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NXT Live Results (6/6)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Jun 06, 2018

NXT Live Results (6/6)

Welcome to our live coverage of NXT!

Opening Show Promo

Mauro Ranello welcomes everyone to the show. 

Shayna Baszler makes her way to the ring. She says she showed last week that when anyone stands her way she will slap them with a dose of reality. She says she is the most dominant competitor in NXT. She says if Nikki gets in her face again, she will regret it. Nikki Cross comes out and makes her way to the ring. Shayna says the stunt she pulled last week was a joke. Shayna says she is the champion and that she is only better in the corner of Nikki's brain. Shayna calls her crazy. Shayna says she can put Nikki to sleep in a heart beat. Shayna throws the micro phone at her. Nikki picks it up and dares her to do it. She says it over and over. Nikki scares Shayna. Shayna pushes Nikki and Nikki immediately jumps on Shayna and attacks her. Nikki stomps on Shayna. Nikki picks up the Women's title but Shayna knocks her to the outside. Nikki punches Shayna on the apron and lands a cross body off the top rope on Shayna. Shayna retreats from Nikki.

TM61 vs. Local Competitors

Miller is in the ring and attacks his opponent. Thorne comes in and is in control until his opponent nails a jaw breaker. Thorne drop kicks the other competitor. Miller comes in and gets in control. Miller knocks the other competitor off the apron. His opponent tries to battle back but Miller fights him and his partner off. Thorne lands a blow to the back of the opponents head and covers for the win.

Winners: TM61.

Miller has a mic and says they are the best tag team in NXT. Thorne says they are winners. They challenge the War Raiders and say every team will bow down to them.

A recap of last week with Aleister Black and Lars Sullivan is shown.

Footage is shown from earlier this week at the Performance Center of Lars Sullivan beating up fellow trainees in the ring.

Roderick Strong vs. Danny Burch

Both men lock up and Strong takes Burch down. Burch tries an arm bar but Strong takes him down again. Both men chain wrestle back and forth. Burch gets out of Strong's hold and takes Strong down. Burch has an arm lock on Strong but Strong tosses him over the apron. Burch lands a shoulder to the gut but Strong knees him in the head. Strong is in control beating down Burch with chops and a back breaker. Strong covers but Burch kicks out at 2. Strong gets a front face lock on Burch. Burch fights back but Strong catches him with a drop kick. Strong covers, Burch kicks out. Strong drop kicks Burch in the back. Strong has an abdominal stretch but Burch gets out and tosses Strong outside. Strong misses a knee and gets a head butt from Burch. Burch fights back with rights and an upper cut in the corner. Burch lands a missile drop kick. Burch lands a release German Suplex. Burch lands a clothesline. Undisputed Era tries to interfere until Pete Dunn and Oney Lorcan save Burch. Burch has a cross face on Strong but Cole distracts Burch. Burch goes after Cole but Cole gets off the apron. Strong lands a big back breaker for the win. Pete Dunn attacks Strong but O'Reily attacks Dunn's knee and Strong hits the End Of Heartache on Dunn.

Winner: Roderick Strong.

Kassius Ohno is doing a photo shoot until EC3 interrupts and mocks him. Ohno calls him obnoxious and says he will knock him unconscious. Ohno challenges him to a match for next week. EC3 accepts. EC3 leaves and Ohno continues with his photo shoot.

Aleister Black's vignette is shown saying next week Lars' reality will fade to black.

A promo between Velveteen Dream and Ricochet is shown.

Lacey Evans vs. Kairi Sane

Lacey taunts Kairi. Both women lock up. Lacey grabs Sane by the hair but Sane chops her. Sane lands a head scissors and a divorce court. Sane works the arm. Evans lands on the apron and lands a knee to Sane. Evans lands a spring board elbow. Evans beats down Sane. Evans gets a cobra clutch on Sane. Evans tosses Sane around while having Sane in the clutch and releases her. Evans goes to slap her with her back hand but Sane counters and fights back. Sane gains momentum until Evans kicks her in the gut. Evans lands a vicious scoop slam. Evans does push ups as she pins Sane but Sane kicks out. Evans goes for a moonsault but misses. Sane fights back and knocks down Evans with spears. Sane runs and lands a sliding elbow. Sane knocks Evans down with a clothesline off the top rope. Sane has an arm bar, Evans tries to pin her while in the hold but Sane gets out. Sane hits Evans with an Alabama Slam and the flying elbow off the top rope for the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winner: Kairi Sane.

Tommaso Ciampa comes out to a chorus of boos. Ciampa enters the ring. Fans chant "Johnny Wrestling" and "Psycho Killer". Ciampa says the fans give up on him before he gave up on them. Ciampa tries to talk but the fans won't let him. Ciampa says he doesn't care what they chant to him he'll be here all night. Ciampa says Gargano interrupted a match last week because it's always about Johnny. Ciampa says all of a sudden Johnny Wrestling has become Johnny Badass. Ciampa says Johnny damn near crippled his own wife. Ciampa says this is on Johnny for bringing his own wife into this and for what happened with Candice. He says all he did was defend himself. He says Johnny should've listened to his wife and tells him not to show up at Takeover. Ciampa says it won't be a happy ending for Gargano. Gargano comes out, restrained by security. Gargano breaks out of their restraint and attacks Ciampa. Officials try to break them up but Johnny keeps going after Ciampa in the crowd. Johnny jumps over the crowd and onto Ciampa and officials. Johnny fights off security but gets knocked down by Ciampa. Ciampa puts Johnny in the Gargano Escape as officials try to get Ciampa off. Ciampa leaves the ring with Johnny down on the mat. Ciampa waves at Johnny but Johnny explodes and attacks Ciampa on the stage. Gargano sends Ciampa over and over on the LED lightings on the stage, busting Ciampa open. Gargano puts Ciampa in the Gargano Escape and officials break him off of Ciampa. 

End Of The Show.

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