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WWE NXT Live Coverage (3/21)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Mar 21, 2018

WWE NXT Live Coverage (3/21)

Welcome to our live coverage of NXT!

Opening Show Promo.

Tommaso Ciampa comes out to the stage. Fans boo and chant "You Suck". Ciampa makes his way to the ring. Ciampa grabs the microphone as fans chant "We Want Johnny". He is about to speak but the fans boo loud. The fans chant "Johnny Wrestling". Ciampa yells that Johnny is gone. Fans chant "You Suck" again at him. They chant "Ciampa Sucks". Ciampa drops the mic and leaves the ring. Ciampa grabs a Johnny Gargano sign from the crowd and rips it. Ciampa goes to rip another sign from a fan but Gargano appears from the crowd and attacks Ciampa. Gargano gets him in the ring and pummels him. Security comes in and get Johnny out of the arena.

Charly Caruso breaks down the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and recaps the 1st Round matches. 

Cathy Kelly interviews Tyler Bate asking about a possible injury and Bate says he will not be able to compete in the tournament. Roderick Strong sends out a video via Twitter asking William Regal to be in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

The Undisputed Era backstage saying Roderick Strong doesn't belong in the Dusty Rhodes Classic. They say it doesn't matter, they will still be champions. Cole says he will make short work of Kassius Ohno tonight.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne - Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 1st Round Match

Strong and Oney lock up. Oney has Strong groinded but Strong gets a chin lock on Oney. Oney counters and gets a head lock. Oney tags Burch and Burch has a wrist lock. Strong counters with a wrist lock and tags in Dunne. Dunne takes down Burch and bends Burch's fingers. Burch takes down Dunne and takes him down with a front toe hold.

-Commercial Break-

Dunne is in control, bending Burch's fingers again. Dunne covers but Burch gets out. Dunne chops Burch. Strong gets tagged in and Strong lands a back breaker. Strong tags Dunne back in and double team Burch. Dunne lands a vicious chop to the chest. Dunne lands another one but Burch counters Dunne and lands a drop kick from the middle rope. Strong and Lorcan gets tagged in. Strong is in control but Oney builds momentum taking out Strong. Oney tags in Burch but Strong knocks Burch into Lorcan. Strong tags in Dunne and Dunne lands an ax plex. Dunne covers but Lorcan breaks up the count. Strong takes out Lorcan on the outside. Strong tries a baseball slide but gets an upper cut. Both teams battle back and forth. Lorcan and Burch have a submission hold on both guys but they get out. Dunne is able to tag in Strong after countering Burch. Strong lands a back breaker followed by End Of Heartache for the win.

Winners: Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne.

A promo for Ricochet is shown.

Aliyah vs. Ember Moon

They hand shake. Both women battle back and forth. Ember has a head lock applied. Aliyah gets out and knocks Ember off the top rope. Aliyah is in control as Shayna Baszler comes out and joins the announce table. Aliyah has a chin lock but Ember gets out. Ember bounces off the ropes and lands a flat liner. Ember catches Aliyah and lands a Samoan Drop. Ember lands a shot on her and goes off the top for the Eclipse for the win.

Winner: Ember Moon. Shayna stands at the top of the table as her and Ember talk trash to each other.

Raul Mendozza makes his way to the ring but gets ambushed on the stage by Andrade 'Cien' Almas. Almas heads to the ring with Zelina and says Aleister Black will respect him. Almas says he wants him face to face.

William Regal says that next week he will make an announcement that will change the landscape of NXT forever.

Adam Cole vs. Kassius Ohno

Both men lock up. Cole has a wrist lock but Ohno counters taking Cole down. Ohno is in control but Cole lands a kick to the knee. Cole gains control and knocks down Ohno. Cole jumps for a leap frog but Ohno kicks him in the chest in mid air. Ohno lands a Senton on Cole. Cole gets back dropped to the outside but Cole looks as if he hurt his knee. Ohno is about to go to the outside but Cole kicks him, faking his injury. Cole pounds away at Ohno and is in control again.

-Commercial Break-

Cole continues to pound away at Ohno and lands a elbow then a kick to the head. Cole lands a swinging neck breaker, covers but gets a 2. Cole stomps on Ohno and gets him in a chin lock. Ohno tries to get out but Cole lands a back stabber. Cole tries a suplex but Ohno counters and lands a vicious right hand to Cole. Ohno gains momentum with a high knee. Ohno slams him with a scoop slam followed by a leg drop. Ohno lands another right hand. Ohno kicks Cole on the apron and hits a Cyclone Kick to Cole. Ohno covers but Cole kicks out at 2. Ohno lands a fore arm but then Cole lands many fore arms to Ohno. Cole catches Ohno with a suplex into the neck breaker. Cole covers but Ohno kicks out at 2. Ohno counters the Shining Wizard and rolls through. Ohno bounces off the ropes and lands a big elbow to the back of the head. Ohno gets Cole back in the ring but Cole rolls up Ohno for a 2. Cole lands kicks to the head, followed by the knee into a neck breaker. Cole runs and lands the Last Shot to Ohno for the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winner: Adam Cole.

End Of The Show.


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