinsuke begins to tap out, but that doesn't matter in this type of match.  Styles relinquishes the hold as the referee begins his count.  Shinsuke makes it to his feet before Styles kicks his legs out from underneath him again.  The Phenomenal One grabs a steel chair and cracks it over the leg of Shinsuke!  Nakamura begins pleading as Styles hits him two more times.  Styles tries for one more, but The King of Low Blows hits a Low Blow!  Styles hits the ground!  The referee begins his count, but Styles gets up at a count of nine.  Shinsuke looks a bit shocked before rushing him with a Kinshasa!  Nakamura is slow to his feet due to his knee.  The referee begins his count as AJ leaps up at nine!  Shinsuke clears the Spanish Announce Table before lifting up Styles on that table.  His knee gives out as he falls forward.  Styles gets to his feet and leaps off the table for a Phenomenal Forearm!  The referee begins his count!  Styles interrupts it to pull Shinsuke onto the steel steps.  STYLES CLASH OFF THE STEEL STEPS!  They land with a thud on the outside of the ring as the referee begins his count.  Nakamura barely makes it up at nearly ten!  Nakamura is laughing.  He tells Styles to Come on!  AJ Styles kicks him through the uprights as Shinsuke appears to be crying!  Styles climbs into the ring and springboards off the top rope to hit a Phenomenal Forearm to take Shinsuke out through the announce table!  The referee begins his count as AJ Styles gets to his feet at six.  Shinsuke Nakamura does not make the count as AJ is the winner!

Winner (and STILL Champion):  AJ Styles

They show a video package for a special airing on the WWE Network for The Hardy Boyz.

Up next is Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax as they show the tale of the tape followed by a video package.  Nia Jax makes her way to the ring first followed by Ronda Rousey with a huge grin.


Raw Women's Championship
Nia Jax (c) vs. Ronda Rousey


The bell sounds as Nia just lifts up Ronda and drives her into the corner.  She tosses Ronda across the ring before getting squashed in the corner.  Ronda dodges the second splash.  Nia slams into the corner.  Nia grabs her by her throat, but Ronda punches her away!  Ronda punches her a few more times before Nia just shoves her away.  Nia hits a big splash in the corner before lifting up Ronda for a Samoan Drop.  Ronda rolls through into a triangle choke!  Nia Jax lifts up Ronda, but Ronda keeps the hold on!  Nia Jax lifts up Ronda and powerbombs her this time!  Ronda staggers to her feet and slips all the way to the outside!  Nia Jax makes her way out of the ring towards her before pulling her up for a powerbomb!  Ronda tries to reverse it by falling down, but Nia just slings her into the barricade.  Jax rolls her into the ring and pins her for a two count!

Ronda hits a shot to the midsection before Nia lifts her up in a gorilla press drop!  Ronda pulls herself up in the corner before leaping onto Nia with a guillotine hold!  Nia throws her over as Ronda tries to roll her up!  Nia just slams her to the mat instead!  She slams her down two more times!  Nia Jax applies a big bearhug to Ronda!  Ronda fights out of the hold with some elbows.  Nia Jax hits a big Samoan drop for a two count!  Ronda hits a big shot to Nia who just headbutts her.  Nia misses with a leg drop as Ronda pulls herself up.  Nia Jax charges her to hit the turnbuckle!  Ronda just keeps herself on the top rope.  She applies an armbar in the ropes that the referee begins the count.  Ronda releases at four!  Ronda climbs to the top rope as Nia slowly gets to her feet.  Crossbody from Ronda from the top rope!  Nia kicks out at two!  Ronda Rousey is getting fired up as Nia Jax slowly gets to her feet.  Ronda begins unloading big rights and lefts before hitting a big leaping kick!  Ronda Rousey hits a Judo Throw on Nia Jax for a two count! 

Ronda Rousey hits some variation of a Rock Bottom before trying for an armbar!  Nia Jax has her hands clenched, but Ronda Rousey pries them loose!  Alexa Bliss just smashes the briefcase over the back of Ronda Rousey!

Winner (by DQ):  Ronda Rousey

Alexa continues the abuse by hitting Ronda with it some more!  She throws her over the announce table before sliding back into the ring.  She brings the briefcase across the arm of Nia Jax for some more pain a few times!  She hands in her briefcase to cash in tonight!


Raw Womens Championship
Nia Jax (c) vs. Alexa Bliss


Alexa Bliss hits the DDT followed by the Twisted Bliss Moonsault for the three count!

Winner (and NEW CHAMPION):  Alexa Bliss

A video package is shown for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match which is the main event of this show.

Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring.  Finn Balor comes out wearing colors similar to Spiderman as Corey Graves references.  Aiden English comes out saying to look at the date before saying that Rusev is going to win today.  Rusev Day chants come out.  He says that he'll cash in on AJ because this day falls on Rusev Day!  Rusev makes his way out.  Kevin Owens comes to the ring as Graves comments on his strategy to team up on Braun.  Bobby Roode comes out with a Glorious entrance.  The Miz makes his entrance with a win in this match type under his belt.  Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring with all eyes on him.  The New Day comes out last as they swerve Xavier and Big E entering the match.  Instead... it's Kofi Kingston!


Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Finn Balor vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens vs. Rusev vs. Samoa Joe vs. The Miz vs. Bobby Roode vs. Kofi Kingston


Kofi Kingston has been in seven Money in the Bank matches which ties Kane's record.  Braun is instantly teamed up on by the entire group.  He knocks them all down and clears the ring.  Braun slides out of the ring and slides in a ladder.  Joe comes up from behind and nails Braun.  Kofi launches himself to hit Braun.  Owens rushes towards Braun who floors him.  They each take up ladders and batter and brutalize Braun with these ladders.  Miz tries to take advantage by setting up the ladder in the ring.  He almost gets it before Joe pushes the ladder over!  Joe is taken out by a leaping Kofi before Miz takes a Boom Boom Leg drop underneath the ladder!  Kevin Owens tries to climb after clearing Kofi, but Finn yanks him down.  Finn climbs up only for Roode to pull him down and climb himself.  Finn hits a suplex to clear him before Owens comes in to slam Balor into the ladder.  They make their way outside as Owens slams Balor on the announce table.  Kevin Owens climbs up to the top of the ladder.  In the ring, Rusev begin to climb up.  Owens abandons his quest and pulls down Rusev.  Rusev hits a fallaway slam to hit Owens on the leaning ladder in the ring.  Joe quickly attacks Rusev with some big kicks in the corner!  Kofi springboards off the top rope for a clothesline.  Kofi is alone in the ring as he sets up the ladder.

Kingston gets on the top rope instead and hits a big stage dive, but he's caught by everyone!  Except for Balor!  Finn Balor hits a running senton over the top rope to knock down the group.  Finn grabs a ladder from the top of the ramp and Braun pulls himself from the ladder graveyard.  Braun big boots Roode and shouldertackles Kofi before getting caught by a flying Joe with a forearm!  Rusev kicks Braun at the top of the ramp as Owens is coordinating the attack on Braun!  Rusev slams the head of Braun on a standing ladder as Owens sets up a table.  Owens and Rusev try to set up Braun on the table.  Joe locks in the Clutch as Owens kicks him in the face.  Rusev and Joe hold Strowman on the table as Owens climbs up.  Braun fights out of the hold as Owens is up top.  Braun begins climbing the other side of this enormous ladder!  Strowman just throws Owens off the top of that ladder onto a big spot set-up by the stage!  Strowman punches Joe and kicks Rusev as he stomps his way back.  Strowman chokeslams Kofi on a ladder on the ramp.  Strowman charges down and breaks a ladder that Roode and Balor was holding.  Miz has the ladder set up in the center of the ring.  He tries to grab it quickly, but Strowman yanks him down and gives him those hands.  Braun tries to climb up, but Joe hits him with the ladder before clotheslining him over the top rope to the floor!

Roode throws Finn into the corner turnbuckle before turning his attention to Samoa Joe.  Joe hits the big urinagi in the corner before getting tossed out by Rusev.  Rusev hits a Machka kick to Roode followed by another one to Kofi Kingston!  Rusev stacks them up to hit a Double Accolade!  Miz breaks it up, but Rusev hits the Machka Kick to him.  Miz falls on top of them as Rusev puts on a TRIPLE Accolade. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch, but Rusev fights out!  He throws Joe out before setting up the ladder and making his way up.  Miz pulls the ladder down as Rusev hits the top rope with his neck.  Miz sets up the ladder again and makes his way up!  Kofi climbs up and stops it!  Kofi grabs the briefcase, but Miz stops him!  They trade blows up top.  Roode shoves the ladder as they both crash to the floor.  Finn Balor hits a slingblade to Roode!  Roode and Balor clear Miz and Kofi.  Roode is down inside of the ring after a dropkick from Balor.  Finn climbs the ladder outside set up by Owens to hit the Coup de Grace!  Finn Balor is taken out by Strowman!  Strowman hits a powerslam onto Samoa Joe!  Miz climbs up, but he's brought down into a powerslam.  Braun begins to climb as does Finn on the other side!  Kofi Kingston leaps onto Strowman and rides him.  Strowman kicks down Finn before grabbing Kofi and yanking him to the mat by his arm!  He reaches up and grabs the briefcase!

Winner:  Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman celebrates with his briefcase as the show comes to a close.

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