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Pete Gas Reveals How JBL Was During His Run While Employed By WWE

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Apr 27, 2017

Pete Gas Reveals How JBL Was During His Run While Employed By WWE

Former WWE wrestler Pete Gas was on Ring Rust Radio this week. You can listen to the full interview in the video down below. He had the following to say down below about JBL's bullying incident.

"I was brought up in an era where you didn't get a trophy if you came in last place. I feel like there are people that are very sensitive to certain topics. I personally know JBL and he likes to bust balls. Sometimes when people don't know how to handle that, whether they've been coddled or whatever the case is, their reaction is totally different from someone who like me had brothers and got teased and ribbed all the time.

JBL's a lot of fun. JBL is loud and he's in the back cracking jokes. When he's doing all that stuff, those same people that are b---hing and moaning now, I guarantee they were f--king laughing their asses off in the back of the locker room or catering or wherever. Everybody had certain personalities and I could tell you straight up JBL is a bad ass, he's a physical guy, he likes to get into it and stuff like that, but he never bullied anyone. He would have fun with us and tease us, but that's it. I remember going through a series of beatings when we had to face the Acolytes back in the day."

And right below is the final bit he had to say about this manner

"I remember being at my house with my girlfriend and we were sleeping at like 12:30 at night and my phone rings and it's JBL. He was in town doing some stuff for the studio and he was down at the bar and when I answered the phone I thought I was dreaming. He goes, 'Come on down to the bar you son of a b---h and have a drink with me.' He's just that type of guy and that's his personality, but in no way, shape or form do I feel like he's a bully.

If people don't understand his personality and that's where he can come across as a bully, but he really isn't. He's a guy that likes to have fun and is loud. He's a big guy and very intimidating size wise, but it's all about having a good time. Sometimes like I said, people were brought up differently and just don't get it.

Bullying to me is you just ride someone so much and you're mean to them and you are nasty. You make the person feel like absolute s--t. Whether it's Mauro or whoever made those comments and felt like they were bullied, their interpretation could be a lot less severe. Their line is not in the same spot. I'm not wording it properly, but the bottom line is the guys not a f--king bully at all."

You can see the video down below:

Source: Ring Rust Radio Tags: #wwe #jbl #pete gas

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