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WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results (3/27) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Mar 27, 2018

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results (3/27) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Welcome to the live results for WWE Mixed Match Challenge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!  Facebook Live is where you can tune in to see all of the action live in this semi-finals match with the winning team going on to take on the team of The Miz and Asuka next week!

We open with a shot of Michael Cole, Beth Phoenix, and Corey Graves who discuss that Charlotte is out for tonight.  Instead, there was a vote to decide who will replace her between Lana, Becky Lynch, and Carmella.  It was revealed that Becky Lynch won the vote.

Sasha Banks & Finn Balor vs. Bobby Roode & Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch comes out first before being joined by Bobby Roode at the entrance ramp.  Sasha Banks comes out with Finn Balor as they make their way to the ring to begin the contest.

A video package is shown for Finn and Sasha highlighting the importance of their charity that they represent, the Special Olympics.  Kurt Angle is revealed to be in the social lounge as he's shown backstage with a phone in hand.

It looks like it's starting out with the men.  They lock up before Finn transitions into a waist lock to which Roode reverses into a wrist lock.  Finn tries to fight out only to be floored by The Glorious One.  Finn finally breaks out before they have a stand off.  Roode does his GLORIOUS chant as Finn 'Too Sweets' his forehead.  Finn smirks as Roode looks irritated.  The women are asking to be let in as they tag in.  A side headlock from Becky that is thrown into the ropes.  Sasha tries to leap over her only Becky hooks her leg to bring her to the mat.  They move to their feet before Sasha hits an armdrag from the top.  They stalemate as Sasha goes for a handshake, but Becky uses the 4 Horsewoman taunt.  They bicker about Bayley before they begin tying it up and delivering some stiff shots.  Finn tags in before hitting some big armdrags.  Roode ties him up as they move into the corner and releases.  Roode rushes towards the other corner, holds himself up, and teases the DDT.  Finn reverses and hits the ropes before being hit by a running knee.  Roode begins driving knees into the back of Balor.  Roode goes for a suplex and leaves his feet himself!  It's only for a two count.  Roode has a waist lock locked in as Sasha tries to fire up the audience.  Finn gets up, but he's an inch away from Sasha.  Roode cuts him off and then kicks him right in the face.  Balor catches Roode with an overhead kick that floors both men.  They slowly move towards their corners and tag out!

Dropkicks from Sasha floors Becky.  They begin to trade blows.  Becky charges Sasha in the corner before she catches a boot.  Sasha hits a meteora for a two count!  Sasha is backed into a corner before Becky hits her there and hits an exploder suplex.  She climbs to the top with a huge missile dropkick for a two count.  Becky tries for a suplex, but Sasha rolls her up for a two.  Banks charges Lynch in the corner who moves out of the way, springs from the bottom rope with a huge kick.  Sasha climbs up, but she's caught by Lynch.  Becky hooks an arm and nails a superplex!  Both ladies are down.

They tag out as Finn rushes him with some running punches.  A double stomp from Balor before he catches Roode with a chop.  Roode is whipped into the other corner and Finn is caught with a kick!  Balor grabs Roode and hits a clubbing forearm for a two that is broken up by Becky.  Both men get to their feet as Roode tries for the Glorious DDT!  Finn rolls him up for a two.  Balor rushes towards Roode and catches him with a Slingblade before hitting a running dropick into the corner.  Sasha tags in and nails Becky with a Meteora!  Finn catches Roode with a kick before Sasha dropkicks him out of the ring.  Banks hits the ropes with a suicide dive that takes out Roode!  Finn hits a big dropkick outside that sends him into the barrier.  Meanwhile, Sasha is rolled up in the ring for the three count by Becky Lynch!

Winners:  Becky Lynch & Bobby Roode

Becky Lynch and Bobby Roode celebrate as it's pointed out that Becky is just a temporary replacement for Charlotte!

Kurt Angle's music hits.  He says hello to Pittsburgh before saying this has been a very chaotic night.  Angle says that Becky was voted to be her replacement.  He says that finals will happen next week and the winners of the tournament will get $100,000 for their charities if they win.

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