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WWE NXT Live Results (5/16)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on May 16, 2018

WWE NXT Live Results (5/16)

Welcome to our live coverage of NXT!

Opening Show Intro

Johnny Gargano's music hits to start off the show. Tommaso Ciampa comes out. Ciampa says Gargano may have won the battle but he will win the war. Ciampa says that's why Gargano is sitting at home with a neck brace. Ciampa says he has broken his spirit and his body. He says Gargano is gone and he wins. Candice LaRae comes to the ring to confront him. Candice says she doesn't recognize him anymore. She asks why he's been destroying their lives. She says she's doesn't know what the future holds for Johnny. She says Johnny will always be better than him. Ciampa says Johnny is half the man that he is. Ciampa says he lived with them for 2 years, attended their wedding and then Candice slaps him and walks away. Ciampa stands outside the ring saying he won.

Brandi Lauren vs. Lacey Evans

Both women lock up and Evans throws Lauren into the corner and beats her down. Evans stands on top of Lauren. Evans lands a springboard elbow drop. Evans heads to the top and lands a moonsault on Lauren. Evans hits the Women's Rights on Lauren for the win.

Winner: Lacey Evans.

Kairi Sane hits a fore arm on Evans from behind on the stage. Sane pummels her on the entrance way. Sane brings her back in the ring and is about to fly off the top rope but Evans rolls out of the ring.

A recap of Ricochet and Velveteen Dreams promos from last week is shown.

A footage of Aleister Black is shown from earlier tonight saying he hopes that Velveteen and Ricochet realize that when they step in the ring with him, they will fall.

Dakota Kai is interviewed about Nikki Cross and says she doesn't know about Cross, she's crazy. Cross interrupts the interview and intimidates Dakota.

Velveteen Dream vs. Ricochet

Both men lock up. Dream goes down low but Ricochet moves. Dream takes Ricochet down with a wrist lock but Ricochet reverses and keeps Dream down. Dream captures a side head lock. Ricochet gets out. Both men chain wrestle back and forth. Ricochet gets out of a head lock and pounds at Dream's arm. Ricochet has a head lock, Dream gets out and both men reverse and flip over each other. Dream lands a arm drag to Ricochet. Dream lands the apron after a back drop and kicks Dream off with a springboard kick. Dream meets Ricochet back in the ring. Dream kicks Ricochet away but Ricochet fights back with right hands on him. Lars Sullivan out of no where collides into Ricochet and Dream. Lars throws them around. Lars slams down Ricochet and Dream.

The match ended in a no contest.

Raul Mendoza vs. Kona Reeves

Both men lock up and Kona dominates by working the arm. Raul gets out of a wrist lock. Kona distracts Raul, gets him in a head lock and knocks him down. Raul dodges Kona but Raul gets thrown to the corner and beat down. Kona lands a vertical suplex. Kona goes off the middle rope and lands a backwards elbow. Kona aggressively attacks Raul and gets him in a chin lock. Raul lands a jaw breaker. Raul fights back with chops and kicks. Raul lands a Enzuguri and attacks Kona in the corner. Raul goes for a springboard attack but gets hit with a big boot. Kona brings Raul up and lands a Hawaiian drop for the win.

Winner: Kona Reeves.

Cathy Kelly catches Ricochet going to speak to William Regal and Dream follows him. Ricochet says he wants Lars Sullivan. Dream says he guess they have something in common. Both men go inside the office.

Footage of Heavy Machinery challenging TM-61 to a match next week backstage is shown.

Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan and Pete Dunne vs. Undisputed Era

Strong and Dunne start off. Strong immediately tags O'Reily. Dunne makes the tag to Burch. Both men chain wrestle back and forth. O'Reily gets Burch in a leg lock and he gets to the ropes. Burch gets a head lock on O'Reily. O'Reily gets out. O'Reily kicks Burch in the knee. Cole gets tagged in and stomps away at Burch. Cole beats him down in the corner. O'Reily is tagged in again and lands knees to the gut and a kick to the back. Strong gets tagged in and lands a back breaker. Strong stomps on Burch's left arm. Burch tries to fight off but Strong fights back. Burch goes from behind and tags Dunne. Dunne viciously attacks Strong. Dunne snaps Strong's fingers as Burch and Lorcan beat down Cole and O'Reily. Strong manages to attack Dunne while Dunne is off guard. Cole gets tagged in to beat him down and tags O'Reily. Strong gets in again and gets a cobra clutch on Dunne. Strong lands a back breaker. Cole gets tagged in and lands knees to the back of Dunne. Dunne tries to fight back but Cole knocks him back down. O'Reily breaks down Dunne with shots to the arm and rib cage. Strong gets in and has a abdominal stretch. Dunne fights back and dodges Strong to tag Lorcan. Lorcan chops O'Reily and Strong. Lorcan lands a suplex to Strong and a block buster to Cole. Lorcan flies and lands on Cole and O'Reily. Burch and Strong double teams Strong. Hell breaks loose as everyone brawls. Strong lands a back breaker to Burch and triple team him with O'Reily landing a kick to the head. Burch kicks out at 2 from it. Burch fights them off and has a cross face on O'Reily. Lorcan and Dunne get submission holds on the rest of them. Dunne gets pushed into Burch. Cole takes out Dunne by hanging him off the ropes. Lorcan and Burch fight O'Reily and Strong. Strong gets hit by O'Reily. Strong gets taken out after a double block buster by Lorcan. Burch and Lorcan land a vicious wheelbarrow into a DDT for the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winners: Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan and Pete Dunne.

End Of The Show.

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