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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (5/29) Raleigh, NC

Posted By: Rhett Davis on May 29, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (5/29) Raleigh, NC

Welcome to the live coverage for 205 Live from Raleigh, North Carolina.  Tonight, Buddy Murphy is scheduled to challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship that Cedric Alexander holds!

The show opens with a video package highlighting Cedric Alexander celebrating his title victory two months ago before being ambushed by Buddy Murphy.  It shows Cedric Alexander brawl with him a few weeks later.  It shows Cedric cutting weight to enter the division before the Cruiserweight Classic.  Murphy asks who is going to stop him?  Murphy calls himself the Juggernaut of this division and Alexander says this is the Age of Alexander.

The opening video package is shown.

Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show as they hype the main event.  Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy are shown backstage getting ready for their match.


The Brian Kendrick & Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. Kalisto & Lince Dorado


Drew Gulak is brought to the announce table for this match as they ask who will win the main event.  Gulak says whoever plays the best ground-based strategy will win.  Lucha House Party are shown via promo to talk about how they're going to win.  Gulak begins handing out brochures.  Gran Metalik is around the ringside as the bell sounds.

The Brian Kendrick starts off against Lince Dorado.  He shoulders Dorado to the ground before stomping on him.  Lince gets back to his feet before hitting a big hurricanrana.  Kalisto and Dorado hit some tag team moves before Dorado locks in a side headlock on Kendrick.  Kendrick fights out as Jack tags in.  Jack slams Dorado on the mat before pinning him for a one count.  Jack pulls up Lince only Lince rolls him up for one.  Jack is bested by Dorado as he tags in Kalisto who hits a big hurricanrana followed by a big kick in the corner.  Jack Gallagher escapes to tag in The Brian Kendrick.  Kendrick mocks them before stomping on the head of Kalisto.  He locks in a camel clutch and hits some big blows to his head.  Kendrick whips Kalisto into his corner before tagging in Jack who hits a big headbutt to his chest.  Gallagher hits a big elbow for a two count.  Jack begins working on the fingers of Kalisto before slamming him to the mat for a two count.  Kendrick hits a big boot followed by a two count.  Kendrick locks in an armhold putting his elbow into his chin.  Gulak begins getting annoyed by the sound-makers.  Kalisto gets some separation before tagging in Lince who hits a big crossbody followed by a springboard stunner.  Lince takes out Gallagher with a suicide dive.  He climbs up to the top rope before Gulak pulls his leg out from underneath him to crotch him on the top rope!  The Brian Kendrick locks in the Captain's Hook as Lince taps out!

Winners:  The Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher

Post-match, Drew Gulak is smiling and talking to Brian Kendrick as well as Jack Gallagher on the entrance ramp as they leave.

They show a picture of Hideo Itami's Tweet saying that he deserves respect before Buddy Murphy is shown getting ready for the match.  Alexander is shown as well getting ready as the match is next.

A video is shown of Mustafa Ali who says Buddy Murphy is talented, but he won't be the guy who takes the title off of him.  He says he's going to be the one to take that title.  Tony Nese is shown who says that Buddy Murphy is going to win that title tonight.

Drake Maverick is interviewed backstage.  He says that he's excited about this main event.  Maverick says that he doesn't play favorites in reference to TJP's tweet.  Maverick says that they need to prove it in the ring, not on Social Media.  Maverick says that tonight in his home-state he has to prove it in the ring.  Drake Maverick says that Buddy Murphy has something to prove being the Juggernaut of this match.  He calls this Big Five feel and tells us to enjoy it.


Cruiserweight Championship
Cedric Alexander (c) vs. Buddy Murphy


The announcements are made before the bell sounds to start this one off.  The crowd begins chanting for Alexander as the match starts.  They tie it up, but Murphy moves him into a headlock before transitioning into a wrist lock.  Alexander rolls through.  They go back and forth for a few times before they come to a stale mate.  Alexander tells Murphy that this is his house.  They trade waist locks before Alexander escapes to hit a hurricanrana transitioned into a cartwheel.  Alexander hurricanranas Murphy out of the ring before Murphy slides back in to stop his dive outside.  They stand off before Alexander hits a big dropkick.  Alexander covers him for a fast one.  Murphy rams Alexander into the corner and hits a big elbow.  Murphy is lifted outside where he eats an elbow followed by a kick.  Alexander hits a suicide dive to push Murphy over the announce table.

Cedric Alexander stands on the table and pulls Buddy Murphy onto the table.  Murphy dumps Alexander on the table before doing the same on the ring apron.  He whips Alexander into the barricade.  Murphy rolls into the ring to break the count before rolling Alexander back in.  He kicks Alexander right in the back followed two more for a two count.  Alexander begins fighting back with chops, but Murphy just whips him forcefully into the corner before kicking him in the elbow.  Murphy whips Alexander again as he falls to the mat.

Alexander cries out in pain as Murphy hits some more big kicks to the back.  He pins Alexander for a two count.  Murphy begins applying a rear chin lock with the knee placed right into the top of Alexander's back.  The crowd begins getting into it as Alexander fights out.  Murphy hits some big shots to the rebounding back of Alexander from the ropes.  Alexander hits some uppercuts, but he's stopped by Murphy who is reversed.  Alexander hits a ramming shoulder followed by a big kick in the corner.  He leaps from the top only to get caught by a big kick from Murphy.  Murphy charges to hit a running double knee into Alexander into the corner.  He tries for it again, but he only eats a Superkick from Alexander!  Both men are down as the crowd begins chanting for Cedric.

They get to their feet as Murphy hits a big forearm only for Murphy to take one on the chin.  They trade blows before Alexander catches a kick to hit a big uppercut.  Alexander hits a big roundhouse as Murphy rolls out.  Alexander hits a running plancha over the top rope to take out Buddy Murphy!  He rolls Murphy back into the ring before springing from the top for a clothesline for two.  They slowly get up as Alexander is pulled onto the apron.  He leaps back in before getting caught by a boot from Murphy to send him outside.  Murphy hits the ropes before springing over for a big plancha.  He rolls him inside and climbs up.  He tries for something that misses before getting caught by a Michinoku Driver from Alexander for a two count.  Cedric pulls Murphy up, but Murphy blocks the move by applying his dead weight.  Murphy hits a big boot followed by a kick and running suplex for a two count. 

They move onto the apron before Murphy is blocked by Alexander.  Alexander is lifted into the ring before springing through for a facebuster on the apron.  Both men are down outside of the ring.  The referee begins the count as it's up to nine before they roll into the ring.  They lock eyes as they make it to their feet.  They trade blows as Alexander's are much louder.  Alexander tries for the Neuralizer, but Murphy catches him for a Razor's Edge DDT for a two count!  The two men take a moment to regroup as they pull themselves up in opposite corners.  They meet in the center of the ring with big blows.  Alexander hits a big enzuigiri, but Murphy pops back with a big knee that floors him for a two count.  Murphy pulls up Alexander for the Murphy's Law that is rolled through for two.  Murphy hits a powerbomb followed by a pull-through kick for a two count.  Murphy pulls him up as he talks trash before Alexander hits the Neuralizer!  A second Neuralizer is connected into a Lumbar Check for the three count!

Winner:  Cedric Alexander

The crowd is on their feet as Cedric Alexander celebrates with his title.  Cedric Alexander holds up the title as Buddy Murphy looks disgruntled on the rampway.  Alexander goes into the crowd and hugs his family.

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