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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (5/15) London, England

Posted By: Rhett Davis on May 15, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (5/15) London, England

Welcome to 205 Live from London, England!  Tonight, the members of the WWE UK division will clash with the superstars of 205 Live!  Tonight will feature a fatal-4-way with superstars from both divisions as well as a six-man tag match in the main event.

The opening video package plays as Drake Maverick explains the matches upcoming.  We're joined by Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph, and Percy Watson at ringside to welcome us to the event.

They show a tale of the tape of Joseph Connors, James Drake, "Flash" Morgan Webster, Kenny Williams, and Tyler Bate who will all be in action tonight.

Tyler Bate makes his way down to the ring as he talks about his history against TJP a few months ago.  TJP comes down to the ring next.  He throws a towel in Tyler Bate's face as he enters the ring as the referee holds Bate back.  Kenny Williams comes out next wearing 3-D glasses.  This is Kenny Williams first WWE match.  Kenny has an interview pop in to say that he earned his way in and he's going to win this.  Kalisto comes out next.


Fatal-4-Way Match
Tyler Bate vs. TJP vs. Kenny Williams vs. Kalisto


The bell sounds as TJP dips out quick.  Kalisto rolls up Bate, but it's broken up by Kenny Williams.  Kalisto kicks Williams in the side of his head before TJP pulls out Bate and throws him into the barricade.  Williams in the ring takes out both TJP and Kalisto with running shoulders.  Williams goes for a pin on Kalisto, but TJP breaks it up and throws him out.  Kalisto hits a hurricanrana for a two count.  He tries for Salida del Sol, but TJP reverses.  TJP hooks the leg of Kalisto and transitions into a Boston crab.  He hooks the arms pulling up in a pendulum.  The other two get up on the apron before TJP knocks them off.  TJP slams Kalisto's head off the top turnbuckle before lifting him up to the top.  TJP tries to rip the mask, but Kalisto knocks him back into a tree of woe.  Williams hits a big kick to him there.  Kalisto kicks Williams out of the ring before leaping onto him.  Tyler Bate gets TJP alone in the ring before slapping him a few times and hitting an exploder suplex for a two count.

Tyler Bate lifts up TJP and goes for the airplane spin!  He staggers for a moment afterwards before lowering down before getting up again.  He begins spinning again before taking out Kalisto and Williams with his legs.  He throws TJP onto Williams.  The crowd cheers as Williams gets back up.  Williams hits a springboard elbow to Bate for a two count.  TJP dropkicks Kalisto out of the ring as he staggers to his feet.  TJP reverses Williams before locking in a figure-4-leglock!  Bate lifts up TJP who locks in an abdominal stretch on Bate!  Kalisto runs up and gets caught in a guillotine!  Kalisto fights out as Williams gets detached.  Kalisto throws the other two back who roll together before eating a double dropkick!  Williams eats a big kick before Kalisto climbs up.  TJP climbs up, but he's thrown down by Tyler Bate.  Bate climbs up as does Williams for a double superplex as TJP powerbombs them!

TJP hits a springboard kick to the face of Tyler Bate.  Williams hits a big springboard elbow to TJP and a dropkick to Kalisto!  Tyler Bate launches himself over the top rope onto both Williams and TJP.  Kalisto does the same with a plancha of his own.  Kalisto rolls Williams back into the ring and does a bit of taunting.  He springs off the top rope for nothing before Williams hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT!  Bate hammers him hard to break up the pin.  TJP comes in to hit a big roundhouse kick.  Bate and TJP hit a double clothesline that floor each other. 

Williams takes out Kalisto on the outside before springing up only to receive a fist from Tyler Bate!  TJP tries for the Destination Kick only Bate reverses it!  TJP tries to throw out Bate, but he reverses for big lariat setting up for the Tyler Driver 97!  He covers TJP for the pin!

Winner:  Tyler Bate

They show a video package of Cedric Alexander celebrating his victory after WrestleMania before being ambushed by Buddy Murphy.  Buddy Murphy talks about them not having to go through what he did to make the weight and make a statement.  Murphy calls himself the juggernaut of this division and the next Cruiserweight Champion.  Buddy Murphy will take Cedric Alexander on in two weeks for the Cruiserweight Chamionship.

They show an advertisement for Camp WWE and Money in the Bank.

Next week Akira Tozawa will go one-on-one with Hideo Itami.

Cedric Alexander is shown getting ready backstage.  Mustafa Ali comes in as Alexander asks if he's ready for tonight.  Ali points Alexander towards "Flash" Morgan Webster who enters the ring.  Webster says that 205 Live finally has a touch of flash.

Drake Maverick's music plays as he walks down to the ring.  He smiles as he gets down to the ring and makes his way to the announce table.

Joseph Connors, James Drake, and Drew Gulak are backstage standing in an interview.  James Drake says that this isn't the first time that they have worked together.  Connors says that they will rip and tear them apart.  Drew Gulak says that they have been through some team-training today.  He calls them the best that the UK Division has to offer and calls himself the best submission technician in the business.  He asks the interviewer to excuse them as they have a mach to win, cheerio.


Six-Man Tag Team Match
Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, & "Flash" Morgan Webster vs.  Joseph Connors, James Drake, & Drew Gulak


Cedric Alexander and Joseph Connors start this thing off with some chain wrestling.  Connors works him into the corner before drilling in some big elbows.  Connors yanks him out by his hair, but Alexander hits a big hurricanrana followed by dropkick leaning into a one count.  Alexander works over the arm before tagging in Flash Morgan.  Morgan comes in and begins working over the wrist.  Morgan hits a big arm drag before James Drake tags in.  Morgan Webster hits a big arm drag to him as well.  Drew Gulak tags in to square off with Morgan.  He backs him into the corner before bashing his chest with a forearm.  Webster hits a big dropkick.  Connors tags in and eats an elbow followed by a standing senton.  Ali tags in for a flying moonstomp to the arm of Connors.  Connors rams Ali into the turnbuckle, but Ali flips over him to hit a spinning heel kick for a two count.  Connors lands in his corner as Ali hesitates.  Connor's partners get into the ring to cut him off.  Drake tags in after a pep talk from Gulak.  James Drake hits a few moves before tagging in Connors.  Connors stomps on the mid-section of Ali.  He pulls him up and slams him back into his corner.  Ali slips away and couldn't make it to his partner.  Webster tags in, but he's blindsided by Gulak who is the legal man now.  Gulak taunts him before covering for a two count.

Drew Gulak tags out to Drake who punches Webster in the midsection before locking in a side headlock.  Mr. Mayhem is his moniker as Morgan Webster's lip is busted open.  James Drake taunts him a little before re-applying the hold.  Morgan Webster fires up to take out everyone on the other team before hitting a big hurricanrana from the top rope.  He slow crawls and in comes Ali and Connors!  Ali hits a big dropkick followed by a kick in the corner after Connors charged in.  Ali rolls through the ropes before hitting the jawbreaker!  Mustafa Ali lifts up Connors to the top rope as James Drake comes in.  Ali hits a hurricanrana on Connors onto Drake!  He covers for a two count.

Connors gets a chop to the throat before tagging in James Drake.  Ali tags in Alexander who begins hititng some quick lariats followed by a discus uppercut.  Alexander hits a springboard lariat for a two count.  Connors takes him down before Morgan hits a big dropkick!  Gulak nails Morgan with a running clothesline!  He turns to eat a superkick from Mustafa Ali.  Ali charges towards the ropes only to eat a springboard flatliner!  Joseph Connors gets to his feet and receives a Neuralizer kick from Cedric Alexander.  James Drake and Cedric Alexander collide with forearms that take them both down.  Everyone is down!  Drew Gulak tags in as Alexander doesn't realize and takes advantage.  Alexander tries for the Neuralizer kick again, but Gulak catches him with an ankle lock!  Alexander escapes and tags out to Ali!  Ali hits a big springboard tornado DDT to set up the 0-5-4 for the three count!

Winners:  Cedric Alexander, 'Flash' Morgan Webster, & Mustafa Ali

They celebrate as the show comes to a close.


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