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WWE Raw Live Results (6/11) Little Rock, Arkansas

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Jun 11, 2018

WWE Raw Live Results (6/11) Little Rock, Arkansas

Welcome to our live coverage of Monday Night Raw!

We kick off with Braun Strowman, Alexa Bliss, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Sasha Banks, Bobby Roode, Ember Moon and Natalya on the ladders in the ring. Kurt Angle comes out. Kurt Angle explains the Money In The Bank Ladder Matches. Baron Corbin comes out and says he represents Stephanie McMahon and wants the show to run smoothly. Kurt wants the contract to come to Raw and Corbin hopes that it will. Alexa claims she will be the one to do it and Banks comments on Alexa hurting her leg last week. All the women argue. Kurt Angle breaks it up and asks Natalya if she's ready after her injury last week. Natalya says she's ready and ready to win and cash in on Ronda Rousey. Kevin Owens and Bobby Roode argue about the height of the briefcase to reach it. Kevin complains about Strowman and Strowman says he will shut Kevin up, win on Sunday and take the Universal title from Brock. Alexa screams to break up the argument and Alexa says she hopes Braun wins. Banks says Balor will win. They all argue and Braun yells to stop it. Braun says this Sunday someone will get these hands.

Alexa Bliss vs. Ember Moon vs. Natalya vs. Sasha Banks

Alexa attack Natalya and throws her out of the ring. Ember catches Bliss and hits a fall away slam. Alexa rolls out of the ring and Natalya throws Bliss into the barricade. Moon grabs Natalya and knocks her down. Banks and Moon trade roll ups. Banks kicks Moon away and Banks and Natalya trade roll ups. Natalya clotheslines Moon out of the ring. Banks hits the double knees on Natalya and gains control until Natalya counters and gets a wrist lock on Sasha. Both women battle back and forth. Banks fights out of the sharp shooter and kicks Natalya out of the ring. Moon comes back and rolls up Sasha for a kick out. Sasha flips onto Natalya off the apron and Moon lands a suicide dive on Banks. Bliss knocks out Moon with a right hand on the outside. Bliss covers Banks in the ring but Banks kicks out. Back from commercial, Bliss works on Natalya's injured knee. Moon tries to run in but Bliss knocks out Moon with a right hand sending her outside. Bliss continues to work Natalya's knee. Natalya fights back but Bliss kicks Natalya's knee. Banks comes back in and lands rights, knees and double knees to Bliss. Moon comes back in and hits a springboard cross body on Bliss and Banks. Ember and Banks fight back and forth until Ember lands a suplex. Ember covers but Bliss breaks up the count. Bliss catches Moon with a sunset roll up but Banks breaks up the count with double knees. Moon and Banks double team Bliss and try a double superplex but Natalya slams both Moon and Banks down. Bliss tries the Twisted Bliss off the top but Banks gets her knees up to hit Bliss. Back from commercial Bliss lands a back breaker to Banks and covers but Banks kicks out. Banks manages to get Bliss in the Bank Statement but Natalya breaks it up. Natalya throws Bliss out of the ring. Natalya gets the Sharp Shooter on Banks. Moon breaks it up with a kick to the head. Moon hits a elbow to Natalya in the corner. Moon hits the Eclipse and goes for the cover but Bliss attacks Moon. Bliss throws Moon into the steel steps. Bliss covers but Banks breaks up the count at 2. Bliss and Banks go back and forth and Bliss sends Banks into the steel post. Natalya rolls up Bliss and gets her into the Sharp Shooter to make Bliss tap out.

Winner: Natalya.

Kevin Owens confronts Finn Balor with a bowl of olives. Kevin wants to forget about last week and says they both have yet to get rematches for their Universal titles. Kevin offers that they all team up against Braun Strowman.

Breezango vs. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Ziggler goes right after Breeze and pummels him down. Ziggler beats him down and rubs his face against the ropes. Ziggler lands an elbow to the heart. Drew gets tagged in and coninues the beat down. Ziggler comes back in and taunts them. Breeze out of no where lands a Enziguri. Fandango comes in and fights off Drew. Fandango heads to the top rope but Drew knocks him off after a distraction by Ziggler. Drew lands a power bomb on Breeze onto Fandango. Ziggler lands a super kick to Breeze. They hit the Claymore and Zig Zag for the win.

Winners: Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph says last week's battle royal was a joke and they have moved on. Dolph says this is their future. Drew says they are here to save the tag division by taking every one else out.

Roman Reigns is interviewed about his match with Jinder Mahal tonight and says he'll never have the opportunity to cash in the briefcase because of Jinder and he can't wait to beat him down.

Jinder Mahal says the winds are changing and he challenged Roman tonight to prove a point. Jinder says he sees him with his arms raised in victory.

Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal

Jinder says Roman's failures are starting to cloud his judgment. Jinder says Roman's opponent tonight is not him it's Singh.  Roman clocks Jinder with a right hand on the apron. Roman lands a Superman Punch on Singh. Roman lands a Spear on Singh for the win. Jinder attack Roman right after and hits the Khallas on Roman.

Winner: Roman Reigns.

The B Team vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno

Slater attacks and knocks down Axel. Slater is in control with another tackle. Axel brings Slater to their corner and Axel tags Bo. Bo beats down Slater and gets  a head lock. Slater tries to make a tag but Bo stops him. Bo knocks Rhyno off the apron. Axel and Bo double team Slater and hits him with a double team neck breaker for the win.

Winners: The B Team.

Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt show up on the screen and say that match was Wonderful. Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt show up on the stage and say they are always watching the B Team. Bray says they are going to have to take the ride. Hardy says when they are done with Axel and Bo, they will be eaten and deleted.

Backstage, Elias says his performance is going to be interesting since he's not use to performing in front of Arkansas hillbillies.

Elias is in the ring and does his introduction. Elias says the people are looking at a once in a lifetime performer. Elias tells them to hold their applause, silence their cell phones and shut their mouths. He plays and sings about Seth being a tool because he does cross fit. Elias says he will squeal like a pig and tells him to walk with him. Elias says he's got something to show everyone. He brings out a guitar with the Intercontinental title and his name written on it. He says this was given to him by John Mayor. Elias says he will not bless them with another performance. Seth Rollins runs to the ring but Elias attacks him. Seth back drops Elias over the top rope. Seth calls Elias a coward and begs him for a fight. Seth says he wanted to like him. Seth spots the new guitar and takes it. Seth says this guitar would be great for a charity auction. Seth says never mind and he lays it on the mat. He is about to stomp on it, taunting Elias. The fans chant "Yes". Seth says he can't play instruments but knows one song and it involves stomping on the mat. Seth stomps on the guitar and destroys it.

Bobby Roode is preparing backstage and Kevin Owens confronts him. Owens says Roode is lucky to be standing after facing Braun last week. Kevin says it could be a disaster if Braun wins at Money In The Bank. Kevin offers Bobby a chance to team up on Braun tonight.

Bayley makes her way to the ring.

Ruby Riott and the squad backstage are making a mess and cutting off a random guy's tie while they make their way to the ring. 

Ruby Riott vs. Bayley

Ruby attacks Bayley in the early goings and beats her down. Ruby shoves Bayley over and over and kicks her in the corner. Bayley kicks Ruby away and pummels on her. Ruby lands a elbow to Bayley's face and kicks Bayley. Bayley fights back with right hands. Bayley whips Ruby into the corner and lands a bull dog. Ruby rolls out of the ring but Bayley slides next to the ring post and misses a kick. Bayley grabs Ruby and lands a back suplex on the outside. Back from commercial, Ruby has an arm lock on Bayley. Bayley fights back with an arm drag and a kick to the knee. Bayley builds momentum until Ruby drives Bayley into the middle turnbuckle. Ruby has an arm stretch applied on Bayley. Bayley fights out, ramming Ruby into the turn buckle. Ruby rams an elbow and then a knee to Ruby. Bayley tries to land an elbow from the top rope but Ruby moves out of the way. Ruby rolls up Bayley but Bayley kicks out. Bayley tries roll ups but Ruby kicks out. Ruby tries a roll up and Bayley kicks out. Liv distracts Bayley which causes Ruby to send Bayley into the steel post and Ruby hits the Riott Kick for the win. After the match, they draw an R on Bayley's stomach.

Winner: Ruby Riott.

Natalya confronts Ronda Rousey and tells to be careful with Nia tonight.

Coach introduces the face off with Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax and introduces the two women. Coach asks how this rivalry has been heated and tensed. Nia just wanted to see how Ronda would react and Nia knows that both of them are competitive. Ronda says she is confident enough to beat Nia and has earned the right to be confident. Nia says Ronda has only defeated a business woman who barely wrestles. Nia says she will take Ronda's arm and will be named the baddest woman on the planet. Nia says Ronda is not ready. Ronda says she wasn't ready to compete in the Olympics but she did. Ronda says she wasn't ready to be UFC champion but now she's going into the Hall Of Fame and then says she is born ready. Nia goes to strike but Ronda grabs her arm. Nia head butts her. Nia grabs Ronda but Ronda gets her in the arm bar. Nia tries to lift Ronda but Ronda gets the hold locked in and Nia taps out.

Curt Hawkins backstage watches No Way Jose's conga line.

No Way Jose vs. Curt Hawkins

Curt doesn't show as his theme music hits. His music hits again but no Curt. The ref starts counting. Curt appears out of no where dressed as Jose's party goers and rolls up Jose but gets a 2. Jose lands the elbow to the face of Curt for the win.

Winner: No Way Jose.

Balor and Roode discuss the game plan and Roode says to keep an eye on Kevin. Balor says he'll keep one eye on Kevin and one eye on Roode. 

The arena is set up as an obstacle course. Renee Young introduces Sami Zayn. Renee asks why did he challenge Bobby Lashley to an obstacle course challenge. Sami said he wanted to question if Bobby was in the army. He wanted to see if Bobby could finish the course faster than he can. Sami explains the obstacles. Sami says he will finish it before Bobby and he will prove that the best country with the best military force is Canada. Bobby comes out and says he's going to beat Sami in this course and he's going to beat Sami this Sunday. Renee flips the coin and Bobby goes first. Sami says this thing starts when he says so. Sami blows the whistle and Bobby powers his way through everything and rings the bell from the rope. Sami attacks Bobby from behind. Sami sends him into the railing and Helluva Kicks him.

Kevin goes over the game plan with Balor and Roode to take out Braun. Braun confronts them and dares them to team up on him.

Finn Balor vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Roode

Braun goes right after Owens and they all team up on Braun. Braun plows through them. Braun throws Roode and lands a shot to Finn's chest. Braun attacks Owens and knocks him to the outside. Back from commercial, Roode, Owens and Finn attack Braun. Braun tries to fight out but they all pummel him in the corner. They all continue to pummel Braun and Owens clothes lines him in the corner. Braun pushes him away and takes out Roode and Finn. Owens tries a cheap shot but had no effect on Braun. Braun goes after Owens but Roode and Finn attack Braun outside. Braun explodes out of the grasp of all of them. Braun chases after Owens who runs to the backstage area. Braun throws Owens back onto the stage. Braun lands a right hand to Finn and to Roode. Braun sends Owens face first on the LED lights. Braun takes down a ladder and clears off the announce table. Braun picks up Owens but Roode nails Braun with a ladder. Finn and Roode hit Braun again and again with the ladder. They lay Braun on the announce table. Owens goes off the top of the ladder and frog splashes onto Braun through the table. Back from commercial, Roode is working the arm of Finn in the ring. Owens is still down after the splash through the table. Finn fights back and lands a kick to Roode. Finn dodges Roode's attack and starts to roll by knocking Roode down and giving him a double foot stomp. Finn knocks Roode to the outside and was going to dive but Roode gets back on the apron with an elbow. Roode lands the block buster to Finn, covers, but Finn kicks out. Finn cradles Roode but Roode kicks out. Finn drop kicks Roode into the corner. Finn goes for the Coup De Grace but Owens knocks Finn down. Owens goes up but Finn knocks Owens off. Finn goes back up but Roode stops him. Roode tries a superplex, Owens slams Roode along with Finn from the corner. Braun is back to his feet and makes his way back to the ring. Braun knocks down Balor and Roode who goes after him. Braun chases after owens. Braun catches him in the audience and brings him back. Braun lands a shot to Owens. Braun  shoulder tackles Finn, Roode and Owens outside. Braun brings Owens back in the ring. Braungoes for the Power Slam on Owens but Roode saves him. Braun collides onto Owens and Roode. Finn kicks Braun and lands a double stomp off the top to Braun. Finn charges but gets knocked down by Braun. Roode and Owens double team Braun. Owens rolls up Roode who kicks out. Roode hits the Spine Buster on Owens. Finn hits Sling Blade to Roode and Braun. Finn hits the Coup De Grace to Braun. Finn covers, but Roode breaks up the count. Roode sends Finn into the steel post and hits the Glorious DDT. Roode covers but Owens tosses Roode outside. Owens lands a Frog Splash off the top rope on Braun, covers but Braun kicks out at 2. Owens has a ladder and hits Braun in the ribs over and over. Braun doesn't go down, grabs the ladder and then grabs Owens throat for a Choke Slam. Braun has Owens up and hits him with the Power Slam onto the ladder for the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winner: Braun Strowman.

End Of The Show.


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