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WWE SmackDown Live Coverage & Results (4/17)

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Apr 17, 2018

WWE SmackDown Live Coverage & Results (4/17)

Welcome to Wrestling News Source's Live Coverage of SmackDown Live!  This week we will find out just who is joining The Miz in coming to SmackDown as part of the Superstar Shake-Up!  Join us at 8 EST as the show goes live for results.

The show opens with a video package showing Shinsuke’s interview from last week as well as his attack on Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles in the main event. 

AJ Styles comes out as we’re welcomed to SmackDown by Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips, and Corey Graves.  The crowd chants “AJ Styles.”  Styles says that you can tell a lot about a man by his failures and that we’ve found out everything we need to know about Shinsuke.  Styles said that he dreamed about having that match at WrestleMania with Shinsuke.  He said when Shinsuke failed to win, he showed his true colors.  AJ Styles calls Shinsuke a con-artist.  The crowd begins dueling “AJ Styles”/ “Nakamura” chants.  Styles says that he should have been celebrating last week, but he just wanted retribution.  Instead, he had an opportunity for a dream match.  So now he wants retribution, he calls out Shinsuke Nakamura.  Instead, he gets the voice of Aiden English.

The crowd begins chanting for “Rusev Day” as he steps out with Rusev.  Aiden sings that we’re not Shinsuke and that he’s gone on a vacation to anywhere but Providence.  Aiden takes a survey to see what day is it to which they respond with “RUSEV DAY.”  Styles says since Shinsuke doesn’t have a spine, let’s fight!  Rusev makes his way to the ring.


AJ Styles vs. Rusev


They begin, but Styles quickly locks in the Calf Crusher!  He tries to get to the rope, but Aiden English breaks this up just as quickly as it began!

Winner (by DQ):  AJ Styles


They begin to beat on AJ Styles before Daniel Bryan makes the save!  They clear the ring as Rusev Day retreats.

We're joined backstage with Paige and Shane McMahon.  Paige announces that Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles will be in a tag team match against Rusev and Aiden English later tonight.


Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring.  He gets a mic and says that Chad Gable has big things in his future on Twitter.  He also says that his Twitter was hacked.  Shelton Benjamin says that he never needed Chad Gable.  He says that he needs gold, and he needs the crowd to remember that he’s a big deal.  He asked Paige in the back for some big competition.  He drops the microphone before Randy Orton’s music hits.  He gets halfway down the ramp before it cuts out.  Jeff Hardy’s music plays as he comes out.  Orton looks suspicious of Hardy as he climbs into the ring.



Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin


They tie up before Shelton gets the better of the exchange and sends Jeff Hardy sliding under the rope to the floor outside.  We get a picture in picture as Shelton charges forward and takes out the leg of Jeff Hardy with a chop block.  Shelton rolls Jeff back into the ring and begins kicking at the back of Hardy's knee.  He brings him up into the corner and works his knee over in the corner with a running knee shot.  Benjamin pulls him towards the center of the ring and puts on an ankle hold.  He pulls Jeff up before Jeff reverses it.  Jeff tries for his double leg drop to the groin, but Shelton moves out of the way and locks in a single leg Boston Crab.  Jeff rolls through to send Shelton into the corner.

Shelton whips Jeff into the rope before getting tripped up by Jeff who hits a double leg drop to the groin followed by a basement dropkick for a two count.  Jeff goes to the top rope, but Shelton pushes him forward to crotch him onto the top rope.  Shelton climbs up and tries for a belly-to-back suplex from the top rope, but Jeff Hardy fights back.  Jeff turns around as Shelton leaps to the top rope with a knee to the face!  Jeff is stunned before Shelton tries for a superplex, but Jeff fights back and drops to hit a jawbreaker to the top turnbuckle!  Jeff climbs back up to hit a Whisper in the Wind for a two count!  The crowd begins chanting for Hardy.  Hardy tries for a Twist of Fate, but Shelton reverses out.  Shelton tries for a kick which is whipped around into a dragon whip!  He sets up for a Paydirt, but Jeff reverses out with a Twist of Fate!  Jeff climbs to the top rope and hits a big Swanton Bomb for the three count!

Winner:  Jeff Hardy


The Miz is shown in a phone promo where he asks the crowd if they want to see him get his face punched by Daniel Bryan.  He says too bad because he's in LA.  Maryse and his daughter comes up.  He says that if Bryan ever trolls him again, he's going to kick his a-.  Maryse cuts him off as he nods and says you know what I mean.  He says next week, SmackDown is going to be Awesome!


COMING TO SMACKDOWN:  Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose


Jey Uso vs. Luke Harper


Jey Uso is already in the ring with Jimmy on the outside as Luke Harper makes his way to the ring with Erick Rowan.  Luke rams Jey into the corner just as it begins before Jey sneaks out with a throat thrust.  Jey hits a kick before getting another chop to the throat.  Rowan tries to get up on the apron before he’s yanked down by Jimmy.  Jey does a suicide dive to Rowan who captures him and sends him onto the apron.  The referee decides not to call it as Luke hits a discuss lariat to Jey on the apron before rolling him into the ring for a three count.

Winner:  Luke Harper

Jimmy Uso tries to grab the hammer and hits Harper with it before Rowan blindsides him.  They send him into the steel steps before picking them up.  As they do, Naomi makes her way out to the ring pleading for them to leave him alone.  Harper and Rowan do that as they make their way up the ramp leaving Naomi to tend to Jimmy.


We come back and Sin Cara is in the ring.  Samoa Joe’s music plays as he makes his way out to the ring!



Sin Cara vs. Samoa Joe


Joe starts off with some knees before Sin Cara stops him with a couple of kicks.  He whips Joe into the corner before Samoa Joe comes out with some solid punches.  He lifts up Sin Cara for a powerslam before Sin Cara slips out to attack his hamstrings with kicks.  Sin Cara tries for a springboard move, but he's taken out of the air by Samoa Joe with a clothesline.  He lifts up Sin Cara and begins delivering some strong knee strikes before locking in the Coquina Clutch.  Sin Cara taps out!

Winner:  Samoa Joe


Samoa Joe grabs a microphone and says this isn't the land of opportunity.  He says it's the land of handouts.  Samoa Joe says that he's here to take out all of the top faces of SmackDown.  He lists Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and AJ Styles.  Joe says that he's going to destroy Roman Reigns.  He says that if Roman should happen to beat Brock then he's going to take the title from Roman Reigns and bring it to SmackDown.  Believe Dat!


A video promo is shown for Sanity!


Daniel Bryan is walking backstage as he's caught by Renee Young.  Bryan says he saved AJ Styles because he respected him.  Bryan says that Styles was on the top of his list of matches he wanted to have to be the best.  He says that Shinsuke ruined that.  Bryan says that he's proud to fight side-by-side with him.  Renee begins another question before stopping as Big Cass steps into picture.  He looks straight ahead before lowering his glance to meet Daniel's eyes.  He asks Daniel if he's what everyone is talking about, little man?  He walks away as we cut to Carmella coming down to the ring.


The crowd begins chanting "You Deserve It."  She accuses the crowd of jumping on the Carmella train now.  She tells them to shut up.  She tells them to call her the moonwalking, trash-talking Princess of Staten Island.  She says she waited 287 long days to find the perfect moment.  She says that she took her rightful spot at the top of the women's division.  Carmella says that she beat Charlotte Flair and begins laughing.  She says that she beat one of the best women's wrestlers in WWE.  Carmella mocks the strut and tells the crowd to shut up.  Carmella says that she just had to wait for Charlotte to be blinded by her own ego.  Carmella says that you have to beat the women to be the woman and now she's the woman.  She says that last week will go down as the biggest moment in women's history as well as the Women's Revolution.  She shows a video package showing Carmella winning MITB and cashing in.

We come back to the ring and she's laughing.  She says that she's going to miss Frankie (her briefcase), and that she's going to hold Cleopatra (her title) even longer.  She says Mella is money before she's interrupted by Charlotte.  Charlotte says that her title reign is about as short as her memory.  She says that the only reason she had that briefcase was due to James Ellsworth and the only reason she got the title was due to the Iconics.  Charlotte says that game respects game since she's the dirtiest player in the game.  She says that her days are numbered.  The Iconics come out and begin mocking Charlotte saying that they're blaming them for losing her title.  They say that Charlotte asked for magic and they performed by making the title disappear from around her waist.  They take responsibility for costing Charlotte and say that they're the future, and the future is Iconic.  Charlotte drops off the apron and jumps them before Billie Kay rams Charlotte into the barricade.  They stomp away on Charlotte before Becky Lynch charges out.  They begin brawling as we enter a...


We come back into a match between Charlotte Flair and Billie Kay!


Charlotte Flair vs. Billie Kay


They brawl outside before Charlotte rolls her into the ring and slams her head into the turnbuckle.  Kay reverses it and slams her head into the turnbuckle.  They move to the center of the ring before Charlotte hits an exploder suplex.  Kay takes her down and locks in an armhold before Charlotte rolls through it only to take a knee to the head.  Billie rolls her up for a two count.  She bickers with the referee before kicking Charlotte.  She locks in another armhold as the announcers bicker about Carmella cashing in last week.  Kay continues to hold Charlotte down as Becky is trying to get the crowd into it.  Charlotte begins fighting out of it before she's yanked to the mat by her hair.  Kay distracts the referee as Royce hits a shot to the side of her head.  We get another picture-in-picture commercial as Kay continues stomping on Charlotte.  She goes for a pinfall and only gets two.  Billie Kay locks in a headlock for a moment before releasing it to hit a couple of strikes to Charlotte.  She moves her into the corner and stretches her leg into the throat to choke Charlotte before snapmaring her to the ground before locking in another arm hold.  Kay tries to whip Charlotte and eats a forearm to the face.  Kay hits a unique suplex with a wrist held.  Charlotte stops her charge with a boot before laying in chops to the chest of Billie Kay.  Charlotte runs and hits a knee drop to floor Kay.  Charlotte tries for the neckbreaker, but Kay reverses into a kick to the face!  A couple of reversals lead to a roll-up by Billie for a two count.  Charlotte hits a big boot and locks in a Figure-8-Leglock!  Billie Kay has to tap out!

Winner:  Charlotte Flair

Carmella attacks Charlotte and hits her over the back of her head with the title.  Becky leaps into the ring only to get taken down by The Iconics.  Asuka's music hits!


Asuka hits the ring and hits hip attack to Royce before high kicking Kay.  Carmella rolls out quickly.  Asuka hits a German suplex to Royace before Billie Kay is hit by chops by everyone before she rolls out.

A video package is shown for The Good Brothers!

COMING TO SMACKDOWN LIVE:  Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows


Jeff Hardy will defend his United States Championship against Jinder Mahal at The Greatest Royal Rumble.  Brock Lesnar will defend his Universal Championship against Roman Reigns at the same event.

The Bar is shown.  They talk about ending The New Day's streak, beating The Hardy Boyz, and shattering The Shield.  They say that they were always asked about the teams on SmackDown so... they're coming to SmackDown!

The New Day are shown backstage making jokes at The Bar before running into R-Truth.  Tye Dillinger shows up teasing tension before Tye and Truth do a coordinated handshake.  Truth says that he's happy to be together with them on Monday Night Raw.  Woods tells him it's Tuesday and SmackDown.  Truth says "My bad, I'll see you guys tomorrow!" before leaving.  The announcers begin doing a recap of the draft picks so far.  Nikki Cross is not shown in the Sanity picture with the other three.


They show Zelina Vega who is with Andrade 'Cien' Almas.  She says that they're coming to take over SmackDown Live.  He says something in Spanish before the clip is shown welcoming them to SmackDown!

COMING TO SMACKDOWN:  Andrade 'Cien' Almas w/ Zelina Vega

AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring as the main event is next.



AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan vs. Aiden English & Rusev


We come back to see Rusev and Aiden English already in the ring.  They discuss The Undertaker vs. Rusev in a casket match for The Greatest Royal Rumble.  Daniel Bryan’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring as the crowd is on their feet.  The bell sounds as Aiden is starting against Bryan.  They circle around before locking up where English powers him back into the corner.  He tries to get a sucker punch on Daniel, but he ducks and hits some shots.  He locks on a side headlock, but English sends him into the ropes.  Bryan shoulders him down before locking in a surfboard submission.  He tags out to AJ before pulling English back for AJ to drop an axe handle across his chest.  English takes advantage for a moment before Styles grabs English to hit a pumphandle gutbuster.  Rusev rushes into the ring as AJ tries to lock in a Calf Crusher.  Bryan charges him and tries for the YES! Lock, but both Rusev and English roll out of the ring leading into a…


We come back to Aiden English dropping knees to the face of AJ before getting a two count.  English hits a knee to the back of Styles before locking in a side headlock.  Aiden sings about Rusev Day while holding it on.  Styles powers out with some elbows before hitting the ropes to get back body dropped!  English tags out while holding Styles for Rusev to get a punch in.  Rusev kicks Styles and tells him to come on.  Rusev gets too cocky as Styles gets a few punches in.  He tries to run to Bryan, but Rusev catches him in the center of the ring with a bearhug!  Styles begins fighting out with headbutts.  He tries to reach Bryan, but Rusev catches him and runs back into his own corner.  He rams him a few times before yelling “Come on!”  Rusev whips Styles into the corner before tagging out.  English hits a big splash before Rusev hits a big boot to floor Styles for a two count.  English stomps on him for a bit before choking him on the apron with his boot.  English punches Styles before kicking him in the corner.  English lifts him up only to take a jawbreaker from Styles!  Styles tries to reach Bryan again, but English drops him.  English tries for another knee drop, but he misses.  Styles lunges for his partner, but English stops him.  Pele kick from AJ to floor both of them.  He tags out as does English.  Bryan begins hammering on Rusev.  Bryan hits the corner backflip before hitting the running lariat followed by the corner dropkick.  Rusev catches him for the second one, but Bryan rolls into a YES Lock that is broken up by English.  Bryan clears English out of the ring.  Rusev tries to kick him, but his foot is caught by Bryan who hits a dragon screw.  Bryan hits the YES kicks followed by the running knee from Bryan.  Simultaneously, Shinsuke Nakamura comes from out of nowhere to hit a LOW BLOW to AJ on the apron.  The referee doesn’t see it.  Big Cass enters the ring and hits a big boot to Daniel Bryan as the referee calls for it!

WINNERS (by DQ):  Daniel Bryan & AJ Styles

Big Cass stands over Daniel Bryan as Shinsuke Nakamura makes his way up the ramp.  Renee Young meets him on the ring ramp.  She asks about his reprehensible act as Shinsuke smirks and says “No Speak English.”  Big Cass holds his hand up high as he stands over Daniel Bryan.

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