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WWE NXT Live Results (5/23)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on May 23, 2018

WWE NXT Live Results (5/23)

Welcome to our live coverage of NXT!

Heavy Machinery vs. TM61

Thorne tries to out quicken Otis but Otis grabs his arm. Knight gets tagged in and they both tackle Thorne down. Knight nails a atomic drop. Miller is tagged in but gets hip tossed. Knight smashes Miller into the corner. Heavy Machinery grab Thorne and ram him into Miller. Knight is in control until Miller upper cuts Knight. Thorne starts to beat Knight down. TM61 tag in and out and dominate Knight. Knight tries to fight out of the corner but Thorne keeps him grounded. TM61 try a double suplex on Knight but Knight suplexes them. Otis gets tagged in and bull dozes through both men. Otis slams Thorne down. Thorne breaks up the count after an elbow by Otis and Knight comes back in to attack him. Knight gets taken out by Thorne on the outside. Otis lands a over head suplex on Miller. Otis heads to the top but gets kicked off by Thorne and Miller rolls Otis up for the win with his feet on the ropes.

Winners: TM61.

Kairi Sane vs. Lacey Evans

Sane explodes with a drop kick. Evans aggressively locks up with Sane and slaps her. Sane grabs Evans arm and face and chops her chest. Sane slams Evans arm down and works the arm. Evans kicks Sane away from her in Sane's arm and begins to ground her on the mat. Evans puts her knees to Sane's arm. Evans continues to stomp away at her. Evans has a chin lock submission but Sane manages to fight out. Sane manages to take down Evans by pulling down her leg. Sane knocks Evans down and kicks her in the back. Sane charges and lands the elbow to the chest in the corner. Sane dives on Evans off the steel steps on the outside. Sane dives off the top rope but Evans lands her Women's Rights elbow on the way down to Sane's face and covers Sane for the win.

Winner: Lacey Evans.

Johnny Gargano is interviewed outside of Full Sail University and says his neck is still not 100% and he is going to go out to the ring to say what has to be said.

A recap of last weeks 6 man tag main event is shown.

Oney and Danny are interviewed after that match and says they will take the tag titles off the Undisputed Era.

The Undisputed Era talk backstage about Oney and Danny being lucky last week. Strong says he wants Danny Burch and prove that last week was a fluke.

Lars Sullivan vs. Ricochet and Velveteen Dream

Dream starts off with Lars. Lars tosses Dream. Ricochet gets tagged in and Lars takes him down. Dream gets tagged in and both men double team on Lars. Both men hit a drop kick. Dream holds Lars' legs as Ricochet lands a springboard drop kick. Dream pummels away at Lars. Ricochet gets tagged in and both men double team Lars in the corner. Ricochet charges at him but Lars catches him and throws him to the turnbuckle. Ricochet kicks Lars and drop kicks him. Dream gets tagged in and both men do all they can to beat him down. Lars fights off both of them and clotheslines Dream. Lars has Dream and throws him across the ring. Lars rakes at Dream's face and pounds at Dream's back. Lars rams his shoulder into Dream in the corner. Lars throws Dream to the buckle and takes him down into a submission hold. Dream tries to fight out and Lars nails him with a shot to the back. Lars has Dream and slams him down to the mat. Lars goes off the top and head butts the back of Dream. Lars covers but Ricochet breaks up the count. Lars chases Ricochet around and gets caught with a leg drop off the ropes by Dream. Ricochet comes in and right hands and kicks. Dream lands a diving cross body on Lars followed by Ricochet hitting a standing shooting star. Ricochet covers but gets a 2. Lars walks into a kick by Dream. Both men flip off the top with a splash onto Lars. Dream out of no where hits a Death Valley Driver on Ricochet. Dream leaves the ring as Lars comes in and hits the Freak Accident on Ricochet for the win.

Winner: Lars Sullivan.

Dakota Kai is interviewed about facing Shayna Baszler next week for the Women's title. Kai says this week has been insane and Shayna has been the biggest bully she's ever seen. Shayna interrupts and says her fairy tale won't come true next week. Kai says we'll see about that and leaves.

Johnny Gargano and Candice LaRae make their way to the ring. Gargano says the last time he was here he left on a stretcher. Johnny says his body remember being thrown off the stage and crashing through a table. Johnny says he talked to Candice and said he needs to start thinking about his and their future. Johnny asks if it's worth it. The fans chant "Yes". Johnny says the toll that him and his wife have taken is worth it. Johnny calls out Ciampa as he rips off the neck brace. Ciampa comes out. Ciampa says he will finish this. Ciampa makes his way to the ring but referees restrain Johnny. Candice tries to hold him back. Johnny starts to agree until Johnny runs towards him after Ciampa taunts him. Ciampa knocks Johnny off and lands on Candice outside. Candice is helped by officials and Johnny as the show closes out. 

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