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WWE Smackdown Live Coverage and Results (5/29) Raleigh, North Carolina

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on May 29, 2018

WWE Smackdown Live Coverage and Results (5/29) Raleigh, North Carolina

Welcome to Smackdown Live and this week Smackdown comes to us from Raleigh, North Carolina and we kick things off with Samoa Joe making his way out to the ring

Joe enters the ring and he sets up the ladder in the center of the ring. Joe climbs the ladder and he takes the briefcase.

Joe says it is said in biblical texts that the ladder is the connection between the Earth and the heavens. It is said when Jacob looked upon his ladder, angels descended and gave him salvation. Joe says his version is very different. There is no salvation. There are no smiling angels. After Money in the Bank, he will be smiling like he is now. Joe says he will have secured his championship opportunity and secured his title match. He will unleash a reign of terror over the Smackdown champion.

Tonight, he proves to your beloved Daniel Bryan there are things far worse than forced retirement. Joe tells Bryan if your eco-friendly tree hugging sensibilities allow it, he tells Daniel to call Brie to tell her daughter a story. She needs to be told that daddy will be home for Money in the Bank, but he won't be the same man. He will have the eyes of someone who is drenched in regret, failure, and missed opportunity. When she looks up, Joe says he hopes she is told it was a very bad man by the name of Samoa Joe.

Daniel Bryan comes out and he says there are certain lines that you do not cross. Daniel says he has his own vision. You mention his wife or daughter again and he will break Joe's leg. We all know where this goes. We don't have to wait. We can fight right now.

Before they can start their match, Big Cass comes out on his crutch.

Cass asks what is happening here. Are we children on the playground making fun of each other. What else would you expect from the shrimp and the blimp. The fact of the matter is that should be his Money in the Bank opportunity, not yours Daniel. This crap has to stop. It will, because he spoke to Paige and this match will not happen. What will happen is Samoa Joe will take on yours truly for the final spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, when he is cleared.

Cass asks rhetorically, when will he be cleared and he says he is cleared.

Cass tries to hit Bryan with the crutch but he misses and hits Joe. Bryan with kicks but Cass Irish whips Bryan into the ladder. Cass hits Joe and Bryan with the briefcase.

Shinsuke Nakamura walks in the back and he has cards with the numbers one through ten and he drops them as he walks.



Dillinger pushes Nakamura and Shinsuke fires back with knee strikes. Irish whip and Dillinger ducks a kick and lands a chop to the chest. Dillinger has Shinsuke in the corner firing off with the 10 punch and Nakamura slides out of the ring.

Dillinger follows and Shinsuke with kicks to Dillinger. Dillinger is thrown back into the ring and a dropkick to Nakamura as he looks to re-enter the ring. Dillinger off the ropes looking for a suicide dive but Nakamura catches him with a kick sending him crashing to the outside as we go to break


Back from break, Nakamura in control with a chinlock and Dillinger hits a jawbreaker creating separation between himself and Nakamura. Dillinger off the ropes and Nakamura with a knee strike as he demands the referee begin the 10 count. Dillinger gets to his feet and delivers a chop to Nakamura but Shinsuke with a series of knee strikes and an axe kick as he counts aloud reaching 6 and Dillinger back to his feet

Shinsuke with knee strikes to the midsection and a running kick to the ribs and once again counting aloud and reaches the count of 9 but Dillinger gets back to his feet showing the 10 signal and Dillinger looks ready as he mounts a comeback firing off with chops and punches.

Nakamura once again back to the knee strikes. Dillinger still in control as he floors Nakamura and picks him up but Nakamura with a kick. Nakamura off the second rope with a kick then sets up for and hits the Kinchasa for the three count

The winner of the match: Shinsuke Nakamura

Backstage: Dasha is with AJ Styles and Styles says he saw what Nakamura did to Dillinger and hasn't forgotten what he did to AJ last week. Somewhere down the line, something in him snapped and now he's even more dangerous and picks a match that clearly benefits him as a striker But Styles says when it's all over, he will be the Last Man Standing



Lana is out first accompanied by Rusev and Aiden English. Naomi is out next accompanied by The Usos and the rules are each competitor has 60 seconds to impress with their dancing. Up first is Lana. Naomi follows with her dance routine ending ith a splits. Lana extends her hand and they shake and then it's a duet performance and Lana then lays Naomi out with a neckbreaker and a brawl ensues but is quickly broken up and The Usos clear the ring of Rusev Day

Naomi hits the Rearview on Lana sending her to the outside and Rusev Day re-groups as they make their way up the ramp while The Usos and Naomi celebrate in the ring

Backstage: The New Day are served with pancakes meanwhile in the opposite locker room Miz and The Bar are warming up for their 6 man tag match

Up Next: Miz & The Bar vs The New Day



Big E and Miz start things off but Cesaro tags in and he tries to kick Big E but Big E blocks it and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and he gets a near fall. Woods tags in and he htis a sliding clothesline. Kofi with a kick and then Woods with a kick and Kofi with a splash for a near fall. Cesaro punches Kofi and Kofi fights his way out of the corner for a moment but Miz pulls Kofi over the top rope to the floor


We are back and Miz gets a near fall on Kofi. Sheamus tags in and he kicks Kofi in the midsection. Sheamus with a top wrist lock. Kofi with punches but Sheamus runs Kofi into the turnbuckles and Cesaro tags in and hits a running European uppercut for a near fall. Sheamus tags in and he knocks Woods off the apron. Cesaro tags in and he hits an elbow drop from the turnbuckles while Kofi is across Sheamus' knee. Cesaro gets a near fall. Cesaro with a front face lock and Irish whip but he misses a running European uppercut into the corner. Miz is sent to the floor as well. Miz tries to pull Big E off the apron and Big E goes to the floor and he punches Sheamus. Cesaro with a baseball slide to Big E and then Big E is sent into the ringside barrier by Sheamus and Miz.

Kofi with a rollup for a near fall. Sheamus with a kick and Cesaro gets a near fall. Miz tags in and he sets for the Skull Crushing Finale but Kofi escapes and hits SOS. Woods gets back on the apron and he is tagged in. Sheamus tags in and he hits a super kick to the head and knee. Woods with a kick and he hits a satellite head scissors. Woods with an enzuigiri to Miz. Woods lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and Sheamus misses a shoulder and goes into the turnbuckles. Woods with a senton onto Cesaro off Sheamus' back. Woods with a slingshot tornado DDT for a near fall.

Woods goes up top and Miz distracts Woods. Sheamus with a boot to knock Woods off the turnbuckles. Kofi comes off the steps to take out Miz. Cesaro takes care of Kofi. Cesaro tags in and hits an elbow to the chest but he can only get a near fall. Woods with a back body drop on a Gotch Style Neutralizer. Big E tags in and he hits a UranagE along with a lungblower from Woods but Cesaro kicks out at two.

Big E goes for the Big Ending but Miz makes the tag. Cesaro with a knee to Big E and Miz with a DDT for a near fall. Woods with a pescado but Sheamus and Cesaro catch him. Kofi with a double jump cross body onto Cesaro and Sheamus. Miz runs into Big E who hits the Big Ending for the three count.

The winners of the match: The New Day

Backstage: Renee Young is in the interview area and she is joined by Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. They are asked about their title match at Money in the Bank and how to prepare for the Bludgeon Brothers. Luke says Karl puts the abs in absolutely shredded. Karl says his hot Asian wife loves his abs. They are hungry and they will do what it takes to become the Smackdown tag team champions. Luke says they asked the Usos about their matches against the Bludgeons. Karl says they will beat the Bludgeons like they are a couple of . . .

The Bludgeon Brothers appear on the monitor. Luke says the depraved will infect the decent. Souls will be corrupted. Bodies will be liquefied. Prepare for the Bludgeon Brothers.

Asuka gets ready for her match against Mandy Rose.



Carmella makes her way out to ringside to do commentary for the next match. The match gets underway and Mandy unloads on Asuka, Asuka fires back with kicks. Nearfals by Mandy on Asuka. Mandy with a straightjacket locked in on Asuka and Asuka gets to her feet but Mandy connects with a kick. Running knee to Asuka as we go break


Back from break, Asuka and Mandy trade right hands. Asuka with a series of kicks. Asuka with a shot to the bridge of the nose. Running knee by Asuka and a hip attack in the corner. Asuka goes to the top rope

Dropkick to Mandy and a nearfall on Mandy Rose. Asuka runs into an elbow. Irish whip and short clothesline by Mandy. Nearfall by Asuka. Mandy countering the Asuka Lock but eventually gets it locked in for the submission

The winner of the match: Asuka

Post Match: Carmella leaves the announce table and enters the ring staring Asuka down as she holds the Smackdown Women's Championship in the aier

Backstage: Charlotte and Becky Lynch talk about which of them is going to win Money In The Bank


Backstage: Andrade Almas comes out of the locker room and Sin Cara stops by to say hello. Zelina Vega wants to know who Sin Cara is and why is he talking to her client. Zelina says that he does not know this man. Andrade is the future of Smackdown while you are a nobody. Sin Cara asks if she is serious and Almas says something and walks away.


Bryan punches Cass and Joe pulls Bryan out of the corner and he kicks Cass. Daniel and Joe both kick and choke Cass. Bryan and Joe with a double back elbow to Cass and he goes to the floor. Joe with a chop followed by a snap mare and kick to the back. Joe with jabs. Joe with chops. Bryan flips out of the corner and he hits a baseball slide on Cass to keep him on the floor. Joe with a clothesline to Bryan and Joe with a suicide dive and forearm to Cass. Bryan with a cross body onto Joe and Cass as we go to commercial.


We are back and Cass with punches to Joe but he misses a splash into the corner. Joe with an elbow and enzuigiri in the corner. Joe with the Coquina Clutch on Cass and then Joe with a reverse atomic drop on Bryan followed by a boot and back senton for a near fall. Joe with jabs to Cass but Cass with a punch to Joe. Bryan sends Cass into the turnbuckles and then he kicks Cass in the leg. Cass with a punch and Bryan goes down. Bryan is bieled over the announce table by Cass.

Cass punches Bryan and then goes back to the ring to deal with Joe. Cass punches Joe and Irish whips him. Joe gets a boot up on Cass. Bryan with a running drop kick to Joe and then he sends Cass into the turnbuckles with a drop toe hold. Bryan kicks the ropes and it hits Cass. Bryan with a baseball slide to Cass. Bryan with a Frankensteiner to Joe. Bryan with a running drop kick into the corner. Bryan with a second one and he sets for a third one but Cass with a clothesline for a near fall.

Cass with an elbow drop and punches to Bryan. Cass chokes Bryan but Bryan with kicks and punches to Cass. Cass with a knee to Bryan and we go to commercial.


We are back and Joe chops Cass but Cass with a forearm to Joe and he follows with an uppercut. Cass with a forearm to Joe's back. Joe with a chop and jabs but Cass with a spinebuster and elbow drop for a near fall. Bryan with kicks to the leg and Cass catches Bryan on a cross body attempt. Cass with a spinning side slam for a near fall. Cass with punches to Joe while Joe covers up. Bryan with a European uppercut and a dragon screw leg whip. Joe falls victim to the dragon screw by Bryan. Bryan with kicks to Joe and Cass and then he hits a round kick on both men.

Bryan with another dragon screw on Cass but he takes too long for the next move and Joe with a Coquina Clutch. Bryan with a bridge for a near fall. Joe goes to the floor when Bryan ducks. Cass misses a boot and Bryan goes for the Yes Lock and he almost has it locked in and he does it but Joe pulls Bryan to the floor. Joe is kicked away by Bryan and Bryan with a running knee off the apron to Joe.

Bryan goes up top for the missile drop kick on Cass and he hits it. Bryan gets to his feet and he sets for the flying boot to Cass and he hits it. Joe breaks up the cover and applies the Coquina Clutch. Bryan tries to fight out of it but he passes out.

The winner of the match: Samoa Joe

Post Match: Cass waits for Bryan to get up. Cass with a boot to the head.


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